God is love and patience

I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but I think God is a very nice guy he is very cool he is very smart all knowing all wise, and very smart, God is a star that was never born it was just created there by the universe with the big bang.

God is everything God is all around us, the need of a God like man created God out of his own image is stupid, God is infinite God is superior God is all powerful, God is love for us because he loves us, I talk to God every time I even listen to God I listen to the voices of the wild, the sun the stars the moon and the planets, I hear the sounds of bird playing I hear the sounds of horses running, I see the zebras I see the wild animals talking, I can feel the wild animals come up all together in a pack, I see animals everywhere in a natural habitat, I see animals being free from zoos. I see animals being happy because they were born, I see animals living up to their dreams, I see and love animals for who they are not just our pets but our companions, animals are not pets animals are friends, trees are friends, bees are friends, everybody is a friend, you can be my friend if you want to.

God is all patience and wise and very interesting to me to know that God created man out of his own image and smartness , out of his own being God created man to be like God, God created God.