All that bullshit


If you were wondering why I hated on you ask yourself this question, is it really worth it? Is it worth the trouble, Do you want to see me lose? What’s in it to you? You really care? What if I lose or win? What’s the big deal, You want me to lose so you can win, I will lose but I’m eventually going to win again no worries.

How about that?

I just got banned on Tinder


I just got banned on Tinder after paying for Tinder Plus a subscription that has gotten out of my pocket 100 RON and that is it, they just banned me for no reason I was just scrolling and my account got banned for not respecting their policy after I paid them the money after a few days they just deleted my account, this is what you get for trusting shady companies.

I’m backing this shit away

 When you gotta go you gotta go, this time I forgot what I said but it’s still there coming to my presence, I promise I won’t let you down this time but it sucks being this way with this mental illness it fucking sucks, so anyway forgot what I said forgot what I did get back on the plane and fly away, go home you’re drunk style, anyway this change I got ain’t going to rule forever so ain’t got no shots left, told you guys I’m coming back so say thank you for the broken promises I give because you ain’t getting back none of my shits

CryptoTab online Bitcoin mining

This is my post for the new CryptoTab which is about 2 years old from now.
I want to share with you all this today to start you by telling how did I start my investment in.
I just Downloaded CryptoTab and signed in with my Google account, and BAM.
I’m in the deal mining bitcoin for now.
You can Download CryptoTab at the letters highlighted in blue.
And you can start today also, so Isn’t this the day you’ve all been waiting for?
I want to tell you that Bitcoins are not infinite, there is a finite number of bitcoins that can be mined and thus far make profit out of, so start soon or else you will get disqualified on the long run.
Cheers and have a wonderful day all!