You need to lie to be patient

From my experience being honest is a touchy subject, we may not be always honest but our good intentions says it all I think, you don’t have to tell the truth every single time, an innocent lie is better than a brutal truth in my opinion.

You don’t have to make up with a big fat lie you can just lie for like tell your dad you need 20$ to buy clothes and instead of clothes you buy bitcoin or ethereum or any other thing I don’t know maybe play slots at the casino I have no idea why.

You don’t have to tell the truth every single time, as much as you try there will always be some thing that you are not comfortable talking about so it’s ok to lie but not big time lie I mean like I lied to a ex work colleague of mine like I have 3 PC’s in my home and always mining bitcoin with them like no way man you know I lied that time.

Truth is good but when you feel the need to hesitate like man I don’t feel like telling this guy how the world works. My experience has taught me that it’s ok to lie as long as you don’t hide the truth or not try to manipulate someone into believing you.

Big lies are bad but small ones are forgivable so think twice before you lie and think again before you tell the truth.


Kind heart.


I love the way you write, I love everything about you. I love every woman, every girl, every mother.
I always love and respect something I am proud of.
My love for my family and women and nature is infinite.
You cannot say how many things I took after me when I left.
I took it all.
I took it all to the heart.
I took it all in, all my pain and struggles and my sorrow.
It is sad, but it is possible. When you believe in yourself. I feel it, I feel you.
Kind people reading this message, there is someone outside of you who really and deeply cares about you forever wherever you are.
Never forget and forgive everybody.
We are all one big happy family together.
This is you and this is me, we are one nature, one human, one being.
Have peace and kindness within you friends…

Some people are happy some people are sad

I have been sad for a while. Facebook blocked me, instagram still works, love is beautiful, everywhere I go just looks better than where I was before, things are starting to happen, people leave and people come. Its just a cycle. Love is a cycle women have menstruation and menopause. Women can carry children, but what do us males do? I don’t know. Women do all the job in raising a kid. If I had a boy I would name him Bogdan and if I had a girl I would name her Sonya.
Sonya and Bogdan my children boy and girl. Sonnia would be a beautiful lady and Bogdan a veautiful boy. These are just dreams, fantasies in my head. I write this because my imagination works I can create anything I write and I really have ideas, boys and girls all along there was something missing. Me as a father , boy oh boy I wish I was a father. A good father to my kids. I wish I was a dad. Its time to make a family. Its time to raise my children. Its time to make things happen for us. No more waiting. I have been waiting all my life. Its time to grow up kids.

The Road to Zion

Something beautiful is about to happen. Just wait and see. Many people of my generation have been abducted by aliens.
Can you see them? They have been taken by extraterestrials and put to sleep by a magnetic force of the heaven. Zion is a place of wonder is a place just like Azeroth, it keeps on giving even if we take more than we give, it’s just a place of beautiful magic and wonder. Many of us may have been told that we are alone in the universe. Well we are not. There are people here from other dimensions who are waiting for a call back to heaven.
We came, we saw, we conquered. This is veni vidi vici.
We saw, we conquered. That is the point of us all. We are here to spread love not hate so lets all get along. I come from a different world a different dimension and I say fuck them. We don’t need haters so fuck off. Ok when you see me on my bike just quit yelling. We are the people who made this change long time ago. We came to set a higher purpose for our brothers and sisters. We came here to do what nobody else can, we are unique and special we are robots we are human.
The road to zion means that each path you take in life will eventually lead you back to the same place like you were running in circles, everything is a cycle. You come back to see deeper truths 🙂

Hey guys, I’m back 🙂

Waddup people, I’m coming back to blogging after a long break.
I’ve been streaming and recording World of Warcraft videos and Heroes of the Storm.
Its been a while since we’ve met.
I am here to present you the all new and reformed man Asethabalanar which is me.
I am here to speak and talk about problems that might concern you or your loved ones.
People like me are very common.
I’ve been through some stages in life I can’t seem to be able to talk about right now.
Its been a while since we have talked and it keeps me going on through life.
It feels like all my life I have been living a lie.
I was lied to manipulated and used by people all my life.
Nobody understands me, I am sick, I have been lied to.
Everybody thinks they have a purpose until that purpose is gone.
I am here to write about my problems not to lie about them.
My life, my lie was all along with us in our adventures.
Nobody can tell me nothing.
I am here because I chose to, I can be my own man, I can cook, brew, drink, see , watch , hear and feel.
These things make up the best in me. I am so sorry I can’t be what you want. I am what I am. I am so sorry for it. People think I am crazy but I am not. Many of you think I should be gone. Well I ain’t gone yet. I’m here to stay.
People might say or do crazy things, but today I am stable.

We are the people

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Thank you for Watching.

If you speak, speak kindly

Another issue in today’s society is speaking. If you speak I beg you to speak kindly, we do not want to hurt one another, we do not want any harm, we want just to live in peace, we do not care about financial status we care about nature, we care about the planet, we care about the fauna, the animals, the insects that live here with us, we care about life, we do not care about mone because money can’t buy life.
I am open to discussions on this manner, I pledge a liege into making the world safe again, please sing whatever needs to be signed to make this world our home good again for the people, we need more peacemakers, will you help us out?


Black women and children need to hear this, there are demons out there to torment you, you need to hear this, don’t give up the fight, don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give in to sin. Don’t focus on where you came from instead focus on where are you going, focus on the destination not on your place of birth but on your place of arrival not on your home but on your destination, focus on your life, not on the other person’s right for equality focus on your rights you are humans too, black, Hispanic whatever color you are focus on your destination not on your starting place, go where you feel most alive, I love you all peace, God bless you.

The King of a Thousand Suns

 Today I woke up happy, today I am a happy man, nobody can tell me otherwise, I just woke up to this amazing new world of mine which I created and it is all so beautiful and sweet, so marvelous and keen. We all love a good laugh but when you are pretty and you know it you might just want to be like me. I am a role model for kids and girls, somebody could get inspired after reading this I am a role model for all people, not just kids, you can carry around in the womb my children but you can’t focus on hating me for no reason.
My kids will be the best children in the world even if I do not have children yet, I will have them someday, even if we like it or not. Children are important to us that is why we mistake kids for adults sometimes, they are newborn we cannot manipulate them they are as equal as we are, they can be very smart or they can be very foolish we cannot take into consideration the fact that people make babies and we have to make them too, like really, people make children, and we have to do this too for the sake of our world. I am the king of the thousand suns, I am the ruler of them all, I am machanga we invent words so they sound better on the camera, right? I want a wife and five children so they can take care of me when I die. I want my kids to be the best children in the whole wide world.

A relationship can change you

As I have learned from past experiences is that a relationship can change you, either you change the girl or the girl changes you there is no in-between. In my past relationships, I have been changed but in the future ones, I plan to change myself. Why? Would you ask me?

Well to sum it up really quick my ex-girlfriends wanted me to be a certain way, they wanted me to act accordingly to their fantasies, they didn’t love me for who I was, they loved me for who I pretended to be when I was with them.

I had to go through a difficult process to get back to who I was after I broke up with them.

The past tense is not real I want to tell you this, past relationships are not there anymore even if you still love them or not.

The girl you used to love probably isn’t the same anymore and neither you are.

You both changed according to your previous experiences or your own human nature.

We all change eventually all we have to do is to accept the fact that we are easily replaceable this is it.

We can always be replaced and that hurts us the most.

Every relationship I had was very bad, it felt just worse and worse as I got to know them better.

Every relationship is unique in their own way I just happened to meet some dumb ass girls along the way.

Every little girl I meet has a story to tell and this is my story to you guys. We all have our flaws and our misconceptions about life, but my point is that you should not try to change your real partner into the partner you wish you had, just change the person, not the man you are in a relationship with.

Get another boyfriend or get another girlfriend, don’t try to change your love life just be cool with it.