I want to be a God


This is one of my videos where I’m really wrecking it. Thank you so much for your support, like I said in my previous posts, I would like to be a God but that’s God’s choice anyway.

I already started filming World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm, Diablo is coming up next so prepare your videos and your games, ITS ON.

Let’s go guys we own it, you know who I be anyway. You know me, Let’s gooo. I like video games, I like playing them, I like commenting them.

I like talking about video games anyway so streaming is perfect for me I feel great doing it.

So you know what I am supposed to do. Anyway guys cheers, see you later.


Godlike Feeling
I am a YouTuber, go for the throat I am an animal, I am alive,
I live for the risk the chance, go for it, risk it all, take it all, inhale, exhale, go fast go slow, go wherever you go, just do it, I am God.
I am Iulius Caesar you have been waiting for.
I am Romanian I live in Romania Bucharest I get the deal, its my business I have my face on the money.


I forgot I loved you.


To all the girls I loved to all the women I loved and to all the childhood memories I have, I need to let it all go, I need to forget everything, I need to let you go, I need to let our love go, I need to forget you.

I am not sorry I need to move on I need to leave the past behind me, I need to find new love, a new girl, a new woman to share my passion and devotion to, all my past girlfriends were awesome, all of you, I will never regret loving you but I need you to know that I have moved on and I am fine without you, I didn’t make this decision by myself you did too.

You decided to leave me so I decided to forget you. An eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. If you leave me I forget you, If you cheat on me I will leave you and I will not be sorry about it. I can’t stand cheaters liars and so on…

Love is not easy, real love hurts, basic love heals, powerful love empowers, and so on… There are many kinds of love, which one would you choose? The love I’ve chosen to become is the love left in me by so many women that I have been with, all their gifts are with me anytime, I have left, loved, and forgiven so much, and I still have to love and forgive further in my life, all I need is a little patience and everything will be ok.

For all the heartbroken people out there I have a message: „Don’t lose hope, and don’t forget to forgive” Forgiving is the only medicine to a broken heart. Forgiving heals your heart and soul, forgiving is divine and its sent to us by God.

I have God in me as long as I forgive, when I stop forgiving I will probably die but I will die with my heart thinking at God… this is the way I want to die.

I will die a happy man, even if I die today and today was my last day, I would die a happy man.

I will start moving on, I will find love again, I will love again, with all my heart, never forget who I was but I’m dying to meet the new man I have become.

God Bless! 


Black women and children need to hear this, there are demons out there to torment you, you need to hear this, don’t give up the fight, don’t give up on your dreams, don’t give in to sin. Don’t focus on where you came from instead focus on where are you going, focus on the destination not on your place of birth but on your place of arrival not on your home but on your destination, focus on your life, not on the other person’s right for equality focus on your rights you are humans too, black, Hispanic whatever color you are focus on your destination not on your starting place, go where you feel most alive, I love you all peace, God bless you.

Black men need a God

I am the black God, I am the God of black men women and children, I came to serve them and save them, they need us now more than ever, I came to help them find peace on this earth I came here to free them from their minds, I came here to help them understand that they are all equal on this earth there is nothing to be afraid of you are all free in my world I came here to free you all black men women and children I love you babies.

Love the World behind you

When I first started this blog I had no clue where it would end up, but today I have a mission, to see every kid in the World do whatever means necessary to make them happy and fulfilled so the next generation of babies would top up to the throne and never be alone.

I watched TV in my childhood, I was the kid with the keys on its neck and now I’m a grown man an adult.

I am here to subscribe to my newsletter for us to know the fact of the immediate principles that hold the foundation of our society. I am here to write on behalf of my country and my family, to write for the good of others.

Karma is like a wheel when you turn it around it catches you up by surprise, you may never know the value of a moment until you have lost it. I may write this to you for years and years because I am still learning what this process means, it is like a cocoon we are here the slaves to this torment like Lady Sylvanas said.

I make peace with myself and forever on we press on moving forward to our future. I am nothing but a motivational speaker, a writer in disguise in this body flesh of mine, writing makes me forget who I am for a fraction of a second I am who I want to be.

This world is crazy enough to hold us all, we are the children of nature and evolution, I don’t believe in God I believe in nature.

God is a man while nature is energy.

I cannot touch energy but I can touch the man, I am a man made out of energy.

We as the people must unite in harmony for our lives and our culture and our country, we the people must unite for a better cause, a better future and a better today and tomorrow

Game God

Game God

This is me playing Li Ming in Heroes of the storm.

I have always considered to be a Hero, but as long as I have the time to actually play the game it takes me a lot of time to do so.

So this article is about games, video games actually and more like PC games than actual play station or xbox. I consider myself a Game God because I play a lot of video games and since I was a child I wanted to be like God. I don’t know which God but like one.

So this is me I grew up now and still play video games as it was my last day on earth. I still play Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch and League of Legends and Dota. I live my life like I just smoked my last blunt. This is Why I am writing this because you might never know who your going to end up with at the end. So I’m writing all this mumbo jumbo stuff to warn you guys, I am a God I don’t know which one but I am one for sure so when you ask me the next question about reality and stuff like that , take a note, sit back roll up some G’s and take selfies while you’re at it because this night we going to party wild. I am the party starter , fking instigator LOL. I’m the fear addicted, danger ilustrated.

Just kidding I really am a prodigy fan. Ever since I started smoking I had all these illusions in my head like I am the best, I am a God , I am the biggest baddest motherfucker out there, but that is not totally true, I am not bad and neither my parents are.

We are just a great big happy family who wants to fit in this world of ours, when we judge we tend to judge by it’s cover but we actually judge a person by it’s skin color, it’s clothes and it’s appearance just like a book’s cover.

When we start to yell at each other for no reason or just a minor setback of the main plan we tend to destroy everything, this is God’s plan with us and we are here to do so. So the next time you judge a book by it’s cover make sure you take a sneak peak on what’s inside also. Just so you don’t die stupid.

Take care!

Bruce Lee is my inspiration and my mentor

It is very hard for me to spell it this way, but Bruce Lee was just like me.
He had the same will.
He had the same views on life.
He had everything he needed in order to perform well.
He had it all.
I am so sad that he died so suddenly and early in life.
I am so sad that he couldn’t even say goodbye to his loved ones.
I am so sad that he did not have the chance to kiss his children and wife goodbye.

Sometimes I feel just like this…

Sometimes I feel just like this sitting here with you guys, understanding me and how do I feel for the all of you into this moment in time and space.
We are here as one we shall leave as one.
We could never be the same boys and girls ever again in our lifetime so don’t we make a profit from it?
We should all embrace this crazy opportunity that has bestowed upon us.
We shall all be called crazy for believing in this, for believing in me, Asethabalanar.
You shall all go insane for believing me.
You shall all go crazy for loving me.
You shall all be like me.
I am here to teach you a lesson about time and space and quantum mechanics and how they work.
So listen carefully when you read my messages.
You shall be fine you shall be ok there is no need to be afraid of anything that life has to offer to you.
You are perfect just the way you are you do not need to change for anybody in this world.
You are perfect just the way mother nature let you.
So be yourself man and woman at the same time.
Be yourself woman.
Be yourself man.
Be yourself for yourself and for nobody else.
We shall succeed.
We shall rule this world once more.
We shall be the kings of the planet again.
Before there was money, before there was presidents.
Before there were companies and corporations and workers and slaves.
Before all of these at the time when we were actually free to do whatever we wanted to do in life.
We should always trust our guts in life.
We should always do what is necessary in order for us to succeed in our mission.
We should always trust ourselves and our family members that eventually we will come up with a plan to take over the world back to us.
They’re rightful owner.
The minions.
Destroy their workers, break their spirit, conquer the mercenaries, Unveil the World into their eyes.
Be brutally honest with them, have no mercy what so ever, do not think twice it’s a trap.
Be brutally honest once again do not sugar coat anything. Hurt them, hurt their feelings. This is a war we are fighting and we already won it because there are more of us than them.
There are more of us just like me than the big companies have workers in factories and slaves on the plantations, there are more people thinking just like me than the whole money in the world.
The power of love is bigger then the power of money.
So think twice before you judge somebody, it might be the last thing you did in this lifetime.

This one night in Bahamas

This is me in the video so you all know my name by now.
Call me whatever you would like but my real name is Asethabalanar.
This one I recognize.
I am here to speak to you about love friendship and commitment.
I feel so good right now.
This is the time I will post about this, in my future posts there will be also love.
I love the woman.
I am in love with her.
I love women, I am in love with them all.
I love all women from all races from all places of the earth.
I love the female by general.
It does not matter what you bring to the table as long as you bring yourself to the table.
I am smart yes also.
I found my inner peace and tranquility.
I have come to a point where my mind and my heart work together in unison.
My mind helps my heart and my heart helps my mind.
To do the things that I think about and love the most.
I have transformed into a predator.
I am a protos.
I am a predator of this world.
I came here to love you more than you could possibly imagine you can do.
This time it will be something special.
I am being so honest right now with you.
These are my deepest feelings I am putting on the table right now.
Please forgive me if I am mistaken but should we all not live in peace and prosperity.
And should we all not win the race?
Should we love each other more than expected and have our ups and downs, highs and lows, falls and rises be more compassionate about the people animals and fauna you surround yourself with?
I came here to do good things to the world. And I am going to do it. Nobody can stop me from doing them.
You all will just have to adapt to me from now on . 🙂
Peace, Asethabalanar.