Buddha is my God, Spirituality is my religion

Let me start with a simple question, do you want to be free, break free from the bonds of bondage and boundaries of the mind that continually yells for help every now and then.

Well if you want to I can help you, forgive and forget are the best two advices I can give you right now.

Forgive and Forget, Forgive and Forget, Forgive and forget.

And repeat this process until you make it until the end.

The Start of a New Age

The end is near I can feel it, sometimes we want something so bad we are willing to give everything for it, it’s not the chance for me, I have been destroyed by incompetence and hate I have been murdered by ignorance and evil, I personally thought If I am good enough I will survive, well, that has happened I survived, and you could survive too if you want it bad enough, you have to want it man, like really really bad to make it, people ain’t fair I know but you have the power you are the owner of your own soul, control yourself and never let go of the past, it’s a trick I use to trick my mind into believing that if I forget the past it will go away, it never goes away, not this way anyway, it never goes away the past was/is/and/there will be anyway so instead of forgetting the past you should learn to let go of the past, this is the difference between life and death situations, do not forget your past but instead try to let go of it, it’s easy , everybody can make it, and you will make it with my help, as long as I am alive I swear this oath to you, I will do my best in trying to help you out by any means necessary, I will save your life if I have to just to let go…

If you want this come be by my side, and together we will rule the world in peace and prosperity, if not then I feel sorry for you bro, take care.

Jokes on you


Well this year got fucked up, nothing to do no one to see nothing to experience just void and the void in myself is killing me several times a day I start thinking if this should be the way but I can’t do it anymore it’s like some foul spirit takes over me each time I press the button it’s the three spirits of the dead lurking around here this place we’re all bound to die when the time comes but how do we live actually matters the most not how you die, everybody can die but how do you live is what counts every fucking single day and I’m not joking about this one you better get you’re shits up.

Game God

Game God

This is me playing Li Ming in Heroes of the storm.

I have always considered to be a Hero, but as long as I have the time to actually play the game it takes me a lot of time to do so.

So this article is about games, video games actually and more like PC games than actual play station or xbox. I consider myself a Game God because I play a lot of video games and since I was a child I wanted to be like God. I don’t know which God but like one.

So this is me I grew up now and still play video games as it was my last day on earth. I still play Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch and League of Legends and Dota. I live my life like I just smoked my last blunt. This is Why I am writing this because you might never know who your going to end up with at the end. So I’m writing all this mumbo jumbo stuff to warn you guys, I am a God I don’t know which one but I am one for sure so when you ask me the next question about reality and stuff like that , take a note, sit back roll up some G’s and take selfies while you’re at it because this night we going to party wild. I am the party starter , fking instigator LOL. I’m the fear addicted, danger ilustrated.

Just kidding I really am a prodigy fan. Ever since I started smoking I had all these illusions in my head like I am the best, I am a God , I am the biggest baddest motherfucker out there, but that is not totally true, I am not bad and neither my parents are.

We are just a great big happy family who wants to fit in this world of ours, when we judge we tend to judge by it’s cover but we actually judge a person by it’s skin color, it’s clothes and it’s appearance just like a book’s cover.

When we start to yell at each other for no reason or just a minor setback of the main plan we tend to destroy everything, this is God’s plan with us and we are here to do so. So the next time you judge a book by it’s cover make sure you take a sneak peak on what’s inside also. Just so you don’t die stupid.

Take care!


I finally made it through I am like on the verge of extinction with my posts lol.
I want to double-check my spellings so I can write high-end content to you guys that is why I use some kind of addons to check my spellings so I don’t confuse you guys.
My website just moved on this domain right now and I’m very happy with it.
Seeing so many people visit my website is such a huge relief I thought I might never get here but here I am.
On the verge of extinction, we press on.
The thing about blogging is the fact that no matter what you write you will always find critics this is why I am here to tell you guys that this works out for me and my family.
We get a job at blogging and start making money from nothing.
This is my asset sent to you guys on why I am writing and fulfilling my dream job as a writer.
This may sound a little weird to you guys but when I first started my job as a writer I was a beginner and now I’m almost there.
Almost got the futuristic thing going on.
Almost at the top.
Almost on the verge.
Almost there.
Almost, always looking, searching for new methods to earn funds.
To try to stay alive, to support my family and her needs.
To try to make it through the weekend.

Why I can’t be happy?

I have everything I need and I’m still not happy with what I have, I don’t even know what I need anymore, I got a house, a car, some money, two parents who believe in me, a little brother that hates me and what is left?
I feel like it’s something missing I still feel it deep down inside to my core self.
I still think that something is missing from me but I don’t know what, like it has been stolen or something like that.
I need more, I need more truth, more love, and affection, and pleasure, I need more life, I need myself now more than ever.
I need to know the truth of things that have been yet happened.
I need to know it all.
I need to know how things work these days, I need to wake up, I need an awakening to happen, I need you guys as much as I need myself.
But what is missing deep down into my core system?
It’s like you’re never there for me when I need it the most.
It’s like you left me for granted.
It’s like being abandoned by someone.
It’s like loneliness when you are surrounded by people.
It’s just like depression.