Valla Gameplay

I’ve been Eminem’s number one fan for about a few years straight and all I can say is that that man is actually a super hero to me he was just like my dad for a brief period of time but as I grew I though I should repay all the things he did for me in the past so this is one of them.

I can say about him publicly speaking that he is not a bad person although he shows this in many ways possible, he is just a kind hearted and warm hearted human being that’s all.

I see him as a mentor for me throughout the years that have passed and now all I can say is that I carry his burden forward and fulfill his legacy to the maximum possible, because he is like my second father I love and care for him with all my hear but as I move on I found that he is not the only one which I cherish in this world of chaos.

So Eminem if you see this post I want you to know that I cherish you very much and appreciate all the work you’ve put in all your music and forward and so on.

Please be kind enough to be by my side as I move through life and always accompany me through life’s challanges even if you are very far away from me.

I am only 27 now will be 28 the next month and a week or so and I want to tell you that you are a great mentor and a good father so please do not be discouraged by my age in telling you this but you got the game by the balls, so I’m going to quote you as you said in the song ” Beautiful” ” Be yourself man, be proud of who you are, even if it sounds corny, do not let anyone tell you you ain’t beautiful”.

So that’s it guys, rock on the music again, I will be with you shortly after this message so please, do not forget that I love you all dearly you are all my human being friends so I want to say that I appreciate all of you all my readers and those who do not read until the end, we love you all, have peace, wealth , good humour, and respect to all your friends and brothers and so on, we want peace on earth so please I kindly ask you to be quiet and listen to the other people talking, we have suffered enough from pleagues and oppresion, it’s time to move on, do it for mother earth and nature, do it for our planet, mother Earth, ok so, this will go on forever now I call on you guys so this won’t take that much of your time, be quiet and listen to my videos and I hope you like them as much as I like and love and support and appreciate all of you who see me rolling. Good night all.

Illidan Gameplay

While I write to you this message, a thing pops up in my head that I should not be doing this, well, actually I am doing this right now and it is amazing for me to write this to you on the internet that I have been before broken and left by my side with no one to reach out to.

So this is my call to you for now to reach out for me and my fellow breathren who play Heroes of the Storm in an aid to call out the fury of the air to guide us through our path in this world.

So please if you see this do not be mistaked by my punishments in life, because I have too been broadly misunderstoon by my fellow breathren and now I am back on track.

With a new video for you guys that might change the whole course of the history we live in.

Check out all my youtube videos and subscribe to my blog and youtube channel and you will not regret anything that I have just said to you.

Please do not mistake my kindness for weakness because this is all I have at this point in time, I will not be the slave of society because I am society and society is not me, therefore I will not be awaken by some monsters under my bed but by the wind that blows through my ears, when the sun will shine in the bright morning of the evening of death.

Please pause and reflect at what I have just said to you and take a moment of respiro when I come back from my travels around the world with this information I give this to you right now.

Do not mistake my kindness for weakness is not what I intended to say but it was what it came out of my mouth in the present moment so it will be a great guide for you all people of the Earth.

Please love the earth-mother and cherish all her beings because we all have the same home this planet is ours and we do not want to destroy it by any cost, so please be careful at what will you say to everyone because everything comes back where you left it before.

I will not say this againg because my mother and me had a fight and it did not went well last night.

So please excuse my compilations of words and be peaceful regardless of anybody says to you at any time, great year, great day, and a great life to you all.

Watch my full youtube videos and enjoy watching and playing with my video games and you will go and ask yourself why am I not actually doing this right now in this present moment, so go for what you want in life regardless of what anybody says, that’s what I wish my mother would have said to me when I was little so I’m saying this to you right now, go for what you want in life regardless of what people might say or ask you about, because you only have one life to live so make the best out of it. Peace all.

Nova Ranked Gameplay

I have played today with Nova on Towers of doom, and it has been amazing I have to show you guys this, this was one of my best moments there was in the gaming community, this is such a huge conception to me that I have been able to make so many kills like this with my first attempts in ranked play system of Heroes of the Storm.

This is not a joke when I tell you guys that for me Gaming content has never been this easy to make as before, I am sure you will all agree with me when I say that I am actually messmerised with what is happening in the gaming world at this moment of time.

I am sure that you will all understand my conception of this while you subtle view my videos and make more out of them, this will be such a huge advantage for all of us.

When we say that we play video games for fun we actually interract with one another in a very different kind of way, it is a way of communication what we most like and share to each other our principles.

Regarding the gaming community of the world, this has been a huge missconception to me that games are bad for your mental health. It is indeed a problem. But what do I want to say about this is that I am also a stable mental health gamer which does not like to be interrupted while gaming and making my own videos, this is such a huge advantage for me to say that in the end we all turn out doing what we love the most about life, so blogging and Vlogging are my life right now on the web.

In real life I also mine bitcoin for extra proffit so if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask me about them. I will always be glad to be of service to you guys and the whole community in which I live in. Have a great day and have lots of peace in your life. With love Asethabalanar.

Illidan Gameplay

Yo douches wassap, I’m here back now on the game playing Illidan this time and I have to tell you the truth folks I have to tell you the truth, this thing called Heroes of the Storm is one of my personal best properties on the internet this time of year like yeah I know it’s corona virus time like what the actual hell but yeah I’m like this Illidan gameplay looks insanely crazy to me.

So check out my post like whatrever scroll scroll scroll to the bottom down and be lovely please.

Thank you for your gentleness and tenderness without any comittment and now I’m  here to ask you for a favour, can you please subscribe to my channel on youtube? I really need it, thanks.

Dungeon siege 2

Dungeon siege 2 is an RPG based game that is pretty much like World of Warcraft only way cooler, it’s an old school fantasy game in which you team up with players and NPCs and gather around to defeat NPC bosses which are highlighted in a brown area, it’s the first RPG I’ve played and it’s a good review about it I think that’s where the whole hunger for MMO-RPGs came from to me, it was one of the first RPG games I have played this way and it was awesome I still remember the good old days where you had a mage, a tank a healer and even a hunter you could team up with.
The good news about this game is that it’s more interactive than other RPGs it just feels more alive than other games even if the graphics are old fashioned I think it represents the reality a whole lot better than most games, and I would recommend other games to be inspired by Dungeon siege 2 because the gameplay is unique, I have heard that the story might not be original but the gameplay is.
In my point of view the action is in a faraway land and the whole purpose of the game is mostly grinding and finding other NPCs you can team up with to make a good consistent team in order to defeat harder bosses, this is the whole concept of the game but the true original thing I’ve seen in the game is the interface and how the player can interact and cast spells it just feel like the whole team is united and each has its role but the thing really is how do they cast in an automatic mode or just a selected spell which you have to cast every single time.

I think a lot of RPG games should take the Dungeon Siege example and see where it all began in the MMO world, we all started from somewhere and the whole foundation of the game really consists in these old fashioned low graphics games then make us remember why we started to play them in the first place.

Well this is an old fashioned game started from the beginning until the end, and it’s mostly about grinding so, get a team, get balanced, and get off.

Orphea HOTS Gameplay

Hi guys, tonight I wanna talk about you all about this little girl named Orphea, she’s so cute isn’t she?
The main reason I want to talk about her is that I had some pretty awesome games with her and it just really looks so nice on her the fact that she is a pretty little black magic wizard. She’s not a witch she’s a wizard although they can be synonims I don’t think they really are tho.
She’s the best out there when it comes to dealing a high burst of damage to nearby enemies and tackle tourrets and stuff like that.
Orphea was originally designed to be soft and caring to the enemies but although she’s not that tough she might want to pierce your armor with her auto-attacks.
The cute thing about her is that she is great at finding weak spots in enemies and tackling them far behind she has alot of movement on the map as you can see and is not that very shy about it also.
I have faith that one day Orphea might just wanna hang out with Gul’dan for a while and destroy enemies that could be a good combo ain’t it?
Enjoy the video I’ve made it’s pretty awesome a flawless Victory I’m proud of. Although I don’t Usually film ranked matches because of the high stakes it could be a risk I’m willing to take in the near or far distant future I don’t really know right now I just have to make up my mind about this sorts of things. Maby if I do ranked plays there will be more views I don’t know for sure but it could be a risk in losing/winning the matches that I can’t actually control unless I’m performing my best, I could end up with losers or leavers who knows, or I could flawless win, there is always a risk in doing something great always.

Stockade Gameplay

Hello friends and loved ones, these are just a few of my adventures throughout Azeroth this being in the stockade in Stormwind city as a warrior, I like warriors as tanks but not that much I also prefer paladins also, I prefer meelee combat instead of ranged because I think meelee is more interesting and ranged is for dudes who like to play from a distance and kite enemy heroes, I like to go head to toe to the enemy because of course I’m not afraid, and not just because I’m not afraid of meelee combat but it’s the feeling that you are actually doing something more interesting like fighting head on you know what I’m saying it just feels to me that players who play ranged heroes are like man let’s stay far away so we won’t die, of course nobody want’s to die man but that’s not the point yet, it’s much safer to go ranged than meelee but meelee attackers are armored and have more stamina than ranged ones because they need that armor for protection so they won’t die in combat.
Healers are important very important indeed because if they were not healing the tank the tank could not sustain that kind of damage all by himself, we all need our healers even if they are spiritual ones or just doctors, we need someone to take care of us when we are old and can’t take care of ourselves anymore, like children.
Our kids can help us when we are old like we helped them when they were young and defenseless, they can help us when we get old and shaggy and can’t take care of ourselves anymore.
This is the principle of healing healers take care of tanks, tanks take care of the whole party, which is more important the healer or the tank? I would say they both are important and without one of them the team couldn’t finish any instance unless they have really good gear equipped and don’t need tanking gear, for instance as a high geared dps you can tank mobs because they don’t take alot of your hp, but you couldn’t survive withouth a healer in leveling dungeons, so while you level you can replace the tank witha dps but at max level you can’t do that. Why? because the high level mobs are very strong and a dps couldn’t sustain that kind of damage, let’s be honest here :). So evidently the healer is indispensable and so is the tank, but what are dps roles for? if the dps is high you can actually save the tank and even the healer from dying clearing quick trash mobs so they don’t do damage to your party, easy enough, but good dps is hard to find these days, most people have looms equipped and that’s ok but, In my opining leveling my characters as a I got alot of them is the most entertaining thing I can do in World of Warcraft.

What do you like most about WoW?

Phantom Assasin Gameplay

Ok so another one of the moba’s (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) I play is Dota 2, Dota 2 is the next game from Dota allstars from Icefrog a warcraft 3 map. I want to post this because I’ve played for a while Dota 2 now and I wanna say it’s the hardest moba I’ve ever played.
In this game one player geared enough can make a penta kill very easily, take for example phantom assasin with Skull Basher, Vladimir’s Offering, Butterfly, Power treads, Deadalus and Black King Bar, this is one of my builds that you can’t even counter I mean she is immune to spells while Black King Bar is active and the other damaging + lifestealing effects really tear one by one any opponent.
Of course there could be a N’aix around there very well geared up and destroying everything but N’aix is actually a tank shredder more than a assasin shredder so Phantom assasin with his evasion spell and the butterfly effect could easily dodge almost all of N’aix’s attacks in my opinion.
Not to mention her ultimate wich is almost 4X critical strike you can crit above 1k damage easily plus the added critical strike from the items, seems a good combination.
The added stun effect from Skull Basher wich can be improved in Abyssal Blade, has stun effects on click and has a cooldown, so there is a chance to crit enhanced by items a chance to stun opponents on hit an a chance to dodge enemy attacks also enchanced by items, the lifesteal is for some extra life boost in difficult situations where you need survivability and added with the Black King Bar wich means immune to stun effects and spells for about 10 seconds you are unstoppable.
This is just one example I tell you guys about dota 2 and how I play mortred the phantom assasin, I haven’t recorded any videos yet because I’m thinking that my recorder wouldn’t work properly on dota, or if I think about it better I should try it, but as I said Dota 2 is a really hard game for me and not always do I perform my best, I know all the tactical strategies but my reflexes got a little rusty in the game.
I’ve been so well accustomed to Heroes of the Storm that I haven’t played Dota 2 for a while because I can’t play all the games at once every time lol.
So my point with mortred is that in Dota 2 you have the capability with one super overpowered and geared hero to finish all your enemies very fast and win the game for your team, alothough farming in jungle is a fast way to make gold the best way to earn gold is by defeating enemies that’s the highest gold ranking especially when you’re with mortred so I would play like this:
  • try getting some items early with some gold farmed from minions
  • try scoring a kill for your team
  • and try to actually snowball from enemy kills and minions
I think farming in jungle is overrated in Dota 2 because you can get easily ganked, and yes you can get ganked or gank them yourself it’s up to you if you’re a slowpoke or a real quick player.
I usually try to tank them as soon as I get some movement speed and after that I return to base or something like that in order to avoid further conflict on the map.
It’s pretty hard to defeat someone who is like 2v1 or 3v1 unless your very geared and a fast gamer, I don’t usually put that much effort into playing, If I’m not having fun I won’t play it but that dosn’t mean I’m gonna exit the game when I’m losing, I usually finish the game and after that I’m deciding on what to play or something to do with my spare time.
I always play agility heroes in Dota 2 I don’t really like intellect or strenght heroes, My preferences are Agility>Strenght>Intellect, in this order so yeah me playing Slark and being invisible on the map all the time with Shadow Blade really is my style of playing.
I used to play Troll Warlord allot but with the new chances I kinda preferred something else I usually opted for Drow ranger as a ranged assasin or adc as you would call it 🙂

Artanis Gameplay

This is a gameplay video I made with Artanis in Heroes of the Storm, well I think it was fun, the main reason I played Artanis this time was to show you guys how can you combo dash with prism.
Dash is the first spell of Artanis while phase prism is the third spell. In order to make the move you have to dash first and after that you have to click the prism spell around the direction of your targeted enemy to catch him.
After you do this you both with switch places on the map. But be careful this move can make you go into the middle of the enemy team without the possibility to come back unless you run, you can’t teleport back after you phase prism.
But you and the enemy will switch places and considering Artanis as a shielded tank you have more suravibility than the supposed enemy if you targed weaker ones with prism.
The best thing about the move is that you get into the enemy team outnumbered while one enemy is in the middle of you team, you can rush back with twin blades faster to attack him ( it has a slight teleport this spell)
After you make this move the first thing you would want to do is get out of the enemy team’s encounter to save your ass 😀 and maby nuke the poor bastard you got cornered in the middle of your team.
I did this many times with Artanis but it got me a few tries before I figured out the move and one thing is to tell about it and another is to actually make it happen in the game.
I don’t have 100% precision with prism so sometimes I miss but sometimes I get it good and Artanis has alot of damage, you you put your talents into the third talent at level one you will get a quest to kill minions wich improves your damage (Seasoned Marksman).
So as long as you get this damage boost from your first talent just put all your talents into twin blades it doesn’t matter it’s just an overpowered spell I think it’s the best spell from him because the second two are more about movement and his ultimate only ulti that is good for him is the one wich blindes enemies in a circle ( Suppression Pulse).
The only relevant talents I use on Artanis are the ones I put in Twin Blades (e) the rest are less relevant to me and I don’t use them, because I know how much damage can Twin Blades do, I’ve did it so many times before.

I don’t play Artanis that much but when I do I usually win. 😀

Valla Gameplay

In this video I played Valla on Towers of Doom in Heroes of the Storm and as far as I can say it was pretty good, for me, because I didn’t feed and I got some kills but the enemy team was pushing two lanes and we couldn’t cope with it not with them having 2 ex-specialists.
The main reason I played Valla here was to show you guys my talent build.
I almost every time that I play valla I max my trait talents. I always play vala with auto-attacks so getting those 10 stacks of Hatred can really boos your damage.
As I see Valla is a tank shredder so in this game they didn’t have a tank so it was pretty hard to make a kill, Valla is best against tanks at level 16 she has a talent that every third attack she strikes gets down 5% of the targets health, cosidering the speed at wich she shoots and the range i’d see her as a very hard thing for tanks to compe with in my opinion. She can shred tanks from afar easily and down them really quick.
I can see that in every team fight Valla might want to focus the tank and those who sit right ahead of the team, she shouldn’t go into the enemy team considering she is very squishy she can relax and hit the first target that comes into her way cosidering the range and the high damage dealing not to mention her shooting speed.
As my ultimate I ussualy get the second talent Rain of Vengeance for the stun not the damage because I think she might need some CC to escape or engage.

So I would recommend that every time you guys play as Valla in HoTs just think about her as a tank shredder rather thank a high dps ranged assasin.