Free Humanity

This is my first post, by the end of the day I am glad I have made it through, I am happy with what I have acomplished, I am happy with myself, writing has given me such a privilege to express myself honestly not lying to myself.
I have come here to make a wish that some day I will be free from drugs.
I am keen to say that I want to stay clean and maybe just maybe start a new fresh life drug free.
I can honestly express myself only if I am not taking medicine I am sedated by drugs, I want to feel real love. I came to say that being alive is more important than being right , I am free because I choose to be this way not because my condition, I have a clear mindset and I am ready to face life’s challanges.
I am glad I made it here on this blog I can write my heart out.
Please be patient with me world because I am in full process of recovery.

Save The Planet Keep The Peace

Really now if you want a safe planet just keep the peace we are all one we can do better than this please save some lives today.
I am concerned about the morality of these people who live on this earth, I am concerned if we can survive this, I am concerned if we can live more than it is expected to live on this earth, I am concerned if we together can make it happen for us, not for the others. I am concerned if we can survive this crisis. I am concerned if we can do it, please stay safe and stay home and live well.
Please take care of your lives stay healthy stay safe and live on.

My native language is a Latin one

I come from a poor country called Romania, our native language is Romania and it sounds like this: „Salut” which means „Hi”.

My language is pretty tricky and needs a lot of rehabilitation because it has started to mispronounce some words. We live in Romania in the central east of Europe. We as Romanians have a duty which they call patriotism, we have just adopted democracy in 1989 we are a democratic country taking part in the European Union, our president is Klaus Iohannis, my country is very poor because it just adopted democracy we have no dictator anymore we can do whatever the hell we want, the problem is not the country but its people of course. We as Romanians have the right to be free, we as Romanians have the right to live a free life, poor or rich we have the right to freedom. That is classy, as long as I live I will fight for this country to be free from war, free from poverty, and to free its mind. I call out to all Romanians all over the world to free their mind from poverty and from money, we do not need money to set us free, we can be free and be poor as well. The important fact is not to have money but to be free enough to spend it on what we want, we have the right to freedom! Freedom of the mind, freedom of speech, and freedom of thought, we are the free thinkers of Europe, we do not want wars, we want peace, and I am going to fight for this peace as long as I live.

We have the democratic right to do as we please, to speak what we want and to live in peace and harmony we have the right to speak up to the world and meet us, greet us with the kindness of speech and humility, we have the right to be seen as equal and responsible for the things that we do as anybody else in this world, we have the right to freedom, and freedom is the best ability we could obtain here in Romania. We are free in Romania, Romania is a free country, Romania is the best country I have seen, Romania is beautiful, Romania is like a beautiful flower just blooming after the spring. Romania is in my heart and my soul and it will forever be this way!

There are three types of people in this world

There are three types of people in the world like there are three types of timings in the world.

There is the first kind of people who live in the past.
The second type of people who live in the present.
And the third type of people is those who live in the future.
Considering these types of people and their timings, I have classified them into 3 major categories.
First is the Pasters, second is the Presents and the third is the Futurists.
I personally call myself a Futuristic guy.
I live in the present and future but mostly in the future, some people live in the past and have present tendencies, and some live in the present and have futuristic tendencies.
The first class of people „the people from the past” are the poorest.
The second class which is the middle class of society has moderate earnings and they live in the present.
In the third class, rich people live in the future.
The majority of people live in the past and present, and this meaning the majority of people have poor to moderate-income earnings each month.
They usually have a job or two working nine to five jobs and so on, the system that they have is the pyramidal system which companies and large corporations use.
I also own a pyramidal system that I personally created for me right now.
This creation of mine, the pyramidal system of mine is used in working with CryptoTab Browser.
CryptoTab Browser is a browser that generates income for its users by daily use.
CryptoTab uses bitcoin to generate income.
CryptoTab is a money-making browser if you use it correctly you can get your money back from surfing the web.
My pyramidal system is used in a sense of money generating income passively by most of my institutionalized earning methods.
My pyramidal system is very successful and marvelous.
I am the first one to say this but the pyramid is my system and I am at the top of it, I am at the top of the pyramid.

Orphea Video Gameplay

I came here to write this to you and I know it may sound a little bit strange but.
When I first made a blog it was about music, and it didn’t work out so I invested 100$ and deleted it afterward, my second blog was about gaming but it was on
Now that blog is about how to make money you can find it at this is the link to it.
This is my third blog I am writing to you about and this made me really think that, I have been before incarcerated to a mental hospital but I am very well right now.
It feels great just being me today here in the country side writing this so you can see it.
It feels amazing for just being here today at this hour of the night writing my heart out to you.
This is a great experience for me to meet new people across the web.
I have been fooled before by scammers who took me for granted in mining my bitcoin pools especially the cloud mining ones.
Cloud mining is not for all people you know?
So this I call upon you today.
Help me build a community of investors in bitcoin and tell me how it went.
If you may think that you are better than me well think again.
I don’t write to fool people you know?
I write because I like to write end of story.
About the game all I can say is that it is a great experience for me to be able to play it for so long.
I have been playing HOTS since 2018 the game popped up in 2015 but no problems so far.
I have been very accustomed to it’s principles and ideology.
The gaming industry is on a rise today.
I am the God of video games too.
Just like Mario.
This is what I have to call upon you today. If you be my guest in knowing what is happening to the economy today I will show you.
This is the problem in the game industry that is flat almost, and not the earth is flat the games are flat because all of you see them on your screen.
Tablet, phone or whatever. And usually the screens are flat. So there you have it the flat earth society. You are a screen.
The main objective of what I planned for tonight was to make a post so interesting you absorb it with your eyes and take it in your heart and soul.
Because this is what fans are all about, supporting the main streamer right?
Wrong, fans are about progression and interacting with each other.
Nevertheless fans are appropriate for being there for you when you need them the most.
Just like a lover.
You climb up the ladder of success with them and there they are waiting for you at the bottom to climb up with you, not the other way around.
This is my main principle for today, I guess I have been writing allot about my problems and stuff.
I have no problems, I am clean as a bird.
This is ok with me.
If you like it you do if you don’t I’m sorry I couldn’t exceed your expectations.
Have a great day.

Tyrande Gameplay Video Quick Match Healer

I have been thinking allot lately about the dream chamber and it’s all living secrets you guys don’t know much about.

The dream chamber is where we keep our dreams, it’s like a dark void place with no sunlight but only with eyes.
It has only one purpose in life, to direct us towards our best life and our dreams to make them into the reality we live in.
It’s like a purpose but much more than that it is the life essence of all beings on earth.
The dream chamber it’s like the chamber of secrets from the Harry Potter book.
If you use dark magic you should know about this one.
So the dream chamber and what it actually is is a place in our minds that controls what we do in everyday life.
It is our purpose for being and living our true life essence comes from that place.
We can never run from it or be neglected about it because it is in our minds and hearts and souls.
This dream chamber that I am speaking about is like a puzzle or a riddle and when you solve it all things that you want can manifest into your subconscious life.
The main fact about the riddle of life is that it is a permanent evolving being in your head that always tries to push you forwards instead of backwards.
So the being living in your head is your actual brain , can you see it now?
Can you see your own brain?
Of course you cannot see it because it is trapped in your skull.
That is why it is called the Skull cracker because we need to see your skulls to see if you are eligible for the fight.
We cannot do this in our heads but the perception of reality itself is the distortion of our own minds at night.
When we focus on being we manifest into reality what we think, and when we focus on living we just sit in a chair and relax and take everything in slow motion.
This is the true reflexion of life in time and puzzles , the next big step is to accomodate to what you have just learned to bigger your own purpose and raise your standards much higher than expected as before.
Now all you have to do is take a chill break and let this information sink intro your unconscious mind.
This will be the next big thing soon enough in our world so please be patient with yourself and take good care of your own self.
Happy holidays everybody!

I have been thinking lately…

I have been thinking lately… Should I get a new car? A new outfit? Should I get a new job? Maybe more money in the bank? Hmm?

What should I do?, What do you guys recommend me to do in order to better develop myself. Now you can say it out loud. I can hear you. Thank you for your support. I have appreciated every penny you have given me. I love you deeply. Asethabalanar.

This post is not for the faint-hearted people. I judge on appearances so if you are ugly you are ugly ok?
Please do not disturb me while I am meditating. I want to change my life completely and out of purpose right now. I have been writing this for so long I can’t even remember when it was the first time I started it.
Writing is my passion and if you don’t like it please do not say rude things to me because I hate them. OK.
Now that I have cought up your attention I need you to listen closely to me. I have a plan, and it’s a good one. We should all march to capital Washington DC and say Thank you Trump for being you.
How about that? We all love Trump right? He’s the president, don’t we? Ok now go and make it happen in real life. Just do it you won’t be dissapointed never.

Arthas Gameplay

Hi guys, this is me playing Arthas in Heroes of the storm, what do I want to talk to you about today is the Heroes of the Storm unique ranked system that plays so fast and so cool without any judgement what so ever so if you are trying to just climb the ladder of success in Heroes of the Storm ranked system just remember these rules:

1. Never play just for fun. Ok having fun is very important to be but it’s not just all important we need to win also to get the points we need.

2. Never turn your back on the enemy with low HP. This I guess you already know this is very fun to watch and very entertaining the way you die with low HP while running away from the enemy team.

3. Never let a defeat steal your wisdom winning capacity. I mean When you are defeated you feel like yeah I should have won that but when you look back in time at what you did, you didn’t actually deserve to win that whas just pure chance or your team mates supported you because you are too slow for this kind of winning technique.

4. Never let w winning streak get to your head. I mean this from the bottom of my heart, never let a winning streak get to your head because the losing streak may be way off harder to deal with than the actual winning program.

5. Play cool, play safe, and defend the base. You should always probably defend your city no matter what the consequences are even if you die this should be priority number one rule on the market of video game industry.

Illidan Gameplay

While I write to you this message, a thing pops up in my head that I should not be doing this, well, actually I am doing this right now and it is amazing for me to write this to you on the internet that I have been before broken and left by my side with no one to reach out to.

So this is my call to you for now to reach out for me and my fellow breathren who play Heroes of the Storm in an aid to call out the fury of the air to guide us through our path in this world.

So please if you see this do not be mistaked by my punishments in life, because I have too been broadly misunderstoon by my fellow breathren and now I am back on track.

With a new video for you guys that might change the whole course of the history we live in.

Check out all my youtube videos and subscribe to my blog and youtube channel and you will not regret anything that I have just said to you.

Please do not mistake my kindness for weakness because this is all I have at this point in time, I will not be the slave of society because I am society and society is not me, therefore I will not be awaken by some monsters under my bed but by the wind that blows through my ears, when the sun will shine in the bright morning of the evening of death.

Please pause and reflect at what I have just said to you and take a moment of respiro when I come back from my travels around the world with this information I give this to you right now.

Do not mistake my kindness for weakness is not what I intended to say but it was what it came out of my mouth in the present moment so it will be a great guide for you all people of the Earth.

Please love the earth-mother and cherish all her beings because we all have the same home this planet is ours and we do not want to destroy it by any cost, so please be careful at what will you say to everyone because everything comes back where you left it before.

I will not say this againg because my mother and me had a fight and it did not went well last night.

So please excuse my compilations of words and be peaceful regardless of anybody says to you at any time, great year, great day, and a great life to you all.

Watch my full youtube videos and enjoy watching and playing with my video games and you will go and ask yourself why am I not actually doing this right now in this present moment, so go for what you want in life regardless of what anybody says, that’s what I wish my mother would have said to me when I was little so I’m saying this to you right now, go for what you want in life regardless of what people might say or ask you about, because you only have one life to live so make the best out of it. Peace all.

Nova Ranked Gameplay

I have played today with Nova on Towers of doom, and it has been amazing I have to show you guys this, this was one of my best moments there was in the gaming community, this is such a huge conception to me that I have been able to make so many kills like this with my first attempts in ranked play system of Heroes of the Storm.

This is not a joke when I tell you guys that for me Gaming content has never been this easy to make as before, I am sure you will all agree with me when I say that I am actually messmerised with what is happening in the gaming world at this moment of time.

I am sure that you will all understand my conception of this while you subtle view my videos and make more out of them, this will be such a huge advantage for all of us.

When we say that we play video games for fun we actually interract with one another in a very different kind of way, it is a way of communication what we most like and share to each other our principles.

Regarding the gaming community of the world, this has been a huge missconception to me that games are bad for your mental health. It is indeed a problem. But what do I want to say about this is that I am also a stable mental health gamer which does not like to be interrupted while gaming and making my own videos, this is such a huge advantage for me to say that in the end we all turn out doing what we love the most about life, so blogging and Vlogging are my life right now on the web.

In real life I also mine bitcoin for extra proffit so if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask me about them. I will always be glad to be of service to you guys and the whole community in which I live in. Have a great day and have lots of peace in your life. With love Asethabalanar.