Awaken to the Truth

As I come back and come closer to the truth I realize that my life was a long road of lies, each by each and one by one we come up fuck up and never ever give up, as I try to maintain my sanity these people really mess me up, how? I don’t know I have fallen asleep one day and the next day boom, its all over again, the life cycle really messes me up, its a circle of happenings that go on and on and on ,I don’t know if this will ever end in my lifetime, I hope this shall be the best I can be like no other, I want to come alive again and this time I will never be fallen into place, my heart was broken inside but now I know that the pieces of my heart that were broken were the ones that be needed to put into place.

I’m retired now at 28 because of my disease and this time it will work I promise, I was coming back home from my job and realizing I did my job was not enough. I’m a wreck and a big one.

My job was to type obnoctious times more and more data like I was a machine, I hated my job and for that I realize now the truth behind the lies.

The truth is I don’t need a job to get better all I need is my family and friends to get better all I needed was support from them. All I needed was to relax and enjoy the ride instead of just farming jobs all day long.

I will live again

As long as I am still standing I will fight for my freedom and my problems, as long as I don’t come up with a fucked up plan to spoil this up, I can get what I need with pretty much ease, it’s hard and the hardships never end, but as soon as I get my work done, my work will be complete, some people never think about this but when I go home from work I feel like shit.

For me working is something very irelephant sometimes when I come from work I feel like the whole world is crashing before me and it really sucks, but when I stay home for too much things start getting easy and easy, take it easy brother we won’t hurt you, I get this every time I spoil my dinner it just comes to me naturally, the writing stuff, it never goes away anything I do I guess I’m a pretty good writer huh, and I also know english too , how you like that?

The omega speed

Omega speed is the speed of the gravity force of a black whole there is nothing I can think about that can be faster than that its ten times more faster than the speed of light and 100 times more faster than the speed of sound its the speed of the black hole pulling matter into it absorbing its energy and teleporting it to another place or another dimension, for things not to repeat themselves I have taken security precautions early on, the speed which light travels through a black whole its slowed down and downgraded into small particles of light metamorphing into atoms and tiny bits of energy.

In a galaxy far far away

In a galaxy far far away there is something very special about to happen.
It can be luck, it can be healthy, it can be all the goods in the world, I don’t mind.
My main reason for pointing this is just that I have studied to know astrology better and how the planets rearrange themselves just in order to help us survive this chaos that we live in on planet earth at this time.
Magic happens every day to all of us but most people don’t see it.
I am so sad to say that I pray for the good in mankind, and I support every good thing that everybody does or say, I’m an honest appreciation of facts and reality and truth and respect, I treat you as you treat me and that is kind of the same as the karma law.
Well, folks, this is it for the good of mankind I will say that every people should be treated equal no matter his intelligence or status. These things do not matter, I am here to explain that we all can live in peace and prosperity but only if we want it to be like that, it’s all about your own desire and what you want in life that counts, I wish you guys the best and never forget that you are worth every miracle in your life

This is me in a human form

I am here to take good care of you.
I am here to make you blush.
I am here to talk to you.
I am here to make you happy.
I am here to be alive with you now.
I am here to make things happen and count in your life.
I am not a human being.
I am more of that so that you may know the truth behind the veil of existence.
This reality is a dream. Made for you so that when you wake up you will be reborn from the ashes of eternity.
This is not you right now. This is the inner peace of the cosmos speaking in a human form.
This is mother earth which guides all human form into existence and penetrates all things alive on human race.
This is not something that will take you into another dimension. This is the evil spurking out of you while you sleep.
This is great as a fact of conclusion I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time before in my whole entire life I could not say or state the fact that I have been resurrected as before into being by mother nature as a human being on this earth.
This is what I call on you human.
I will obey the call of Asethabalanar and I will state that I am a forsaken troop into being the greatest manifestation of myself on earth.
This cannot come to a conclusion as before I bore the aspect of a dragon now I am here to teach you the ruins of mother earth.
This comes to mind when fulfilling the thing I love the most here.
I have a planetary vision of what should have been and what should have happened before us.
We are earth, we are nature, we are beings.
We have been here before and will be again soon into the wild.
We have the option to be the best version of ourselves so the next generation of babies will be reborn by the mother phoenix into existence once more.
This cannot happen if we all stick together as cattle, we have to run from the madness of existence into the planetary vision of earth’s crust.
We cannot control everything, Everything controls us.
We have to be patient with ourselves in order to maintain eye contact.
We should be fine, I love you and I wish you a very good time with yourselves.
Be patient, earth has our aid.