Diablo 3 Playing Monk until King Leoric

I’m writing this article at night, I thought it would be a good time to write, What I wanted to say about this particular gameplay is about Diablo 3 and how the game works, I first tried with a barbarian but I wanted something a little bit faster and more powerful so I got a monk instead, I leveled from the beginning until I defeated King Leoric, the game wen’t pretty fast I had no problems with it Blizzard just does a great job with all of his games it just feels really alive playing them like it’s the real thing out there.
The whole gameplay took me about 50 minutes until I finally finished, It’s a masterpiece what can I say, the good thing about this game is that you can level with minions or doing quests it’s kind of the same thing actually but you won’t progress it until you do all those quests, so killing minions is not necesary unless they block your path or you can’t run from them. You can kill minions for loot or just xp but there are numerous ways you can defeat them with spells or attacks monks just go hand in hand with one hand weapons that strike very fast 🙂
Finding Leoric was easy you just have to complete the whole chain quest no biggie and it’s really easy doing the first major quest of the game, usually the trial stops here but if you have the full paid game it’s all good you can contiune with the given quests 🙂
The story is very large it just goes from one world to another very different monsters and demons and zombies of all kind plus witches and magi.

Very entertaining indeed if you want to try it be my guest it’s free untill leoric after that you have to buy it so go ahead it’s just like WoW the same MMO-RPG unless it does not have a monthly subscription tax you just buy it and it’s forever yours.

The thing is at the beggining there is not much to do so just enjoy a quick start and have fun at the replays.

Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Monk Gameplay

This is the second video I made after the first one with Leoric it’s the sequel of what was left behind, and now is back, The continous gameplaystyle that involves this is very interesting indeed, the game just looks smooth and clean unlike other games, WoW for example you have a variety of choices but with Diablo there is not that many things to choose it’s just the same quest wich leads to another and another, you can’t get to the next one unless you do the previous one.

So this is the moral of the story guys this is Diablo 3 a big game made out of chain quests that involve numerous minion killing and completing missions for the sake of the good guys.