Asethabalanar The Pharaoh

Game God

This is me playing Li Ming in Heroes of the storm. I have always considered to be a Hero, but as long as I have the time to actually play the game it takes me a lot of… Read More

The book of Life

We all write in the book of Life, some of us write better while some of us write worse. But the main thing is that we write, each and every day we do so, we turn up the… Read More

We are the children of the earth

We are the kids of the earth and the earth is guiding us on our path, we cannot deny the fact that we love our planet, we are here to help the earth grow and be strong, we… Read More

The art of living past peoples expectations

I am a cool guy you know? And me writing like this really makes me feel a hell lot of good. Because women might not like or love me but I love women so that is enough for… Read More

We are here as one

I am here, you are here. We are here. Until this point in my life I have been the subject of testing. Testing of chemicals, that hurt my brain. Testing of various methods to increase my brain capacity…. Read More