I can’t choose between WordPress and Blogger

Which bloggin platform should I use, get paid on WordPress or get paid on Blogger? From my experience Blogger is a cool platform the only problem with it is that you have to ask for permision to run ads on it, in my experience running ads is crucial on any bloggin platform if I mayContinue reading “I can’t choose between WordPress and Blogger”

The Start of a New Age

The end is near I can feel it, sometimes we want something so bad we are willing to give everything for it, it’s not the chance for me, I have been destroyed by incompetence and hate I have been murdered by ignorance and evil, I personally thought If I am good enough I will survive,Continue reading “The Start of a New Age”

How to make money at home

This is the first one . I have been thinking about money and this is all I get, only Cryptotab, he is the best and the easiest way to earn money and bitcoin, try Cryptotab for a few weeks see how it goes and if you don’t like it or don’t trust it forget about this,Continue reading “How to make money at home”