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Gym and Working Out

love your life

A relationship can change you

As I have learned from past experiences is that a relationship can change you, either you change the girl or the girl changes you there is no in-between. In my past relationships, I have been changed but in… Read More

The book of Life

We all write in the book of Life, some of us write better while some of us write worse. But the main thing is that we write, each and every day we do so, we turn up the… Read More

This one night in Bahamas

This is me in the video so you all know my name by now. Call me whatever you would like but my real name is Asethabalanar. This one I recognize. I am here to speak to you about… Read More

Malthael Gameplay

This video is made by me playing Malthael and it’s sincerely awesome to me to do this to you guys right now because I may or may not be the best version of me yet but I am… Read More

Malthael Gameplay

Malthael, my favourite man ever, this is greater than the midgets of Muradin, is one of the best comic books I have ever seen in my entire life just like spider-man boyz and girlz. Jah Jah this is… Read More