I never had a girlfriend before in my life

My girls I had also left me for other dudes they hated me they didn’t love me so yeah I did three virgins so what they gonna do it anyway who cares, but nobody stayed with me and that sucked the most, the most time I spent all alone in my room reading books and practicing video games and rap. but nothing else I swear, most of the time I ever jacked off at porn but it didn’t work out for me so i quit porn for now.

Because of my mental illness now I have to deal with a lot of bullshit that is crazy and fucked up most of my teenage life, people come to me for advice but not for money they want truth but i can’t give truth before testing them if you don’t own me then get the fuck outta my face

Awaken to the Truth

As I come back and come closer to the truth I realize that my life was a long road of lies, each by each and one by one we come up fuck up and never ever give up, as I try to maintain my sanity these people really mess me up, how? I don’t know I have fallen asleep one day and the next day boom, its all over again, the life cycle really messes me up, its a circle of happenings that go on and on and on ,I don’t know if this will ever end in my lifetime, I hope this shall be the best I can be like no other, I want to come alive again and this time I will never be fallen into place, my heart was broken inside but now I know that the pieces of my heart that were broken were the ones that be needed to put into place.

I’m retired now at 28 because of my disease and this time it will work I promise, I was coming back home from my job and realizing I did my job was not enough. I’m a wreck and a big one.

My job was to type obnoctious times more and more data like I was a machine, I hated my job and for that I realize now the truth behind the lies.

The truth is I don’t need a job to get better all I need is my family and friends to get better all I needed was support from them. All I needed was to relax and enjoy the ride instead of just farming jobs all day long.