how to make money with your CPU

I firstly found my blog on CryptoTab Browser this browser gives me everything I need to earn passive income over the night and not only, this enables me to go on an continue with my daily chores without the concern of being broke, please do not misunderstand this.

This is just a browser and nothing more you will figure out by yourself, link in the name.

I can’t choose between WordPress and Blogger

Which bloggin platform should I use, get paid on WordPress or get paid on Blogger?

From my experience Blogger is a cool platform the only problem with it is that you have to ask for permision to run ads on it, in my experience running ads is crucial on any bloggin platform if I may and if you do not let people to run ads on their blog I’m sorry but you will lose your clients, I’m just saying quit talking about the stupid rules you have and community guidelines nobody cares about them rules were made to be broken and if you continually stick to the rules you will always fail in having a more successful life.

This is my personal opinion on this if you deny the right to make money on your platform then its useless and people will leave it or they will choose something else, this is just the reality of it, I chose WordPress even if I am paing for a plan, that plan can bring me money, if it does not bring me what I need them I’m going to quit and this is the end of story, face the facts or the facts will face you.

The Start of a New Age

The end is near I can feel it, sometimes we want something so bad we are willing to give everything for it, it’s not the chance for me, I have been destroyed by incompetence and hate I have been murdered by ignorance and evil, I personally thought If I am good enough I will survive, well, that has happened I survived, and you could survive too if you want it bad enough, you have to want it man, like really really bad to make it, people ain’t fair I know but you have the power you are the owner of your own soul, control yourself and never let go of the past, it’s a trick I use to trick my mind into believing that if I forget the past it will go away, it never goes away, not this way anyway, it never goes away the past was/is/and/there will be anyway so instead of forgetting the past you should learn to let go of the past, this is the difference between life and death situations, do not forget your past but instead try to let go of it, it’s easy , everybody can make it, and you will make it with my help, as long as I am alive I swear this oath to you, I will do my best in trying to help you out by any means necessary, I will save your life if I have to just to let go…

If you want this come be by my side, and together we will rule the world in peace and prosperity, if not then I feel sorry for you bro, take care.


Godlike Feeling
I am a YouTuber, go for the throat I am an animal, I am alive,
I live for the risk the chance, go for it, risk it all, take it all, inhale, exhale, go fast go slow, go wherever you go, just do it, I am God.
I am Iulius Caesar you have been waiting for.
I am Romanian I live in Romania Bucharest I get the deal, its my business I have my face on the money.


How to make money at home

This is the first one . I have been thinking about money and this is all I get, only Cryptotab, he is the best and the easiest way to earn money and bitcoin, try Cryptotab for a few weeks see how it goes and if you don’t like it or don’t trust it forget about this, opportunity is on its way get your share of the money right here with Cryptotab
I still dream of Cryptotab

Money trees

People say that money do not grow in trees I disagree, money is always natural it is a natural thing, money lives he has its own imagination, money is alive money is natural, money is a saint money is sanctified.
Money has a holy power and a healing atribute, money was made from nature, money is natural, money has feelings, money is just like us, money heals the wounded and help the poor money is sent from god to protect us, please do not spoil money on useless things, money knows better, thank you nature please be my guide.

I need money to buy a house


This article is for everybody who once struggled to buy a home. This article was made for all the people in the world who are homeless or just want to buy a home. We see you and we encourage you to do so. Houses are very expensive in these times. We want a house, a home, a place to belong, but do we actually need it? The world is spinning the planet is spinning around the sun, the climate is changing, time is going by, do we really need a place to stay or can we just move from a place to another?

I am asking this because I saw people struggling with debt and depression because they didn’t have a house or a home to live in. I saw people living on the street looking for food, I saw people sleeping on the bench at night and day. How do we call them? Just homeless? Just give them one dollar to buy a beer?

I really think these people need help I really think these people should receive more attention than they currently have, I want to know more about this subject so I’m going to leave this right here. Why do we hate on people who do not have a home and they live on the street?

I’m not saying that I don’t have a home I am just saying how could we do this? How can we make them recover how can they call that a life? The difference between us is huge, I have seen people so poor they don’t have food on the table, I have seen so much poverty in the world that I am amazed by it. There are people so rich that they buy islands or land on the moon and I have seen people who die because they don’t have food.

Can we call ourselves human if we witness these spikes of richness? What is money in fact but just a paper we run around from one to another. What is real money? What are we fighting for here?

For the Love of Money


For the love of money, there is nothing much to say about money I got links on my blog you can find them to download money making programs and earn passive income, the love of money is real most people like money for the things that they can buy, there is nothing to be ashamed of, money will come to you if you respect your promises, if you come home with a broken heart and pockets empty then it is bad for you, I feel like this because I also know how it is to have nothing in your pockets, I also live on the verge of existence, I am broke but a cute broke guy.

I need more money to supply for my needs but money as we speak it won’t come to me if I spend it on useless things like love cars and females, I don’t need no prayer to bring me wealth, all I need is a good sense of humor and pockets full of cash, people need money to survive, I need money for my own pleasure, I only need the money I can buy, but the money I spend is useless to me, only love for the big boys.

Ok so money is a necessity in these days, money is very versatile money is luxury money is something you go out late at night for your night shifts to get home and eat your salad because you are vegan.

I’m not saying money is bad I’m just saying that money is useless, if you feel useless then you also love money.

Money is useless for two reasons : one you always have money and two you always need money. You can never have enough money, money is infinite.

Play with my feelings


I’m a cute guy, I had some girlfriends, my last one was a gypsy girl, who I used to spend time with, she was awesome but beautiful she was great and wonderful, I have only kind words to say, people like me and she were like inseparable, we used to spend so much time at my house and clean and cook, I don’t have a job so my parents would give us money, we had a great time together but she decided to leave me for whatever reason. Every girl decides to leave a man is not because she hates him, she just wants something else for her. She needs new experiences she was younger than I am, and we would have a good time.

We like to spend time alone because we feel like we are not enough for the right person, when money comes between partners be sure it will be a disaster, money can’t replace love.

Money can buy you cars and cool stuff but money is not a feeling you can’t feel money that is absurd.

You can’t have feelings for cash I mean what the hell, I would love money but I would not love girls.

I would love money more than girls or myself, I would love profit. I would love to make a living, I would love work, I would love my job, this is insane, people don’t love the money they love the things money can buy them. Money is a good substitute for a person if you miss someone goes buy a frappucino and you will feel better.

Evil is the money that brings chaos and pain to its holders, Evil is the money who has spilled blood upon, evil is the money you give to buy people.

My love

My love is actually very big, I don’t feel right now I’m having one of those bad days right now because I have spent 10 lions or iron on a slot machine at the casino, my dad gave me money to buy coffee and I spent it on slot machines, now I feel sad because I started playing those games, I just can’t seem to cope with them anymore you always want to spend more on them there is never enough, nothing can calm my thirst for cash, nothing… I am always looking for new methods of earning money, always, I think about it every night and every day, how can I get rich, how can I make money I am so poor…
I hate this money is on my mind non stop.
This is sad because even if I hand enough money I still could not be happy. I wouldn’t get that satisfaction I need to go on, even if I had the cash I would probably waste it.
Spending money on useless things like luxury cars and stuff like that is just stupid.
Alot of stupid people have a lot of money in the bank. They work every night and every day to make a living, and they work for others, I work for myself.
I want to be my own boss, I want to work for me, I want to get rich.
I want to be a billionaire.
I want to be successful in what I do everyday. It is a lot of hard work to do. I know, but eventually, you will find a way, or make a way to earn more money than now.
If you don’t find a way you have to make one.