Bitcoin saved my life

I am writing this because I feel the need to tell you the truth, my truth and that’s all. I discovered Cryptocurrency in 2018, that is when I had my first encounter with crypto, somebody told me about it but I didn’t believe it, it thought it’s not enough, you can’t make enough money out of crypto that is obvious, but only if you invest enough. So i decided to invest in hardware to mine cryptocurrency daily, I decided this after two years of not knowing what bitcoin or crypto was, the idea was latent in my head it was sleeping but it was there, I didn’t knew about it, I was sleeping.

The future encounter of anything is the fact that you are smart but you don’t know it yet you need to discover it and this will take a lot of time to do so, even if you are ok with it and you are at peace with yourself you start seeing things differently each day you meet new people and hang out and think about it like this man, this is a really good idea who came up with this saved my life.

I always wanted to be like financially independent and have a lot of money because where I came from most people are not losers but they are asleep. They have ideas great ideas incredible things Romania is the most beautiful country I have seen in my life I love this country I love Romania this is great but in my way of seeing my country and so I will forget that I even was born anyway.

My country is like a flower waiting to bloom we all sleep here we are asleep and will wake up one day, until that day comes I pray for my family and friend and all the people in Romania, I pray for all Romanians all over the world, I hope you will find peace where you are, my people and my country are all I have , all the people I know are from Romania and my decision to make this country better will never fade away, we are so smart and we don’t even know it, my people are the best you will see, Romania will win eventually and we will live in a free country away from pain regret and sorrow we will help them all. I wish for my country to have a beautiful and prosperous life and for Romanians all over the globe to come and see the land that we have and had as the most valuable asset that we got. Romanian land is expensive land its the land of our ancestors and families and families of generations and generations lived here, we are the Roman Empire the successors of the Roman Empire and I still believe this, my ancestors did not die in vain I am a forgotten Patriot of my country and nobody will ever know me like I do.

If you want to invest in Crypto I will leave you a link right here, take the chance, take the shot you will never regret it. For Romania!

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Cu cât minți mai mult cu atât ești mai prost numai adevărul este nobil chiar nu vezi?

Adevărul este nobil chiar nu vezi, cu cât minți mai mult te minți singur, ieși la suprafață noi nu vrem minciuni vrem realitate ceva ce este real, m-am băgat singur în asta tot singur o să ies, crezi că ești mai bun dacă minți? Nouă nu ne pasă tot se află orice ai face prostia naște minciună și minciuna prostie, ești într-un cerc vicios din care nu mai poți să ieși și din care singura scăpare este adevărul fi sincer cu tine măcar acum în ultimul ceas… Devine cam târziu și trebuie să plec, poate ne vom mai vedea 🙂

Tot mai aproape de adevăr

Trebuie să ne gândim că timpul trece și totul este trecător iar noi trebuie să mergem mai departe în viață cu sau fără persoanele pe care le-am iubit sau încă le iubim, mergi înainte pe drumul tău fără să privești în urmă, mergi și ascultă vocea inimii ea știe drumul tău mai bine ca oricine, fie ca întâmplările din viața ta să-ți aducă bucurie și împlinire și nu uita cine te-a ajutat la nevoie și necaz, nu scuipa nu înjura suntem la fel peste tot fie că ești rpmân sau nu arab sau sârb.

Românii și Vikingii

Țara asta din geto dacă s-a ajuns la globalizare, Trump, America, Rusia, China, totul este globalizat, nimic nu pute acum, suntem toți o apă și un pământ, mă camuflez camaleon și spun din suflet pe teflon, inima îmi arde sufăr și plâng pentru o țară distrusă prea curând, inima arde și sufletul plâng pentru o țară distrusă prea curând, Cezar nu a murit pentru noi, Cezar a murit de trădare el este viciul, viitorul unei națiuni plânse și zdrobite sufletul de roman și român tot o dată Roma Italia suntem noi frații voștrii, Roma , coloseumul sufletul de Roman, Italia noi suntem Dacia sufletul de dac, trac, geto dac Viking , nordic Român, Neanderthall noi suntem viitorul noi suntem România sufletul României, a curs sânge am plâns ne luptăm între noi ca lupii vrem mai mult.

My country is my pride.


I will live and die in Romania, this is my country my soul my everything my all.


I live for my country, FOR MY PEOPLE. FOR MY FAMILY.

I live to defend Romania.

I am a child of this country.

I am a patriot, I live to serve Romania and all Romanians.

I live to love my country and die by the Romanian flag.

I live in my country.

My country is my soul my body and my blood.

The blood of my ancestors.

The blood of my people.

The blood of millions of men and women and children who fought to live in a free world.

The blood of all humans who served under their flag.

The blood of all patriots.

The blood of a thousand men aching in despair to protect everything they loved in this life.

The blood of a human.

We are Romanians. We will never give up. We will never give in. We will never surrender. We are one.

Romania is my home❤️

Romania is my home, my birth land. I was born in Bucharest on 14 of june 1992. I was born under the sign of the gemini of the zodiac. I am a gemini born june 14 in Romania in the year 1992 I’m 28 at this moment.
I am witing from the park right now.
Its dark, its september. The cold is kicking in. Romania is brutal, Romania is force, we love Romania for its full throttle build. It is the best country of the world. In Romania everything is possible, even bad luck. You can go outside and feel nothing at all. Everybody performs well right here. Even the birds are alive and well, Romania is the land of forgiveness, a great pharaoh was born here in 1992 and thats me🙂 this is my country my birthland and I will do anything necesary to protect it.
Everybody comes and goes but here is just a world of people who just go insane in a blink of an eye they just collapse and wait until they go again in the caroussel.
Romania is the best country if you want to visit sometimes in the woods or the beach they just got everything you need tourism here is just as awkward as usual. They just want to go outside and play. We are here to protect the land, protect Romania and protect ourselves, we do not like people who tell us what to do so we rebel and riot and protest until we go insane. We just think at this moment the way all of people do. We just sit back and go crazy , we start halucinating and please everybody else.

Romania, I love you!

As I walk home, a thought came into my mind, God I love this country, it’s my country, I was born in it, I am a Romanian, I am proud of my belongings, I am proud to be in a country where you can express yourself freely without any judgment what so ever. I am proud of my homeland, I am proud of my president, I am proud of my life, my future, my past, my all, I am proud of myself for being here, I am proud of my home, my family and my friends, I am proud for just being alive and well here in my birthplace.

Bitcoin Taxing

I do not agree with Bitcoin being taxed by the government, yes it should be legal to mine bitcoin, yes it should be legal to be traded , but a tax about 10% to exchange bitcoin on Romanian grounds is very high if you ask me.
I do not agree with any taxing at all of bitcoin in two cases.
1. bitcoin is decentralised.
2. Bitcoin is an anti-government currency.
It was actually made for the government to not be capable of gaining profits from it.
But because Satoshi Nakamoto left bitcoin as it is and passed his idea to another.
This could actually mean that the government could clearly make profits out of this then they should support us by making lower electricity fees.
In order for us to make a living out of bitcoin we should actually gain more profit and lower the fees.
Ok you can tax it 10% but lower the electricity bill so we could also gain profit.
I think it is fair enough.
Less electricity fee less money loss.
The lower we have to pay for our income, the higher the profits are, did you think that you could take 10% of our profits and get away with them like snap?
Low budget on the electricity bill is incoming.
Lower the electricity tax and maximize bitcoin profits.
You cannot just take take take from everywhere you can, and not give something back in return, it is our electricity and it is our bitcoin this meaning it is our money you are playing with.
This is a monetary revolution you are experiencing right now.
When you tax something so valuable, don’t get frustrated when you see yourself in the mirror in the morning.
For what?