Varian Gameplay Video

I am back to you my babies with the new off set of my newest conception.
Varian the winner.
I have won so many games with him I can hardly remember what it was anymore.
This thing is called Winblades.
And it works like this:
You select the level 4 talent to twinblades.
Put talents in lifesteal and damage burst.
Select as many damage talents as you can, chase enemy hero or mob team.
And crash them with your blades in the head.
Skullcrasher thy is the name. of the Winblades.
Or just Skull crusher anyway.
The important thing is to never stop questioning why you do it.
Why you always play this game, why you always win at this game?
Why is this so satisfying to watch?
Anyway this is my satisfaction right now.
To win.
At life.
In general.
You know what I am saying?
I can express myself in many different ways.
But this is one of the best one I could hardly find nowdays.
So please be patient with us.
We are doing what we can when we can and how we can.
So God blesses us all.

Illidan Gameplay

While I write to you this message, a thing pops up in my head that I should not be doing this, well, actually I am doing this right now and it is amazing for me to write this to you on the internet that I have been before broken and left by my side with no one to reach out to.

So this is my call to you for now to reach out for me and my fellow breathren who play Heroes of the Storm in an aid to call out the fury of the air to guide us through our path in this world.

So please if you see this do not be mistaked by my punishments in life, because I have too been broadly misunderstoon by my fellow breathren and now I am back on track.

With a new video for you guys that might change the whole course of the history we live in.

Check out all my youtube videos and subscribe to my blog and youtube channel and you will not regret anything that I have just said to you.

Please do not mistake my kindness for weakness because this is all I have at this point in time, I will not be the slave of society because I am society and society is not me, therefore I will not be awaken by some monsters under my bed but by the wind that blows through my ears, when the sun will shine in the bright morning of the evening of death.

Please pause and reflect at what I have just said to you and take a moment of respiro when I come back from my travels around the world with this information I give this to you right now.

Do not mistake my kindness for weakness is not what I intended to say but it was what it came out of my mouth in the present moment so it will be a great guide for you all people of the Earth.

Please love the earth-mother and cherish all her beings because we all have the same home this planet is ours and we do not want to destroy it by any cost, so please be careful at what will you say to everyone because everything comes back where you left it before.

I will not say this againg because my mother and me had a fight and it did not went well last night.

So please excuse my compilations of words and be peaceful regardless of anybody says to you at any time, great year, great day, and a great life to you all.

Watch my full youtube videos and enjoy watching and playing with my video games and you will go and ask yourself why am I not actually doing this right now in this present moment, so go for what you want in life regardless of what anybody says, that’s what I wish my mother would have said to me when I was little so I’m saying this to you right now, go for what you want in life regardless of what people might say or ask you about, because you only have one life to live so make the best out of it. Peace all.