Look insode of you 🥺

We all have to look for someone eventually. I am not good with money, I spend alot of money on useless things, I do not like being poor. Also my addiction to slot machines is something I should worry about. I just try to live day by day and take whatever life throws at me,Continuă lectura „Look insode of you 🥺”

All the people that I love are my family.

  All the people that I have ever loved and will ever love are my family. It does not matter where you come from or where you are going to respect people always. My friends are my family, my people are my family, my loved ones are my family, we are just one big happyContinuă lectura „All the people that I love are my family.”

Some people are happy some people are sad

I have been sad for a while. Facebook blocked me, instagram still works, love is beautiful, everywhere I go just looks better than where I was before, things are starting to happen, people leave and people come. Its just a cycle. Love is a cycle women have menstruation and menopause. Women can carry children, butContinuă lectura „Some people are happy some people are sad”

The Road to Zion

Something beautiful is about to happen. Just wait and see. Many people of my generation have been abducted by aliens. Can you see them? They have been taken by extraterestrials and put to sleep by a magnetic force of the heaven. Zion is a place of wonder is a place just like Azeroth, it keepsContinuă lectura „The Road to Zion”