This Rap Game

If you ask me for me personally and my own preferences #eminem is the G.O.A.T. when it comes to rapping it, its 10/10 that Rap God knocked me over like a fucking roller coaster I even got an Eminem Tattoo bro, its insane I love that dude he is unique and one of a kind man. Ok so enough with eminem for the moment let’s say about this, when it comes to rapping it I prefer freestyling and if you ask me about Boomfunk MC’s Freestyler I’m going to get it because its awesome, rapping for me personally has been a hobby when I first quit watching Television, in 2015 about 6 years ago, I quit watching TV and I started writing lyrics but I failed sadly that time, and it got worse indeed I started smoking weed and I had to quit again because weed sucks, I should have listened to eminem before I fucked up but life is life I don’t judge the dude it was his idea anyway I know he likes me I’m the Game God Bruh, We got Asmongold on the battlefield we got Anniefuchsia going on we got’em all going on in this place, I’m trying to be polite because we here ain’t douchebags we got some style so when it comes to rapping the hell out, I’m going all in on this one, I used to play slots but damn this idea is INCREDIBLE, yeah so I praise Eminem for this thanks Lord, I don’t know man I just feel the dude there’s something about Marshall that really makes me want to meet him do you know what I’m saying?

I had a dream where I met eminem and his friends in the studio and he introduced me to Dre and stuff like that but it was just a dream and when I woke up I realized that I was sitting in the front of his house waiting for him to show up.

Maybe its just my obsession of me about him but I don’t know man I got this tattoo and shit. Anyway me moving on from Slim I would say that rapping in general is a good tactic and a cool strategy to demonstrate rhyming skills and poetry, if you don’t know poetry you don’t know rap, if you don’t understand poetry you don’t understand rap you need some poetry to make the lyrics work other than that its just gonna suck.

Poetry at its best you got to think about it in terms of rhyming skills or talents instead of just words feel the connection in your brain that calls out for you to be a rapper and take the fucking chance already we need you bro.

Ok great poetry=rap=rhymes=skills=talents this sums it up really quick, speed is not all it takes it also takes mind to rap so, if you are a slow rapper don’t worry you will get used to this, we good boys here mate, we need some rappers going on with us to enhance the game know what I’m sayin’ Ok so rapping games are sick you need speed, mental flexibility agility intellect and some good sense of humor to make it work, so take these ideas next time you want to become a successful rapper and you’re on your way to greatness, maybe the next G.O.A.T. of Romania who knows?

I’m back bitches

Hello World It’s me Asetha yo boy Asethabalanar I’m a cryptocurrency maniac and I come home for you to bring me back to life.

Hell yeah I’m going all the way in on this one.

Hell yeah I’m coming back again to spend the money I have.

Hell yeah You will see me crying this time.

Hell yeah I’m so good at it.

Hell Yeah you will love it.

Boys, come on let’s get some moving, go on be on hell one.

Come on guys come on. Go on move on cry on.

Boys be back on my shit.

Come on guys and girls we got this.

Hell yeah man, go boys go girls go everybody.

Save the idiot planet.

Come on man we on.


I tend to preach in what I believe in, I do not want to lie, I want you all to know the truth of me and my genesis, I come from a poor family from the countryside, my parents fell in love and I was the first child of them, I have a brother named Andrei.
I and my brother get along very well.
I love him very much, he is just like me, instead, I was the firstborn.
I have to take care of my little brother because he is 18 right now and needs to go to college. I have to be his guide in life because my parents are old now.
I have to make my brother understand what freedom feels like, he is just a teenager now but I have known him since his birth.
I will always protect and love Nd cherish my brother because he is my family.