My addiction to slot machines and casinos

I just lost 10 ron at the local casino, I am addicted to gambling, I have this addiction for a few years now, I can’t stop playing from time to time, I have been a few times now, I don’t gamble or bet every day, its just there, my addiction, I lost all my moneyContinuă lectura „My addiction to slot machines and casinos”

In a galaxy far far away

In a galaxy far far away there is something very special about to happen. It can be luck, it can be healthy, it can be all the goods in the world, I don’t mind. My main reason for pointing this is just that I have studied to know astrology better and how the planets rearrangeContinuă lectura „In a galaxy far far away”

When I came to earth for the first time.

When I cam to earth for the first time it was in the pre-historic age of human beings. I am a human, right? Well yeah I still am this way right now. This is my form here. I have many forms everywhere. I am all knowing all powerful but don’t have enough money to feedContinuă lectura „When I came to earth for the first time.”

Malthael Gameplay

This video is made by me playing Malthael and it’s sincerely awesome to me to do this to you guys right now because I may or may not be the best version of me yet but I am going there soon enough, so please share with me all your ideeas on this topic of HeroesContinuă lectura „Malthael Gameplay”

The Butcher Gameplay

Everytime I write on my blog, something magical happends so when I write I try to do it with passion, my passion as I used to say. So when I show you my videos of myself playing Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft it’s a sign that I care for you people andContinuă lectura „The Butcher Gameplay”