Asethabalanar The Pharaoh

Who are you to judge? (Can I tell you how to live your life?)

I have been prominent with this fact lately that many people walk around mindlessly going all over the place where they shouldn’t actually be, like myself, for instance, I was down I was breaking, I was on the… Read More

Let the pain out

Sometimes survival mechanisms pop-out into nothing, sometimes survival mechanisms control us, we are still part animals part mammals part human, part cyborg, we use this technology for our benefit, not for our destruction, we need to benefit from… Read More

Love the World behind you

When I first started this blog I had no clue where it would end up, but today I have a mission, to see every kid in the World do whatever means necessary to make them happy and fulfilled… Read More

The system

The system is made for us to know what is better , the path we chose in life or our habitats. The system is made for people like me who follow deep thought patterns along the way. The… Read More


When I find forgiveness I find my own soul. I speak from my own soul, my own vibe, my own identity. When I forgive I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. When I forgive… Read More

It is my time

It is my time to shine now so shine on, wherever you are, use my system as a guide follow it trust it, implement it and always but always be yourself man be proud of you you are… Read More


Many people ask me why do I do this and why do I do that, and most people do not understand the concept of being a God, I was born yes, I have a mother and a father… Read More

Romania the land of the unforgiving

Valla Gameplay

I’ve been Eminem’s number one fan for about a few years straight and all I can say is that that man is actually a super hero to me he was just like my dad for a brief period… Read More