My dream


I am the best, my dream always was and always will be to be the best in what I do I strive for perfection in every single lane, I always go out and get it if I want I never move from my responsibilities, I always am Always are and always will be the man of my own dreams, I dream of systems overlapsed on each other like a Pyramid system , pyramidal one, Its about the layers of the mountain not about future it is about past regret and envy, we come as one, we always was, and always will be the best man that ever lived.

We come together by this time of need to succeed in life and in all manners possible, we come here to bring joy to the world not destruction, we infinite, we supreme, we the worlds together, we envy we seduce, this is the art of seduction.

I seduce you, and all the women in the world come to me and look at me because I am the one of the future, the future man, past,present, and future.

I am and always was a man of comfort but when the time comes I will be there for my future wife, if she will be with me I am glad, if she ain’t then I am sad.

No more control roam on and be free of faith full of desire and lots and lots of dreams to come, we the one, we the future, we the best, we the only ones who come here to party, let’s have some fun guys and girls be with me.

Got to talk about it


Yesterday while I was home I had the worst nightmare, I dreamed about being the Pudge of Warcraft, I dreamed about the game, I dreamed about Blizzard Entertainment. It was bad it was very very bad, it was the worst nightmare I ever had I thought I was an abomination or some sort, it was awful I thought I was Stitches, God Damn, nightmares everywhere, people dream about it but don’t talk about it and I think that is the saddest part.

Open up bro what could possibly go wrong it is your life you are living it make money out of it live to your true potential, stop crying and make it work, nothing lasts forever not even your own life, so man up and get going get jabbin and get going, go on, move on, build an empire, built your own house, build your own home, make your life worth living, isn’t this what this life is all about?

Crying won’t make it easy on you, go for fuck sake and make a living, get a job, pay the bills, pay the taxes, go vote, do whatever, bro. it is your responsibility to survive here, and no one else alone.

Be the best or fuck with the rest. Amen.