Orphea HOTS Gameplay

Hi guys, tonight I wanna talk about you all about this little girl named Orphea, she’s so cute isn’t she?
The main reason I want to talk about her is that I had some pretty awesome games with her and it just really looks so nice on her the fact that she is a pretty little black magic wizard. She’s not a witch she’s a wizard although they can be synonims I don’t think they really are tho.
She’s the best out there when it comes to dealing a high burst of damage to nearby enemies and tackle tourrets and stuff like that.
Orphea was originally designed to be soft and caring to the enemies but although she’s not that tough she might want to pierce your armor with her auto-attacks.
The cute thing about her is that she is great at finding weak spots in enemies and tackling them far behind she has alot of movement on the map as you can see and is not that very shy about it also.
I have faith that one day Orphea might just wanna hang out with Gul’dan for a while and destroy enemies that could be a good combo ain’t it?
Enjoy the video I’ve made it’s pretty awesome a flawless Victory I’m proud of. Although I don’t Usually film ranked matches because of the high stakes it could be a risk I’m willing to take in the near or far distant future I don’t really know right now I just have to make up my mind about this sorts of things. Maby if I do ranked plays there will be more views I don’t know for sure but it could be a risk in losing/winning the matches that I can’t actually control unless I’m performing my best, I could end up with losers or leavers who knows, or I could flawless win, there is always a risk in doing something great always.

Phantom Assasin Gameplay

Ok so another one of the moba’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) I play is Dota 2, Dota 2 is the next game from Dota allstars from Icefrog a warcraft 3 map. I want to post this because I’ve played for a while Dota 2 now and I wanna say it’s the hardest moba I’ve ever played.
In this game one player geared enough can make a penta kill very easily, take for example phantom assasin with Skull Basher, Vladimir’s Offering, Butterfly, Power treads, Deadalus and Black King Bar, this is one of my builds that you can’t even counter I mean she is immune to spells while Black King Bar is active and the other damaging + lifestealing effects really tear one by one any opponent.
Of course there could be a N’aix around there very well geared up and destroying everything but N’aix is actually a tank shredder more than a assasin shredder so Phantom assasin with his evasion spell and the butterfly effect could easily dodge almost all of N’aix’s attacks in my opinion.
Not to mention her ultimate wich is almost 4X critical strike you can crit above 1k damage easily plus the added critical strike from the items, seems a good combination.
The added stun effect from Skull Basher wich can be improved in Abyssal Blade, has stun effects on click and has a cooldown, so there is a chance to crit enhanced by items a chance to stun opponents on hit an a chance to dodge enemy attacks also enchanced by items, the lifesteal is for some extra life boost in difficult situations where you need survivability and added with the Black King Bar wich means immune to stun effects and spells for about 10 seconds you are unstoppable.
This is just one example I tell you guys about dota 2 and how I play mortred the phantom assasin, I haven’t recorded any videos yet because I’m thinking that my recorder wouldn’t work properly on dota, or if I think about it better I should try it, but as I said Dota 2 is a really hard game for me and not always do I perform my best, I know all the tactical strategies but my reflexes got a little rusty in the game.
I’ve been so well accustomed to Heroes of the Storm that I haven’t played Dota 2 for a while because I can’t play all the games at once every time lol.
So my point with mortred is that in Dota 2 you have the capability with one super overpowered and geared hero to finish all your enemies very fast and win the game for your team, alothough farming in jungle is a fast way to make gold the best way to earn gold is by defeating enemies that’s the highest gold ranking especially when you’re with mortred so I would play like this:
  • try getting some items early with some gold farmed from minions
  • try scoring a kill for your team
  • and try to actually snowball from enemy kills and minions
I think farming in jungle is overrated in Dota 2 because you can get easily ganked, and yes you can get ganked or gank them yourself it’s up to you if you’re a slowpoke or a real quick player.
I usually try to tank them as soon as I get some movement speed and after that I return to base or something like that in order to avoid further conflict on the map.
It’s pretty hard to defeat someone who is like 2v1 or 3v1 unless your very geared and a fast gamer, I don’t usually put that much effort into playing, If I’m not having fun I won’t play it but that dosn’t mean I’m gonna exit the game when I’m losing, I usually finish the game and after that I’m deciding on what to play or something to do with my spare time.
I always play agility heroes in Dota 2 I don’t really like intellect or strenght heroes, My preferences are Agility>Strenght>Intellect, in this order so yeah me playing Slark and being invisible on the map all the time with Shadow Blade really is my style of playing.
I used to play Troll Warlord allot but with the new chances I kinda preferred something else I usually opted for Drow ranger as a ranged assasin or adc as you would call it 🙂


Hi guys, I wanna talk to you about the protoss faction in starcraft 2, I bought the game for a while now but I didn’t have the time to play it because to be honest I have alot of games going on and I can’t play them all all the time at once
So I wanna talk to you about the Protos faction, I have played starcraft broodwar and by then the protoss were my favourite of the game
The fact that they had the additional shields and could easily charge they’re opponents (the zealots) and the blink spell wich teleports Stalkers are quite amazing if you ask me, and you don’t even need many units to win the gmae, you don’t need to get that far into building new buildings and get all the units summoned to win the game, I usually win it with protos against computers with mostly zealots stalkers and carriers and the occasional collosus sometimes.
But the things that I want to talk about is how all the protos units have that additional shield that makes me play them . It’s like all the units have 2 hp bars one is the shield and the other is the real hp
And the good thing is that you can improve the shield and improve the armor, you can improve both hp bars the shield and the real hp at once with the upgrades given by the structures
So it’s really hard to kill a proto unit if they have the shield and armor upgrades given in, the next thing i like about the protos is the zealot’s charge. Have you noticed how the charge closes the gap so quick the opponent does not have the time to run, this could be a chaser and a close gap encounter, and there is the blink from the stalkers wich can teleport through terrain and before and after rocks.
Even the buildings have shield with the protos faction so when you upgrade a shield to the necessary units you at the same time upgrade it for the building as well. This is why I think the protoss can be the most resilient faction in the starcraft game.
Although I’ve heard that the zerg would be the most aggresive, the protos would be the most defensive faction in the game.

My opinion on the terrain is not yet relevant because I haven’t played them too many times before. But the terrain has also it’s perks but that would be for another post comin up next.