There are three types of people in this world

There are three types of people in the world like there are three types of timings in the world. There is the first kind of people who live in the past. The second type of people who live in the present. And the third type of people is those who live in the future. ConsideringContinue reading “There are three types of people in this world”

Orphea Video Gameplay

I came here to write this to you and I know it may sound a little bit strange but. When I first made a blog it was about music, and it didn’t work out so I invested 100$ and deleted it afterward, my second blog was about gaming but it was on Now thatContinue reading “Orphea Video Gameplay”

Tyrande Gameplay Video Quick Match Healer

I have been thinking allot lately about the dream chamber and it’s all living secrets you guys don’t know much about. The dream chamber is where we keep our dreams, it’s like a dark void place with no sunlight but only with eyes. It has only one purpose in life, to direct us towards ourContinue reading “Tyrande Gameplay Video Quick Match Healer”

I have been thinking lately…

I have been thinking lately… Should I get a new car? A new outfit? Should I get a new job? Maybe more money in the bank? Hmm? What should I do?, What do you guys recommend me to do in order to better develop myself. Now you can say it out loud. I can hearContinue reading “I have been thinking lately…”

Arthas Gameplay

Hi guys, this is me playing Arthas in Heroes of the storm, what do I want to talk to you about today is the Heroes of the Storm unique ranked system that plays so fast and so cool without any judgement what so ever so if you are trying to just climb the ladder ofContinue reading “Arthas Gameplay”

Illidan Gameplay

While I write to you this message, a thing pops up in my head that I should not be doing this, well, actually I am doing this right now and it is amazing for me to write this to you on the internet that I have been before broken and left by my side withContinue reading “Illidan Gameplay”

Nova Ranked Gameplay

I have played today with Nova on Towers of doom, and it has been amazing I have to show you guys this, this was one of my best moments there was in the gaming community, this is such a huge conception to me that I have been able to make so many kills like thisContinue reading “Nova Ranked Gameplay”