My father is a hero.


I have a dad. Who is my hero, I have admired him since I was a kid, I have loved him so much over all these years, I cared for him, supported him, and gave him all my love.
I am my father’s boy. My father is my hero, my protection, my shield, my dear dad.
He will never read this but I know that deep down inside of him he loves me too.
He always told me he didn’t want to be alone, that I had to stick by his side because he felt lonely.
I am with you dad, you are in my heart, never forget that I love you so, you are my pride and everything, you are my father, you are my strength.
You are the reason I smile dad when I wake up. 
I will never leave you dad, love Cata.

Third Eye Open

Many people deny the fact that we have three or more eyes on our body. I believe we have more than three eyes. The third eye open process begins when you are empty of yourself, when you feel nothing when you are gone. Thats when you have your third eye open when you fall into the void. When you are empty of yourself, ahen you feel emphathetic when you feel empathy, if you are an empath you should know that your third eye is open. The eye of the mind or the mind’s eye is the eye of your brain, besides the two eyes which you can see conciously, subconsciously you see with your third eye, so you know its there. Well and the third eye has a number of factors, you are awake, you are asleep, or you are dead, the third eye continues to see after death also, you may be dead but your spirit sees a while after your passing into thd afterlife.
Third eyes open are usually used to describe mythological or antropological objects as thoughts , in our history men and women didn’t think all thee time they had phases of thinking conscious and unconscious, people thought about thinking like they would think with different parts of their body which is untrue. We can think with our whole being being conscious makes our spirit alive.
Conscious thinking happends when you are awake and you meditate. Meditation is used to raise the vibrational field you deliver in the world and the vibrations around you. We are nothing but water and bone so think in waves or even fractional realities may come and go as you experience life itself, you can think of yourself as an alien or extraterestial being or even as a bird. You may think of yourself as a reptile which is untrue, at some point in life we all were nothing but unicelular beings like bacteria or even viruses. We were nothing but murlocs in the sea after that we evolved into beings and pur evolution started from the birth of nature, with the birth of nature there was the birth of everything, nature is all around us, our skin is made of molecules found also in trees and grass, pur thoughts are nothing but images as we conceive and see with our eyes, and yes you can see thoughts 🙂

I am here to live 🙂

Nobody is perfect and neither am I but we all make mistakes in life. I just want to say that I am really happy and I enjoy my life the way it is. If I can improve it then so be it. People change and so do I. I just have to keep up with the pace with the change. I came to earth to do good and I will do good as long as you love me and I feel love. People die each day. Then why should we complain with living a bad life?
You should go and make your parents proud not make them cry before they fell asleep.
I am proud of my parents even if we fight. I have a bad feeling about this but anyway.
I love the way girls are on my back all the time.
Love the way women treat me. They love me.
I love the way a girl touches her hair. I love the way a girl touches her lips. I love the way any girl looks at me. I love women. I love girls. I love females. A woman made me and a woman will make my sons or daughters. So why cry about being single with all these girls around when you feel hopeless. It is like a void inside of you reaching, creeping, beneath the skin. The force of gravity pulls you to me. I am like the sun. I am like the earth. I have a force field around me. My heart is like the earth’s core you get pulled to it. I have a heart of gold. I am not mad. I am powerful, I am big and beautiful.
I am attractive.

The Road to Zion

Something beautiful is about to happen. Just wait and see. Many people of my generation have been abducted by aliens.
Can you see them? They have been taken by extraterestrials and put to sleep by a magnetic force of the heaven. Zion is a place of wonder is a place just like Azeroth, it keeps on giving even if we take more than we give, it’s just a place of beautiful magic and wonder. Many of us may have been told that we are alone in the universe. Well we are not. There are people here from other dimensions who are waiting for a call back to heaven.
We came, we saw, we conquered. This is veni vidi vici.
We saw, we conquered. That is the point of us all. We are here to spread love not hate so lets all get along. I come from a different world a different dimension and I say fuck them. We don’t need haters so fuck off. Ok when you see me on my bike just quit yelling. We are the people who made this change long time ago. We came to set a higher purpose for our brothers and sisters. We came here to do what nobody else can, we are unique and special we are robots we are human.
The road to zion means that each path you take in life will eventually lead you back to the same place like you were running in circles, everything is a cycle. You come back to see deeper truths 🙂

The King of a Thousand Suns

 Today I woke up happy, today I am a happy man, nobody can tell me otherwise, I just woke up to this amazing new world of mine which I created and it is all so beautiful and sweet, so marvelous and keen. We all love a good laugh but when you are pretty and you know it you might just want to be like me. I am a role model for kids and girls, somebody could get inspired after reading this I am a role model for all people, not just kids, you can carry around in the womb my children but you can’t focus on hating me for no reason.
My kids will be the best children in the world even if I do not have children yet, I will have them someday, even if we like it or not. Children are important to us that is why we mistake kids for adults sometimes, they are newborn we cannot manipulate them they are as equal as we are, they can be very smart or they can be very foolish we cannot take into consideration the fact that people make babies and we have to make them too, like really, people make children, and we have to do this too for the sake of our world. I am the king of the thousand suns, I am the ruler of them all, I am machanga we invent words so they sound better on the camera, right? I want a wife and five children so they can take care of me when I die. I want my kids to be the best children in the whole wide world.

Love the World behind you

When I first started this blog I had no clue where it would end up, but today I have a mission, to see every kid in the World do whatever means necessary to make them happy and fulfilled so the next generation of babies would top up to the throne and never be alone.

I watched TV in my childhood, I was the kid with the keys on its neck and now I’m a grown man an adult.

I am here to subscribe to my newsletter for us to know the fact of the immediate principles that hold the foundation of our society. I am here to write on behalf of my country and my family, to write for the good of others.

Karma is like a wheel when you turn it around it catches you up by surprise, you may never know the value of a moment until you have lost it. I may write this to you for years and years because I am still learning what this process means, it is like a cocoon we are here the slaves to this torment like Lady Sylvanas said.

I make peace with myself and forever on we press on moving forward to our future. I am nothing but a motivational speaker, a writer in disguise in this body flesh of mine, writing makes me forget who I am for a fraction of a second I am who I want to be.

This world is crazy enough to hold us all, we are the children of nature and evolution, I don’t believe in God I believe in nature.

God is a man while nature is energy.

I cannot touch energy but I can touch the man, I am a man made out of energy.

We as the people must unite in harmony for our lives and our culture and our country, we the people must unite for a better cause, a better future and a better today and tomorrow

Why women are traitors

Most of the women I have met have made me see that they are the most and biggest traitors in this world, nothing can be more traitorous than a woman cheating on you.
And when I say nothing I mean nothing can hurt as bad as being cheated on.
I have been cheated on, and women have cheated on their boyfriends with me.
So this is a ying and yang problem, a karma problem that they have if a woman cheats on you it’s called treason but if a man cheats on his woman it’s called that he is good looking.
I have a question for all women, why do you cheat on your man?
Why do you don’t you trust him?
Maybe you don’t like him well enough.
Maybe he is not your soul mate.
Maybe he is a scumbag after all
This is a good question, why do women cheat on their men?
Why do they cheat on their loved ones?
This only means to me that they do not love them anymore
This only means to me that women are in bad and fearful relationships all over the world.
This is how domestic violence spreads up.
A man can beat up a cheating woman if he wants or breaks up with her.
He only has two choices to make.
One is he starts being violent with her and he sticks up together, the other one is that they have to break up and start falling apart both of them.
So the major issue here is domestic violence.
So the only choice he has is to leave her alone.
The only possible choice is a breakup.
If they do not break up they will start fighting and this can lead to domestic violence.
If the man cheats on his woman, the woman can become violent also, it’s up to her to decide what to do and so on.
If the woman cheats the man can become violent and hit his woman.
It’s all up to choices here.
Either you have fidelity either you start fighting, either you break up.
The most common of them all is breakups.
The couples that do not cheat on each other do not break up.
While the couples that cheat upon each other end up falling apart and destroying families.
So either way, you take this and you stay single or meet with other girls for the rest of your life, either you find a wife and get married, either you cheat on her and start fighting and after all this trouble you eventually will end up single all over again.
The most common happening in the world is being single for no reason what so ever, this makes people bitter while being with a loved one makes people smart and happy.
Cheating is not an option for me or my family can lead to most of the breakups in the world.
We do not cheat because cheating makes you weak.
Cheating is for losers while fidelity is for winners, this is why I don’t cheat on girls.