The end of an era as we speak it…

As I witness what is happening in the world right now.
I can honestly say that is wrong.
This is wrong.
This will be our undoing.
Nobody cares about this but the civil war in the United States is not over, it is white against black it is good against evil it is the law against the underground.
And you have to choose which side you are on in there.
We all have to make our choices in life, either you go to work or stay at home at writing a blog.
You all should think about this in a way nobody else will do this for you.
You have to think for yourself in the era of mass manipulation and greed.
Honestly I never speak as much as I wanted to I always keep something for myself therefore I will tell you that The Matrix is real and we are living in it, day by day, hour by hour, as time passes we get deeper and deeper into the unseen world that is called The Matrix or The Infinite Dream as I call it.
I call it The Infinite Dream because you dream every single night about what do you want to do in life and that is really a concern to me because what do I dream at night defines me as a person in the day.
Every dream that we have relocates us to another place in time and distance in the universe, there is never shallow this place in time, there is no room for doubt.
As we venture along on The Dream World we shall see many abominations and stuff we never have conceived existed before in our day by day lives.
Some us may say that I am only money oriented, this is not true, I am here to make a brighter day for everyone and everybody.
So when you see me online you should check out what I am writing because you may be surprised on what you will find right there.
I am making room right now for a better place in our lives and human condition, you all may know that this will never end, the fight is not over neither the Endless War is.
What is the Endless War?
It is the fight of Evil against Good.
The angels and the demons.
The good and the bad.
The karma good karma and bad karma.
Evil and Good, black and white, hispanic and asian, red and gypsy.
This are all colors of our imagination which we transpose in our thoughts as the skin may be.
Depending on the persons skin we tend to realise that we can hate one another rather than love each other, this fact is not true at all. I respect any person no matter the color of his skin or his religion as long as we can get along with ourselves.
So this Endless War is only for the feeble minded people who seek revenge and destruction of the major population of the cities and suburbia.
Which means nobody can really tell us what this War is all about, but I think some of us may find out sooner then we can think.