Warcraft, The Games

The thing about Warcraft 3 all expansions is that being a strategy based online game, it is not that difficult to cope with you have like the following races: Night elves, Undead, Orcs and Humans, so it’s pretty simple to choose between them you can actually play consecutive races one after another, it’s not a big deal anyway anyone can play it and it’s not that expensive either, I only have Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne bought so I need to get as soon as possible the Reforged expansion so I can see how things are going in the Warcraft World.
The strategy is that you have to build an army of forces of your chosen race and battle agains the other races but it’s not quite like that it’s just like you can have an orc versus an orc race or human versus human so it does not really matter which race you play all that matters is the real team, you got that? it matters where you select your team, it does not matter which race you play, that would say could be racism in Warcraft but it isn’t it’s about faction not racism, so anyway the thing is you select a race, and after that you select a team, you can have any color you want that not important, what matters the most is your team if you play 2v2 it’s fine if you play 1v1 it’s all good you can even play 3v3 or 4v4, it’s important that you have real balance in your game so you will have a good game while playing it.
What matters the most is not who wins but who has the most fun while playing the game, if you’re not having fun the why do you bother playing it in the first place, games are made to be fun so people enjoy playing them not stressing out because I win and you lose or you win and I lost that’s not the point, a win today could be a loss tomorrow or a loss today could be a win tomorrow, a good friend of mine said one thing „It does not matter how many defeats we encounter, all it matters is that we will not remain defeated” So this is it this is the quote this is about never giving up when you want to win, you can win today but you can lose tomorrow you can never know what the chances are man, the enemy could be better it happened to me so many times, but if I play one of my strongest heroes I can secure the win very easy.

The point is Warcraft 3 is that it’s a strategy game not a moba or mmo, and the difference between them are really not that big, them look alike somehow. It’s perfect when you find like a buddy or a friend to play with, these games can be very boring if you would have played them all alone, the interent is full of people who you can team up with so, find your friends and enjoy this awesome Blizzard Entertainment video game 🙂