You need to lie to be patient

From my experience being honest is a touchy subject, we may not be always honest but our good intentions says it all I think, you don’t have to tell the truth every single time, an innocent lie is better than a brutal truth in my opinion. You don’t have to make up with a bigContinue reading “You need to lie to be patient”

Some people are happy some people are sad

I have been sad for a while. Facebook blocked me, instagram still works, love is beautiful, everywhere I go just looks better than where I was before, things are starting to happen, people leave and people come. Its just a cycle. Love is a cycle women have menstruation and menopause. Women can carry children, butContinue reading “Some people are happy some people are sad”

The Road to Zion

Something beautiful is about to happen. Just wait and see. Many people of my generation have been abducted by aliens. Can you see them? They have been taken by extraterestrials and put to sleep by a magnetic force of the heaven. Zion is a place of wonder is a place just like Azeroth, it keepsContinue reading “The Road to Zion”

Hey guys, I’m back 🙂

Waddup people, I’m coming back to blogging after a long break. I’ve been streaming and recording World of Warcraft videos and Heroes of the Storm. Its been a while since we’ve met. I am here to present you the all new and reformed man Asethabalanar which is me. I am here to speak and talkContinue reading “Hey guys, I’m back 🙂”

We are the people

Subscribe to my youtube channel guys, this is my gaming channel but we talk about a lot of different stuff there, I got crypto videos, spirituality, and video games uploaded, I hope you guys will enjoy my videos and I hope you watch them piece by piece, we will wait until you guys subscribed toContinue reading “We are the people”

The King of a Thousand Suns

 Today I woke up happy, today I am a happy man, nobody can tell me otherwise, I just woke up to this amazing new world of mine which I created and it is all so beautiful and sweet, so marvelous and keen. We all love a good laugh but when you are pretty and youContinue reading “The King of a Thousand Suns”

A relationship can change you

As I have learned from past experiences is that a relationship can change you, either you change the girl or the girl changes you there is no in-between. In my past relationships, I have been changed but in the future ones, I plan to change myself. Why? Would you ask me? Well to sum itContinue reading “A relationship can change you”