Look insode of you 🥺

We all have to look for someone eventually. I am not good with money, I spend alot of money on useless things, I do not like being poor. Also my addiction to slot machines is something I should worry about. I just try to live day by day and take whatever life throws at me,Continuă lectura „Look insode of you 🥺”

The King of a Thousand Suns

 Today I woke up happy, today I am a happy man, nobody can tell me otherwise, I just woke up to this amazing new world of mine which I created and it is all so beautiful and sweet, so marvelous and keen. We all love a good laugh but when you are pretty and youContinuă lectura „The King of a Thousand Suns”

The art of living past peoples expectations

I am a cool guy you know? And me writing like this really makes me feel a hell lot of good. Because women might not like or love me but I love women so that is enough for me. Women might think I do not deserve their love but that is actually not true. WhenContinuă lectura „The art of living past peoples expectations”

We are here as one

I am here, you are here. We are here. Until this point in my life I have been the subject of testing. Testing of chemicals, that hurt my brain. Testing of various methods to increase my brain capacity. Testing to be alive. This has not yet come until I have been spoken the truth. IContinuă lectura „We are here as one”