You need to lie to be patient

From my experience being honest is a touchy subject, we may not be always honest but our good intentions says it all I think, you don’t have to tell the truth every single time, an innocent lie is better than a brutal truth in my opinion. You don’t have to make up with a bigContinue reading “You need to lie to be patient”

In a galaxy far far away

In a galaxy far far away there is something very special about to happen. It can be luck, it can be healthy, it can be all the goods in the world, I don’t mind. My main reason for pointing this is just that I have studied to know astrology better and how the planets rearrangeContinue reading “In a galaxy far far away”

True Love and Beautiful People

What is the meaning of true love? What does true love actually mean? Do we love one another? Or do we hate one another? Does love lie? Does love say the truth? Can you love a lie? Can you love truth? Can you die loving somebody? Or can you live a lie loving somebody? DoesContinue reading “True Love and Beautiful People”