I like Rap Music

Since childhood I had this affinity to Rap Music I know its hard but in the end will pay off, if you choose to Rap just do it no worries they will get you, this rap game that I have is one of a kind in the end I will be Victorious, just so you know Rap is my inspiration I see Rap artists like Gods, literally they inspire me to do my best go on move on peace on, keep the good work and never back down you love it, thank you Eminem for inspiring me I love you so much the real slim shady is my God i love him,

to all rappers out there don’t lose hope you will win one day you just got to start it, just go ahead and rap about it its awesome and I love your work, music gives me all I need to survive in these days and I think music is mandatory for a happy life.

For the Love of Money


For the love of money, there is nothing much to say about money I got links on my blog you can find them to download money making programs and earn passive income, the love of money is real most people like money for the things that they can buy, there is nothing to be ashamed of, money will come to you if you respect your promises, if you come home with a broken heart and pockets empty then it is bad for you, I feel like this because I also know how it is to have nothing in your pockets, I also live on the verge of existence, I am broke but a cute broke guy.

I need more money to supply for my needs but money as we speak it won’t come to me if I spend it on useless things like love cars and females, I don’t need no prayer to bring me wealth, all I need is a good sense of humor and pockets full of cash, people need money to survive, I need money for my own pleasure, I only need the money I can buy, but the money I spend is useless to me, only love for the big boys.

Ok so money is a necessity in these days, money is very versatile money is luxury money is something you go out late at night for your night shifts to get home and eat your salad because you are vegan.

I’m not saying money is bad I’m just saying that money is useless, if you feel useless then you also love money.

Money is useless for two reasons : one you always have money and two you always need money. You can never have enough money, money is infinite.

Romania is my home❤️

Romania is my home, my birth land. I was born in Bucharest on 14 of june 1992. I was born under the sign of the gemini of the zodiac. I am a gemini born june 14 in Romania in the year 1992 I’m 28 at this moment.
I am witing from the park right now.
Its dark, its september. The cold is kicking in. Romania is brutal, Romania is force, we love Romania for its full throttle build. It is the best country of the world. In Romania everything is possible, even bad luck. You can go outside and feel nothing at all. Everybody performs well right here. Even the birds are alive and well, Romania is the land of forgiveness, a great pharaoh was born here in 1992 and thats me🙂 this is my country my birthland and I will do anything necesary to protect it.
Everybody comes and goes but here is just a world of people who just go insane in a blink of an eye they just collapse and wait until they go again in the caroussel.
Romania is the best country if you want to visit sometimes in the woods or the beach they just got everything you need tourism here is just as awkward as usual. They just want to go outside and play. We are here to protect the land, protect Romania and protect ourselves, we do not like people who tell us what to do so we rebel and riot and protest until we go insane. We just think at this moment the way all of people do. We just sit back and go crazy , we start halucinating and please everybody else.

I will be back soon

I have been thinking, which is the best, blog platform to write on if you guys know please tell me in the comments below.
I have been using blogger and WordPress now, my original website can be found at Asethabalanar this link.
I don’t know why, and I don’t know which is better but I have to stick to one of these while I write. Blogger or WordPress? If I think clearly I should go with Blogger because it is free but I cannot monetize it yet. WordPress gives me the ability to monetize my posts while on blogger I do it for free, at least for now. Blogger is free while WordPress is not. Blogger makes me write about poems while WordPress makes me write about ages and homes and people. I want a blogging platform that should last me a lifetime, I want to write my book of life like my diary.
Thinking this way I should choose blogger because it is more permanent than WordPress but this means I have to do it for free or I think I should do it for free at least for a little while.
While Blogger is free WordPress charges money more and more money for each individual benefit. While I cannot have a permanent WordPress website I should go for Blogger because WordPress needs money every year to keep my website on but what happens to my diary after I die? I want my story to last forever not just a lifetime, I want my story to go back in eternity, not just for a couple of years, I want my story to be permanent and free of charge for all to read it.
So this is why I am choosing Blogger for this, I could write on both of them for a while, but I have to make up my mind on which I am going to stay, Happy Haloween!

We are here to live as one

Nothing in this world may sound so absurd and so grotesque than to live a life knowing you may not make it to its end. Nothing is more of a facade than to live a life by pleasing others, we do not wish to stay here to be obedient sheep-like lambs to the slaughter, we are here because we are the wolves that howl to the moon in its brightful glory we are the ones who hunt you guys down, we are the ones that do not accept slavery we are the ones you torment for being superior beings than others we are the brain of this hypocrisy of men and women all gathering around and having sex, we are the wolves that hunt the sheep we are the ones to say this howl of the moon when we gather around we are the ones who shout for aid than rather listen to what people have to say we are the fighters of this new glory apocalypse that is coming. We make this world better because we exist we are the Uranus in our solar system, we are the moon, the stars and the suns of all galaxies, we may be passing by but you will never forget us because we will live forever like this, in your memory.


Forgiving is like forming a new healthy habit, you get rid of the old bad habits in order to form new healthy habits, this is the way I see it, It’s just like cleaning your room or getting rid of the trash, that is why we get rid of the old like the old must die for the new babies to be born again, this is the circle of life when someone dies somebody is getting born.
That is the way to do it, it is just nature that’s all I can say.
Nature believed in us to do good and we did well until we forgot where nature is, so we are now actually are in search of nature.
We are searching to gain back to our connection with nature in order to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle and be fresh yet again man has driven far from its primordial truth and sense.
We have to go back to our roots instead of always pointing forward.
We must go back to where we were before all the things that made us weak happened.
This is our truth, our truth is inside us all, this means we all have to give it some meaning, no matter at what cost this is.
The meaning of life means fulfilling your dharma and let go of your bad karma for you to gain good karma.
This is the process of evolution, we get rid of the old to gain the new.
This process works in all stages of life all circles all systems and all matrixes.
This truth is also a paradox, why? Because some bad can also be good for somebody else, I mean if something bad happens to you this can mean that something good is happening for somebody else.
Please don’t live your life as the victim.
Be the warrior you are not the sheep that you see yourself as being.

Sometimes I feel just like this…

Sometimes I feel just like this sitting here with you guys, understanding me and how do I feel for the all of you into this moment in time and space.
We are here as one we shall leave as one.
We could never be the same boys and girls ever again in our lifetime so don’t we make a profit from it?
We should all embrace this crazy opportunity that has bestowed upon us.
We shall all be called crazy for believing in this, for believing in me, Asethabalanar.
You shall all go insane for believing me.
You shall all go crazy for loving me.
You shall all be like me.
I am here to teach you a lesson about time and space and quantum mechanics and how they work.
So listen carefully when you read my messages.
You shall be fine you shall be ok there is no need to be afraid of anything that life has to offer to you.
You are perfect just the way you are you do not need to change for anybody in this world.
You are perfect just the way mother nature let you.
So be yourself man and woman at the same time.
Be yourself woman.
Be yourself man.
Be yourself for yourself and for nobody else.
We shall succeed.
We shall rule this world once more.
We shall be the kings of the planet again.
Before there was money, before there was presidents.
Before there were companies and corporations and workers and slaves.
Before all of these at the time when we were actually free to do whatever we wanted to do in life.
We should always trust our guts in life.
We should always do what is necessary in order for us to succeed in our mission.
We should always trust ourselves and our family members that eventually we will come up with a plan to take over the world back to us.
They’re rightful owner.
The minions.
Destroy their workers, break their spirit, conquer the mercenaries, Unveil the World into their eyes.
Be brutally honest with them, have no mercy what so ever, do not think twice it’s a trap.
Be brutally honest once again do not sugar coat anything. Hurt them, hurt their feelings. This is a war we are fighting and we already won it because there are more of us than them.
There are more of us just like me than the big companies have workers in factories and slaves on the plantations, there are more people thinking just like me than the whole money in the world.
The power of love is bigger then the power of money.
So think twice before you judge somebody, it might be the last thing you did in this lifetime.

When I came to earth for the first time.

When I cam to earth for the first time it was in the pre-historic age of human beings.
I am a human, right? Well yeah I still am this way right now.
This is my form here.
I have many forms everywhere.
I am all knowing all powerful but don’t have enough money to feed my family yet.
I need for you to understand that every kind of act of kindness you do to me it will be yours forever and it cannot be taken away from you never ever in a million trillion cazillion years far way in the galaxies.
I have to offer a deal.
I am the boss here on earth this is my planet and you all are in my debt forever.
This is why you have to tell me that every time you see me this is where the fun starts.
I am the boss of earth now.
I come in peace for all races and all creatures of the earth.
I am powerful beyond measure.
I am good and kind and respectful.
I am here to teach you being the best of this conception I have made between the years of time that passed ago.
I am a pharaoh I am egypt.
I am kama sutra. I am evil, I am good, I am good, I am you.
This is no joke when I tell you that everything connects eventually.
So if you see this make sure you know this is me at the table sitting around and doing nothing.
I am not on drugs I am on medication, and a little drunk from wine.
I drink because it makes me a better person.
Medication sucks beer is better than pills, beer is better than anything.
Beer makes me want to kill myself now.
This is the end.