Bitcoin saved my life

I am writing this because I feel the need to tell you the truth, my truth and that’s all. I discovered Cryptocurrency in 2018, that is when I had my first encounter with crypto, somebody told me about it but I didn’t believe it, it thought it’s not enough, you can’t make enough money outContinuă lectura „Bitcoin saved my life”

Come to the Dark Side we have cookies

 I am here and feeling blue because all of these comes from you. I feel sad and depressed because when you left you left me undressed. You told me you ain’t never going away. I told you I’m here to stay. Romania is my homeland. I forgive and I forget what the home means becauseContinuă lectura „Come to the Dark Side we have cookies”

If I were a President!

If I were a president I would completely change Romania into other countries like Afganistan or Norway. If I were a president I would do that for me or my country or the people I love, if I were a president I would #defund Trump, I would do it, I hate America and all AmericansContinuă lectura „If I were a President!”

Love the World behind you

When I first started this blog I had no clue where it would end up, but today I have a mission, to see every kid in the World do whatever means necessary to make them happy and fulfilled so the next generation of babies would top up to the throne and never be alone. IContinuă lectura „Love the World behind you”

When I came to earth for the first time.

When I cam to earth for the first time it was in the pre-historic age of human beings. I am a human, right? Well yeah I still am this way right now. This is my form here. I have many forms everywhere. I am all knowing all powerful but don’t have enough money to feedContinuă lectura „When I came to earth for the first time.”

We are here as one

I am here, you are here. We are here. Until this point in my life I have been the subject of testing. Testing of chemicals, that hurt my brain. Testing of various methods to increase my brain capacity. Testing to be alive. This has not yet come until I have been spoken the truth. IContinuă lectura „We are here as one”

Wake up

I just woke up today, hoping it will all end soon. I had a rough night last night so this is like a new beginning to me. I call them crazy because when sometimes I am mad about it. People call me crazy because I am mad. They think I know them better than IContinuă lectura „Wake up”