What is in your head it is more important than what is in your wallet

  I got you guys, today I am talking about the importance of believing in yourself, I just started a youtube channel with my friends and I am anxious to tell you that this is the best job I ever had please believe me when I say this I would not trade this job atContinue reading “What is in your head it is more important than what is in your wallet”

We are the people

Subscribe to my youtube channel guys, this is my gaming channel but we talk about a lot of different stuff there, I got crypto videos, spirituality, and video games uploaded, I hope you guys will enjoy my videos and I hope you watch them piece by piece, we will wait until you guys subscribed toContinue reading “We are the people”

Orphea Video Gameplay

I came here to write this to you and I know it may sound a little bit strange but. When I first made a blog it was about music, and it didn’t work out so I invested 100$ and deleted it afterward, my second blog was about gaming but it was on wordpress.com. Now thatContinue reading “Orphea Video Gameplay”

Varian Gameplay Video

I am back to you my babies with the new off set of my newest conception. Varian the winner. I have won so many games with him I can hardly remember what it was anymore. This thing is called Winblades. And it works like this: You select the level 4 talent to twinblades. Put talentsContinue reading “Varian Gameplay Video”