World of Warcraft Expansion Pack

Read this. World of Warcraft been a great inspiration for me over the years they come and go in and out, logging in and logging out, got disconnected from the server, well this is great we going to make it great again, let’s see now we got WoW but we don’t have the latest expansionContinuă lectura „World of Warcraft Expansion Pack”

What is in your head it is more important than what is in your wallet

  I got you guys, today I am talking about the importance of believing in yourself, I just started a youtube channel with my friends and I am anxious to tell you that this is the best job I ever had please believe me when I say this I would not trade this job atContinuă lectura „What is in your head it is more important than what is in your wallet”

Sometimes I feel just like this…

Sometimes I feel just like this sitting here with you guys, understanding me and how do I feel for the all of you into this moment in time and space. We are here as one we shall leave as one. We could never be the same boys and girls ever again in our lifetime soContinuă lectura „Sometimes I feel just like this…”

A happy hordie

As I have played allot of horde characters in my day, there is one thing I have missed, and it is the blue essence of everything, I mean the alliance, the human form of the all. This is the end as we speak of the horde and the alliance, world of warcraft game is goingContinuă lectura „A happy hordie”

Death Knight Blood taking

I have failed you so many times in my life I cannot express my gratitude towards you this time before, this is a video of me playing World of Warcraft and it shows how much I care for you guys and how much I adore you for every living being on this earth to growContinuă lectura „Death Knight Blood taking”

Atal’Dazar Dungeon

As I leveled through Battle for Azeroth content doing dungeons I’ve encountered this specific dungeon many times. The dungeon has 4 bosses: Rezan, Vol’kaal, Priestess Alun’za and the final boss Yazma. My opinion on this dungeon is that it’s a very easy one if you manage around it, first, you have to drop down toContinuă lectura „Atal’Dazar Dungeon”

Horde Classes

Which class do you like to play the most? I play at the horde, that’s where the title comes from. I also have characters in the alliance but the only races I like from the alliance are Draenei and night elves, excluding the new factions.I asked this question because my answer is that I wantContinuă lectura „Horde Classes”

Wrath of the Lich King

My opinion on the expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King is one that is very relevant to what is happening in the game. Blizzard Entertainment has a solid story-based expansion pack in which Arthas becomes the Lich King through Frostmourne and his armor. The armor is imbued with the spirits of the dead andContinuă lectura „Wrath of the Lich King”

Rise of the Lich King

In Rise of the Lich King, Christie golden explains the journey of young Arthas and how he becomes the Lich King through Frosmourne and his armor. As all WoW players know the beginning of the journey which Arthas embarks, is the Culling of Stratholme, there Arthas decides to purge the city of the undead plagueContinuă lectura „Rise of the Lich King”