Money trees

People say that money do not grow in trees I disagree, money is always natural it is a natural thing, money lives he has its own imagination, money is alive money is natural, money is a saint money is sanctified.
Money has a holy power and a healing atribute, money was made from nature, money is natural, money has feelings, money is just like us, money heals the wounded and help the poor money is sent from god to protect us, please do not spoil money on useless things, money knows better, thank you nature please be my guide.

In war nothing goes right

When you fight a war you cannot win, you can’t say you actually do what it was meant to be
You will always have disapointments in life but in a war zone there is nothing but death.
War cannot solve modern day problems and it cannot solve situations where it was meant to be peace.
Where war stars people start dying and we cannot blame them if they do so.
We don’t need a war to stay happy all we need is peace.
When you need people to stay in your circle you need all the effort you can get from them. You need to put the muscle to action to put some effort into different situation that come and go as they please. We cannot blame society the stupid people to say nah the book is evil when the people read the book they think it is stupid. You are not who you were meant to be if you think this way, society needs rwfreshments, needs air, needs nature, needs sun, needs rain, needs peace and quiet and restoration, we need the mountains more than we need ourselves, we need the trees more than we need water and air.
We need to come up with a plan where we can get up in the morning and smell fresh air not pollution. We need to make the world a better place, follow me into this mission and you will be surprised on what you will find, follow me now and you will live forever, follow me now and you will stay eternally in mother nature’s heart.


Black women and children need to hear this, there are demons out there to torment you, you need to hear this, don’t give up the fight, don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give in to sin. Don’t focus on where you came from instead focus on where are you going, focus on the destination not on your place of birth but on your place of arrival not on your home but on your destination, focus on your life, not on the other person’s right for equality focus on your rights you are humans too, black, Hispanic whatever color you are focus on your destination not on your starting place, go where you feel most alive, I love you all peace, God bless you.

I love you until forever

We all want to be in that happy place with happy people with beautiful people and beautiful animals and beautiful insects and beautiful mammals, we are the people of this new generation to come together as one human being for the sake and happiness of all living plants and insects and all love on this earth, we love each other day by day and we respect each other and we want to make it happen because we protect this earth from all harm and evil, we protect mother nature and all its children. We are the children of the earth and we must protect the earth and nature because the earth is the mother of all life. Earth is my home and I love earth now always and forever. This is my planet and I will love my planet until the end of my life.
My life is my home, my earth is my home, nature is my family I am the son of nature and earth, I am the protector of nature, I protect my earth.

The book of Life

We all write in the book of Life, some of us write better while some of us write worse.

But the main thing is that we write, each and every day we do so, we turn up the page and write a new chapter in our lives.

Some of us write better while some of us not, we decide how we write each and every day the book of our life should be our masterpiece.

The Book of Life is for everybody to share and understand.

E all want to share and write in the book of life. We may never see the next page again, but the last page we have written should be today’s page. We should think about progress when we write we should think of ourselves.

We should think about progression and we should also think about how hard is it today to find new people and new friends.

We can all be friends what we all have in common is our lives. We all share the same planet, we all share the same home we are all part of the human race so you do you put me on hold?

I am not your friend or your God I am just me writing my pages of life.

I am the supreme leader of my kind and my people I am like the president of my country I am like the leader of my people and we should all take a stand in giving back to the community for all our efforts combined.

His is for you my reader which I must confess to you that you are not alone somebody cares for you and wants to see you home.

We live by choice and command by nature, we live as one God together in a group of people that come together for the good of mankind, we are the people who should start making some changes in this world.

We all should change at least how do we view our lives. But not many people should understand this that only with change can we move forward.

Change is a necessity, not a choice, so when you face adversity you face it without having the choice of not facing it or vice versa.

The bringer of chaos has yet to become alive yet so we shall live in harmony and with peace to our homeland and may the earth guide our paths to live our best lives we have yet to dream about.

The Artist of Life

I can no longer call myself a human being after writing this article.
I feel exhausted and exuberated , I feel like a machine I feel like a robot living in today’s society where nobody actually care about themselves. I no longer want to live in this feeble world of fake promises, manipulation and greed.
I do not longer want or deserve to live in a world where society listens to the law instead of their own human manifestation on this earth, I no longer deserve to be called a human being because I no longer deserve to be pampered by mommy into believing it will all go smooth in the end.
There is nothing more brutal than a mistake done twice, there is nothing more painful than a double death.
There is nothing more painful than a gemini dying so when I die I want it to be spectacular with fireworks and everybody to tell me before I pass away how much they will miss me in the end, because death is like never seeing it coming and dying so unexpectedly might alter someones perception of reality.
You cannot encourage death but you cannot avoid it either, either you work with it, either you die forever.
This is the end. This is what I would like to call the end, of us.
To die means to live in such a manner that after you pass away you will not be forgotten or regretted . You will not be mistaken into being somebody you are not you will not let other people feel the pain of your consequences for your own actions and misbehavior you will not let other people drag you down to their level and beat you with experience, you will not die because you have conquered death so many times before and you will conquer death yet again in this lifetime .
I have met so many wonderful people in my life and I do not wish for them to miss me, I wish they could all see the real me behind all this drama, trauma and hate that bears down upon us all.
The reason why I am asking all of this from you and writing so much as I spoke earlier is that no matter what form you take in the human form you obey the human laws or the laws you should obey.
At least you make your own rules for living and your own living laws and you manifest them onto others for other to live by them also just like you live by them yourself.
This can deal a reasonable amount of damage to someone if they are not prepared, but I am prepared for any unseen consequences I may find.
So whatever life may throw at you, you just have to be prepared for it and catch the ball while it’s still rolling, this is my final warning to you guys, avoid the war, take your medication, take your weed, and move on and be happy, go live in the woods or something, I don’t know.

Frutti tree

I am on vacation here at the country side in Balaci Teleorman Romania.
I am having the time of my life here.
It’s so nice to sit in nature.
I have two houses, I ain’t going to show you pictures because it is night time right now.
I love being where I feel most comfortable , here at my grandparents home I feel like a kid again.
We got dogs and cats here.
Neighbours are very nice indeed they are almost like family to us.
The whole village is almost like a family.
We salute each other on the street when we walk and all of us seem to have a great life here.
It’s also alot of work to do in the country side especially with the agriculture flourishing.
This spring I planted a tree in the garden.
It will grow very tall I am sure of it.
I hope my tree will be the best tree this earth has ever seen.
From a small seed a huge tree will emerge.
Bigger than anything you have ever seen before, the wonders of nature collapses into the wild wonder.
This tree of mine could be named the fruit tree of life.
Because it’s a fruit tree I’m going to call it frutti tree.
My tree is the best.