World of Warcraft

About WoW as much I can say about the new classic release recently is that I enjoyed very much, there is not much I can say, because I’ve invested alot of money and time in it, just sitting at the computer and playing, It’s time to get my reward I guess, All I can tell you guys is that WoW can be a verry addicting game I mean I played it for aproximatively 10 years now and I didn’t get bored with it, the bad thing is that it needs a subscription to play wich can be very altering to your pocket if you know what I mean but if you have the money and the time to invest in it go ahead why not, sometimes I prefer investing my money in other things not just because I have given Blizzard alot of my savings but it just takes alot to enter those dungeons man, I mean really look at the raid finder and dungeon finder it takes me as a dps about 10 to 15 minutes to enter, so I’m not against WoW as most ex-players are it’s just it needs allot of updates and faster queue dungeons in my opinion, they need to reinvent that dungeon and raid finder really fast in order to get back the subscribers ( I’m just saying)
That’s why I haven’t played much WoW lately not because of the community but that time I spent just waiting for the dungeon to pop, Why isn’t it faster I mean I can roam around get transmog and eat some cereal before I get to that dungeon while leveling not to mention a high level.
The PvP is great and I don’t do it for 1 reason, because I don’t have enough gear and 99% of Horde on my realm Kazzak doesn’t and that’s why Horde always looses on my realm to alliance not because they don’t know the dungeon tactics which they indubitably don’t it’s because they don’t have the best gear to duel with them in the first place.
Alliance in PvP always seemed better geared better prepared and it was very frustrating to me to always lose in battlegrounds as a horde player
Raids are good raids are great raids are awesome, I have done less PvP and more raids and dungeons in PvE just to get the damn gear I needed for my PvP experience in battleground and arena.
But even that, it takes time blizzard my dear company which makes the most outrageous beautiful games there is on mother earth if you don’t first invest the time to get the PvE gears and level up you won’t get the rewards in PvP, why? because you don’t have the gear, that’s why.
You will be just some lowbie sitting with your team expecting to die while the highly geared allianced runs you down, that’s the feeling I get from playing PVP as horde in battlegrounds ( with my gear of course) because most of you guys have amazingly gear I’m sure of that but in my case I just had to farm those damn heroics man all the time, and those endless raids where you battle till your fingers hurt.
So the thing I’m saying is that if you have the time because I’m sure you have the money to play WoW just go for it see how you like it and quit if you want if you don’t like it.
But you always will remember it and remember Azeroth as it was at the beginning, now with the new classic coming up, I’m sure you guys will have fun in the old-school games based projects.

Maby I will return someday, but until that day comes, I must find the time and the resources needed for it, because it’s a very highly ranked time-consuming game out there and you guys boy you need to have a life outside video games, I mean video games are not that all it is out there, they’re just big fun.

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