Thrall Gameplay

In thrall version of Orpheas gameplay I will show you the magnificent Thrall catching up with enemies and overpowering them with no subtle condition what so ever. This cannot be undone and after all who would want it overall? Thrall is my favourite gameplay character of all time so seriously? Why is this boring toContinuă lectura „Thrall Gameplay”

Orphea HOTS Gameplay

Hi guys, tonight I wanna talk about you all about this little girl named Orphea, she’s so cute isn’t she?The main reason I want to talk about her is that I had some pretty awesome games with her and it just really looks so nice on her the fact that she is a pretty littleContinuă lectura „Orphea HOTS Gameplay”

Sylvanas Windrunner Gameplay

Sylvanas Windrunner, the best ranged assasin there is out there in the game (Heroes of the Storm)My playstyle with her differs throught the game, I just tend to spam Q till cooldown and use W whenever available.The tricky part with her is how you use your E ability (the teleport), I always tend to sendContinuă lectura „Sylvanas Windrunner Gameplay”

Kerrigan Gameplay

Hi, I wanna talk to you guys about Kerrigan she is a starcraft hero, eventually ending up also in Heroes of the Storm as the blade queen.I wanted to show you my tactics while playing her she is one of the strongest mele assasins out there and what’s not to like about her, gathering shieldContinuă lectura „Kerrigan Gameplay”

Arthas Gameplay

Hi guys, I’ve been playing Arthas for a while and I might want to say that he’s a very good tanking healer, he can’t heal other team members but he can heal himself so that’s good, I put my ultimate in the army of the dead for the increased self stustained healingIt was a goodContinuă lectura „Arthas Gameplay”

Nazeebo Gameplay

I wanted to show out my tactics with him, I usually play with toads I prefer the damage over time effect and put my talents into the toads, although I’ve been learning about spiders being better it’s all about preferability. So I maxed the toads and my first talent was toads reaching out far moreContinuă lectura „Nazeebo Gameplay”