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Valla Gameplay

I’ve been Eminem’s number one fan for about a few years straight and all I can say is that that man is actually a super hero to me he was just like my dad for a brief period of time but as I grew I though I should repay all the things he did for me in the past so this is one of them.

I can say about him publicly speaking that he is not a bad person although he shows this in many ways possible, he is just a kind hearted and warm hearted human being that’s all.

I see him as a mentor for me throughout the years that have passed and now all I can say is that I carry his burden forward and fulfill his legacy to the maximum possible, because he is like my second father I love and care for him with all my hear but as I move on I found that he is not the only one which I cherish in this world of chaos.

So Eminem if you see this post I want you to know that I cherish you very much and appreciate all the work you’ve put in all your music and forward and so on.

Please be kind enough to be by my side as I move through life and always accompany me through life’s challanges even if you are very far away from me.

I am only 27 now will be 28 the next month and a week or so and I want to tell you that you are a great mentor and a good father so please do not be discouraged by my age in telling you this but you got the game by the balls, so I’m going to quote you as you said in the song ” Beautiful” ” Be yourself man, be proud of who you are, even if it sounds corny, do not let anyone tell you you ain’t beautiful”.

So that’s it guys, rock on the music again, I will be with you shortly after this message so please, do not forget that I love you all dearly you are all my human being friends so I want to say that I appreciate all of you all my readers and those who do not read until the end, we love you all, have peace, wealth , good humour, and respect to all your friends and brothers and so on, we want peace on earth so please I kindly ask you to be quiet and listen to the other people talking, we have suffered enough from pleagues and oppresion, it’s time to move on, do it for mother earth and nature, do it for our planet, mother Earth, ok so, this will go on forever now I call on you guys so this won’t take that much of your time, be quiet and listen to my videos and I hope you like them as much as I like and love and support and appreciate all of you who see me rolling. Good night all.

Artanis Gameplay

This is a gameplay video I made with Artanis in Heroes of the Storm, well I think it was fun, the main reason I played Artanis this time was to show you guys how can you combo dash with prism.
Dash is the first spell of Artanis while phase prism is the third spell. In order to make the move you have to dash first and after that you have to click the prism spell around the direction of your targeted enemy to catch him.
After you do this you both with switch places on the map. But be careful this move can make you go into the middle of the enemy team without the possibility to come back unless you run, you can’t teleport back after you phase prism.
But you and the enemy will switch places and considering Artanis as a shielded tank you have more suravibility than the supposed enemy if you targed weaker ones with prism.
The best thing about the move is that you get into the enemy team outnumbered while one enemy is in the middle of you team, you can rush back with twin blades faster to attack him ( it has a slight teleport this spell)
After you make this move the first thing you would want to do is get out of the enemy team’s encounter to save your ass 😀 and maby nuke the poor bastard you got cornered in the middle of your team.
I did this many times with Artanis but it got me a few tries before I figured out the move and one thing is to tell about it and another is to actually make it happen in the game.
I don’t have 100% precision with prism so sometimes I miss but sometimes I get it good and Artanis has alot of damage, you you put your talents into the third talent at level one you will get a quest to kill minions wich improves your damage (Seasoned Marksman).
So as long as you get this damage boost from your first talent just put all your talents into twin blades it doesn’t matter it’s just an overpowered spell I think it’s the best spell from him because the second two are more about movement and his ultimate only ulti that is good for him is the one wich blindes enemies in a circle ( Suppression Pulse).
The only relevant talents I use on Artanis are the ones I put in Twin Blades (e) the rest are less relevant to me and I don’t use them, because I know how much damage can Twin Blades do, I’ve did it so many times before.

I don’t play Artanis that much but when I do I usually win. 😀