What is in your head it is more important than what is in your wallet


I got you guys, today I am talking about the importance of believing in yourself, I just started a youtube channel with my friends and I am anxious to tell you that this is the best job I ever had please believe me when I say this I would not trade this job at youtube as a video streamer for video games to nothing in this world, this is the best job I had this is my dream job, I have a lot to tell you guys about my passions and this is one of them, we live in a world full of people that have no future, we are the ones who make the future, the past is long gone we cannot make anything of it even if we learn from it this would be necessary.
To love to live for the game makes me want to deal more damage to the enemies, we love to watch your videos, we love to watch you play the games you love, this is what people tell me all the time, please take your time and watch all my videos if you want we really need your help on this matter.

We need you guys to subscribe and love us because we love you back.
We can give advice on many subjects just ask us anything or tell us whatever you would like.

Tyrande Gameplay Video Quick Match Healer

I have been thinking allot lately about the dream chamber and it’s all living secrets you guys don’t know much about.

The dream chamber is where we keep our dreams, it’s like a dark void place with no sunlight but only with eyes.
It has only one purpose in life, to direct us towards our best life and our dreams to make them into the reality we live in.
It’s like a purpose but much more than that it is the life essence of all beings on earth.
The dream chamber it’s like the chamber of secrets from the Harry Potter book.
If you use dark magic you should know about this one.
So the dream chamber and what it actually is is a place in our minds that controls what we do in everyday life.
It is our purpose for being and living our true life essence comes from that place.
We can never run from it or be neglected about it because it is in our minds and hearts and souls.
This dream chamber that I am speaking about is like a puzzle or a riddle and when you solve it all things that you want can manifest into your subconscious life.
The main fact about the riddle of life is that it is a permanent evolving being in your head that always tries to push you forwards instead of backwards.
So the being living in your head is your actual brain , can you see it now?
Can you see your own brain?
Of course you cannot see it because it is trapped in your skull.
That is why it is called the Skull cracker because we need to see your skulls to see if you are eligible for the fight.
We cannot do this in our heads but the perception of reality itself is the distortion of our own minds at night.
When we focus on being we manifest into reality what we think, and when we focus on living we just sit in a chair and relax and take everything in slow motion.
This is the true reflexion of life in time and puzzles , the next big step is to accomodate to what you have just learned to bigger your own purpose and raise your standards much higher than expected as before.
Now all you have to do is take a chill break and let this information sink intro your unconscious mind.
This will be the next big thing soon enough in our world so please be patient with yourself and take good care of your own self.
Happy holidays everybody!

I have been thinking lately…

I have been thinking lately… Should I get a new car? A new outfit? Should I get a new job? Maybe more money in the bank? Hmm?

What should I do?, What do you guys recommend me to do in order to better develop myself. Now you can say it out loud. I can hear you. Thank you for your support. I have appreciated every penny you have given me. I love you deeply. Asethabalanar.

This post is not for the faint-hearted people. I judge on appearances so if you are ugly you are ugly ok?
Please do not disturb me while I am meditating. I want to change my life completely and out of purpose right now. I have been writing this for so long I can’t even remember when it was the first time I started it.
Writing is my passion and if you don’t like it please do not say rude things to me because I hate them. OK.
Now that I have cought up your attention I need you to listen closely to me. I have a plan, and it’s a good one. We should all march to capital Washington DC and say Thank you Trump for being you.
How about that? We all love Trump right? He’s the president, don’t we? Ok now go and make it happen in real life. Just do it you won’t be dissapointed never.

Valla Gameplay

I’ve been Eminem’s number one fan for about a few years straight and all I can say is that that man is actually a super hero to me he was just like my dad for a brief period of time but as I grew I though I should repay all the things he did for me in the past so this is one of them.

I can say about him publicly speaking that he is not a bad person although he shows this in many ways possible, he is just a kind hearted and warm hearted human being that’s all.

I see him as a mentor for me throughout the years that have passed and now all I can say is that I carry his burden forward and fulfill his legacy to the maximum possible, because he is like my second father I love and care for him with all my hear but as I move on I found that he is not the only one which I cherish in this world of chaos.

So Eminem if you see this post I want you to know that I cherish you very much and appreciate all the work you’ve put in all your music and forward and so on.

Please be kind enough to be by my side as I move through life and always accompany me through life’s challanges even if you are very far away from me.

I am only 27 now will be 28 the next month and a week or so and I want to tell you that you are a great mentor and a good father so please do not be discouraged by my age in telling you this but you got the game by the balls, so I’m going to quote you as you said in the song ” Beautiful” ” Be yourself man, be proud of who you are, even if it sounds corny, do not let anyone tell you you ain’t beautiful”.

So that’s it guys, rock on the music again, I will be with you shortly after this message so please, do not forget that I love you all dearly you are all my human being friends so I want to say that I appreciate all of you all my readers and those who do not read until the end, we love you all, have peace, wealth , good humour, and respect to all your friends and brothers and so on, we want peace on earth so please I kindly ask you to be quiet and listen to the other people talking, we have suffered enough from pleagues and oppresion, it’s time to move on, do it for mother earth and nature, do it for our planet, mother Earth, ok so, this will go on forever now I call on you guys so this won’t take that much of your time, be quiet and listen to my videos and I hope you like them as much as I like and love and support and appreciate all of you who see me rolling. Good night all.

Uther Ranked Gameplay Victory

When I play Uther I just choose my kind of healing ability which I have so when I go top to bottom on them I just stick with my team and whatever happends happends, so you know , when I go on the map and I’m fighting actual heroes in battle I am focusing on the weakest on on the weak point of them so I can deal significant damage to their team overlay.

This can be very intimidating to me beucase I have never experienced such a fulfilling voice before in my whole entire life so this may be the new next generation of gaming. Aiming for the head-shot of the team right?

When you down their leader it all comes falling apart right? That’s what predators do and that is what should I do also. When I am matchmaking so this is it I am going to leave this information here and when it is all over I hope you will all understand the concept of being number 1 on Heroes of the Storm Battlefield of Eternity.

Malthael Gameplay

This video is made by me playing Malthael and it’s sincerely awesome to me to do this to you guys right now because I may or may not be the best version of me yet but I am going there soon enough, so please share with me all your ideeas on this topic of Heroes of the Storm so we can have a great time together while we all play along with this new content I am sharing with you guys and not be improved by your mistakes but by your ability to overcome adversity.

If you are watching this let me know how it goes and I wish you the best of luck in your life so you can acomplish all your dreams you had or never had before. I have dreamed one day that this world will know peace finally and I must admit that peace is very near to us in this particular moment in time, so please do not argue with me on this matter and let’s all love each other for the sake of all human kind and bees and flies and every living being on this earth and in the universe I beg you no more wars.

Make love not warcraft is my motto so can you please play a little bit of World of Warcraft and show us how you do with all your skills and mechanichs and let us know actually how can we improve our gamestyle in the near future, have a great day all and know peace, it is for the best of all human race to evolve and be compared to anything this planet has to offer for us.

Do not be mistaken by my kindness for you because I have also been in your time and place and space right now and I know your burden, your burden to bare is mine to bear also so can you please stop complaining to this and that and make the world a better place to live in in all our contries around the globe, we need you now, in for the taking.

Illidan Gameplay

While I write to you this message, a thing pops up in my head that I should not be doing this, well, actually I am doing this right now and it is amazing for me to write this to you on the internet that I have been before broken and left by my side with no one to reach out to.

So this is my call to you for now to reach out for me and my fellow breathren who play Heroes of the Storm in an aid to call out the fury of the air to guide us through our path in this world.

So please if you see this do not be mistaked by my punishments in life, because I have too been broadly misunderstoon by my fellow breathren and now I am back on track.

With a new video for you guys that might change the whole course of the history we live in.

Check out all my youtube videos and subscribe to my blog and youtube channel and you will not regret anything that I have just said to you.

Please do not mistake my kindness for weakness because this is all I have at this point in time, I will not be the slave of society because I am society and society is not me, therefore I will not be awaken by some monsters under my bed but by the wind that blows through my ears, when the sun will shine in the bright morning of the evening of death.

Please pause and reflect at what I have just said to you and take a moment of respiro when I come back from my travels around the world with this information I give this to you right now.

Do not mistake my kindness for weakness is not what I intended to say but it was what it came out of my mouth in the present moment so it will be a great guide for you all people of the Earth.

Please love the earth-mother and cherish all her beings because we all have the same home this planet is ours and we do not want to destroy it by any cost, so please be careful at what will you say to everyone because everything comes back where you left it before.

I will not say this againg because my mother and me had a fight and it did not went well last night.

So please excuse my compilations of words and be peaceful regardless of anybody says to you at any time, great year, great day, and a great life to you all.

Watch my full youtube videos and enjoy watching and playing with my video games and you will go and ask yourself why am I not actually doing this right now in this present moment, so go for what you want in life regardless of what anybody says, that’s what I wish my mother would have said to me when I was little so I’m saying this to you right now, go for what you want in life regardless of what people might say or ask you about, because you only have one life to live so make the best out of it. Peace all.

The Butcher Gameplay

Everytime I write on my blog, something magical happends so when I write I try to do it with passion, my passion as I used to say. So when I show you my videos of myself playing Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft it’s a sign that I care for you people and what you have done for me in the past few years.

This is not me being rude or anything else, I am just being real here, I really do appreciate all your efforts of making mankind a better place and saving our lives this time of hour, this is not a joke I am telling you video games can save lives of the people who play them like in real life when you cry at night wishing you would die there comes a time when the game is calling out for you and you have to play it in order for you to remain sane and not lose your wrecking mind.

This is no joke that I am telling you that video games can and will save lives in the future by virtual reality taking place instead of real life wars, like warriors who battle on the internet to defend their territory and not conquering countries on the global map.

The future is near my friends and we will all be there to witness it, so come along and join my blog you will not be dissapointed in what I have to really say about this with me not lying to you.

This is the real deal that I am speaking of and you will not have to worry about any lies right here on my blog or personal space that I do.

Real life badasses can be bought out from video games and the video game industry is flourishing nowdays.

This is not a miss concept whatsoever the idea behind all the video game industry plan is to keep you connected to what is happening in the virtual world instead of the real world, to keep you mentally and physically attached to the computer gaming industry and not to the real world.

The world that I live in is a very quiet one and I must confess that I like it, I have no wars to fight over and neither do you.

So please keep the peace in all the world and all mankind so that we can play our video games safe and sound, and let’s make the world a better place for all the living beings in this universe that I am speaking of.

Have a great and peaceful day my friends.

Nova Ranked Gameplay

I have played today with Nova on Towers of doom, and it has been amazing I have to show you guys this, this was one of my best moments there was in the gaming community, this is such a huge conception to me that I have been able to make so many kills like this with my first attempts in ranked play system of Heroes of the Storm.

This is not a joke when I tell you guys that for me Gaming content has never been this easy to make as before, I am sure you will all agree with me when I say that I am actually messmerised with what is happening in the gaming world at this moment of time.

I am sure that you will all understand my conception of this while you subtle view my videos and make more out of them, this will be such a huge advantage for all of us.

When we say that we play video games for fun we actually interract with one another in a very different kind of way, it is a way of communication what we most like and share to each other our principles.

Regarding the gaming community of the world, this has been a huge missconception to me that games are bad for your mental health. It is indeed a problem. But what do I want to say about this is that I am also a stable mental health gamer which does not like to be interrupted while gaming and making my own videos, this is such a huge advantage for me to say that in the end we all turn out doing what we love the most about life, so blogging and Vlogging are my life right now on the web.

In real life I also mine bitcoin for extra proffit so if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask me about them. I will always be glad to be of service to you guys and the whole community in which I live in. Have a great day and have lots of peace in your life. With love Asethabalanar.

Malthael Gameplay

Malthael, my favourite man ever, this is greater than the midgets of Muradin, is one of the best comic books I have ever seen in my entire life just like spider-man boyz and girlz.

Jah Jah this is it, come on and play some HOTS with me my ID is Terro#21318 just add me on Battle.net and let’s have some fun together, just peace and love no trollers pls, oops and I have a World of Warcraft account also so please add me now. Bye Cya.