Be wary traveler

Snakes all over the place , snakes on a plane if you fuck up this you don’t deserve me if you want it i don’t have it so go somewhere else to fly on, think about you mom did you want to do her like that or your mom does not concern you like that, or your mom died by car accident? or your mom died if your mom died what would you do would you do her like that, would you do your mom, think about that for a chance and first as then seek help please because you my friend are mentally unstable and ill, always.

Mentally unstable comes from the scindation of the person into two separate entities one which goes right the other left one goes to your house the other to me, i do not fuck up like you did you did me not me you if you understand this u real dawg if you don’t go to sleep dawg cause you yawn a lot

Go 2 sleep