I have anxiety attacks

  I have anxiety attacks, sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel bad, but just sometimes I feel nothing. It literally feels like a claw on your chest whenever you try to do something for the first time or engage in an activity. This is really scary because when you feel this way your wholeContinuă lectura „I have anxiety attacks”

We are here in this world to love

I was born in an uptown funk. I was born in Bucharest, in a military hospital. I was born healthy and wealthy, I was born a beautiful baby. We are here in this world to love one another and never to disrespect anyone, we are here to grow old together to make peace on theContinuă lectura „We are here in this world to love”

If I were a President!

If I were a president I would completely change Romania into other countries like Afganistan or Norway. If I were a president I would do that for me or my country or the people I love, if I were a president I would #defund Trump, I would do it, I hate America and all AmericansContinuă lectura „If I were a President!”

I will be back soon

I have been thinking, which is the best, blog platform to write on if you guys know please tell me in the comments below. I have been using blogger and WordPress now, my original website can be found at Asethabalanar this link. I don’t know why, and I don’t know which is better but I have toContinuă lectura „I will be back soon”

We are here as one

I am here, you are here. We are here. Until this point in my life I have been the subject of testing. Testing of chemicals, that hurt my brain. Testing of various methods to increase my brain capacity. Testing to be alive. This has not yet come until I have been spoken the truth. IContinuă lectura „We are here as one”

Valla Gameplay

I’ve been Eminem’s number one fan for about a few years straight and all I can say is that that man is actually a super hero to me he was just like my dad for a brief period of time but as I grew I though I should repay all the things he did forContinuă lectura „Valla Gameplay”