Asethabalanar The Pharaoh

The system

The system is made for us to know what is better , the path we chose in life or our habitats. The system is made for people like me who follow deep thought patterns along the way. The… Read More

A well made financial system

The financial system that we live in today is not that good anymore. We need a new one, we need a new financial system for our parents our children and for ourselves. I am starting to understand how… Read More

I want to be a teacher ( Professor)

I want to be a teacher or a professor , I want to teach kids boys and girls how to succeed at life. I want to teach everybody how to win at life, I want to wake everybody… Read More

The Butcher Gameplay

Everytime I write on my blog, something magical happends so when I write I try to do it with passion, my passion as I used to say. So when I show you my videos of myself playing Heroes… Read More

Thrall Gameplay

In thrall version of Orpheas gameplay I will show you the magnificent Thrall catching up with enemies and overpowering them with no subtle condition what so ever. This cannot be undone and after all who would want it… Read More

GramFree Free Money for Sign Up

GramFree is a free online mode to make money, you can withdraw at 500gram and 1 gram today is worth 2.03$ but the price may vary on the internet stocks as it goes up and down on the… Read More