We home now

Look at this shit, look at it, look at me, I’m the man with the plan, come on come over we doing fine now, come on peace, please go on move on continue on, we rock on babies, we the man with the plan, go on man you got this, you da best music.

I love music so much I need to come back to it this is the tourrette chieftain.

We got this bro we da best music, we da best monsters, we da best people, we love it, and we love you, keep calm and go on, we got this furniture forever now man, go get it.


Back that ass up


Yah back it up swallow it turn that shit around and come to me, I know you forgive me just take me back in that ass I know you want it slut, you know you want me bitch, come back again to me and just fuck me harder, you little fucking slut you are my bitch now, hahahahaha.

Thanks for the support guys I really appreciate it, I’m a noob I know but I’m trying my best to please you I am a pleasure seeker I confess this shit is going out of my hands now so take care of yall

I chose to be smart and intelligent


Everybody has a choice and the choices you make define you, for all the people out there who are struggling with depression and anxiety and fear and anger and cruelty. For all the people who suffer in this world, I tell you now, you have a choice to change your life, so stand out stand tall, talk about your anxiety, talk about your problems, talk about what hurts you. Talk about you, come out stand out talk about yourself, let me see you let me feel you let me trust you let me hear you…

Let me know you, let me know the real you, let your words be fluent and sound like the wind against the shore of a coastline.

I was born in Romania on 14 June 1992. I am but a kid who has grown up so fast it never really bothered me to ask myself where did I go wrong. I was born in a military hospital in Bucharest.

I was furious and frustrated I suffered for years and years without any hope, until one day someone came up to me and said, hey, bro, are you ok? I know you, you are not crazy, come be my friend, so from that day everything changed in my life, I stopped watching TV I stopped lying to myself that I was a bad person and a cheater, I stopped stealing money. I stopped ruining my life.

All good, until one day I found out that my girlfriend was cheating on me. I was devastated, I was a wreck I had a panic attack on the spot, I yelled to the world and to god why would you do this to me I’m only 18 years old. But then I found the cure, and doctors told me it was psychiatric medication… I started taking drugs, prescription drugs, I still take them today, it felt good for a while until you get the side effects. Those suck.

I had side effects from my medication and I think I still have some of those even today. I’m 28 now and I don’t have a child, I’m not married I had only four girlfriends all my life, two when I was sober and two when I was on medication, doctors told me I am bipolar and that I need treatment that I have anxiety and depression attacks and sometimes become a maniac…

Bipolar disease from what my doctor told me consists of having mental breakdowns with depression and maniacal episodes. I don’t feel like I’m a maniac right now, to be honest, but anyway, the doctor also told me that I have psychotic episodes and need treatment, medical treatment for a long time, and that was back in 2014. It’s been 6 almost 7 years since I take medical treatment for depression, anxiety, and mania.

Its been a while while I was on this medication, sometimes it was getting me high sometimes it was making me sleepy and sometimes I just feel very cold.

The coldness feeling that I get from time to time comes from the artificially created medication that I use, they are not natural, I mean my medication is not plant-based it’s artificially created by man to stop some functions of the brain and body from going crazy.

They say my medication is the only thing keeping me normal and sane. But I do not agree to that, I think what is keeping me normal and sane is the fact that I make myself busy every day, I write, I stream video games, and I keep a journal, these are the things that make me normal. Not medication, they say I can’t be normal anymore because I had a psychotic episode, I say they are crazy, the doctors are crazy to look what they did with COVID-19, the doctors are going insane, they are hallucinating, a person who keeps a journal, streams, and records video games, and writes on a blog is not crazy, he’s an intellectual, and I will get to the bottom of this godforsaken truth.

They tortured me in hospitals for 6 years and tell me I am still sick this in going in the wrong direction my friends, how much can we lie? how much can we manipulate people? how much can we keep them under control? how much and for how many years can we keep people dumb and asleep while the big guys go out and have fun, how much can we as humans kill, forget, and blame one another for our own made misery, our own made hate, and our own made diseases, this has to stop one day, and I will be there the day it ends…

We need to build a community


Hello guys we need to build a community around these episodes so I’m asking each and every one of you to cancel all your plans and watch my videos and subscribe to my channel it is going to rock your world, believe me.
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We are rolling forward to this match right now we give it all we have got and never stop it, we believe in nature and mama nature help us give the people what they want, we are in need of assistance and never let it go away, we are waiting for your approval and support, come and give us a shot.

Anti-Facebook post

Hi guys, I just returned from my workout. This post is about how I got blocked on facebook for writing my mind and not being conform to their policies. But if a movie star or music star does not obey facebook policies they get away with it.
This post is about all you facebook users who deny the fact that facebook is not manipulating you into believing you are not a human being anymore or you are some kind of sadistic animal or some sort.
Facebook posts make my brain hurt so I left them all behind and I started my own thing.
This way I make sure I do not disobey the law of attraction and make sense of everything around me anymore.
Please can you tell me this is the right way to do so?
I cannot stand by while millions of people are being brainwashed and murdered the same way that facebook does.
Please give me a call whenever you see this.
Your sincerely Asethabalanar.

CryptoTab online Bitcoin mining

This is my post for the new CryptoTab which is about 2 years old from now.
I want to share with you all this today to start you by telling how did I start my investment in.
I just Downloaded CryptoTab and signed in with my Google account, and BAM.
I’m in the deal mining bitcoin for now.
You can Download CryptoTab at the letters highlighted in blue.
And you can start today also, so Isn’t this the day you’ve all been waiting for?
I want to tell you that Bitcoins are not infinite, there is a finite number of bitcoins that can be mined and thus far make profit out of, so start soon or else you will get disqualified on the long run.
Cheers and have a wonderful day all!