Heaven on Earth

I was dreaming lately I was kind of upset about some things anyway, some people do not know how to take a joke but that’s fine I am not here to impress anyone I am here just to do my job.

I was talking about a lot of stuff in my earlier posts about a lot of different subjects and yeah gaming is my main objective now. I know you might probably be a little confused like dude what’s up with this dude, for what is he writing about?

And yeah gaming it is, it’s not a gaming blog but I mainly play games so that’s what I do in principles.

I also mine bitcoin almost every day to get some extra cash after my pension and you know I’m retired on bipolar disease right now so…

It’s kind of wired, I am sick and I can’t work and I have to do my own job at home, it’s illegal for me to get a legal job while I am retired on disease.

I can only work on the black market but anyway this is not the black market so this is legit but it does not require a contract to sign I just pay to write.

I don’t know if I’m ever going to get money from my blog but eventually I could get money from bitcoin and youtube not sure yet.

I have this blog and a youtube channel but it does not pay off so I mine bitcoin to pay for my expenses.

I do not know for sure what I am supposed to do but I kind of damn well I know I am in the right place.

Thank you all for watching and reading this, lots of love and Happy Holidays.

Third Eye Open

Many people deny the fact that we have three or more eyes on our body. I believe we have more than three eyes. The third eye open process begins when you are empty of yourself, when you feel nothing when you are gone. Thats when you have your third eye open when you fall into the void. When you are empty of yourself, ahen you feel emphathetic when you feel empathy, if you are an empath you should know that your third eye is open. The eye of the mind or the mind’s eye is the eye of your brain, besides the two eyes which you can see conciously, subconsciously you see with your third eye, so you know its there. Well and the third eye has a number of factors, you are awake, you are asleep, or you are dead, the third eye continues to see after death also, you may be dead but your spirit sees a while after your passing into thd afterlife.
Third eyes open are usually used to describe mythological or antropological objects as thoughts , in our history men and women didn’t think all thee time they had phases of thinking conscious and unconscious, people thought about thinking like they would think with different parts of their body which is untrue. We can think with our whole being being conscious makes our spirit alive.
Conscious thinking happends when you are awake and you meditate. Meditation is used to raise the vibrational field you deliver in the world and the vibrations around you. We are nothing but water and bone so think in waves or even fractional realities may come and go as you experience life itself, you can think of yourself as an alien or extraterestial being or even as a bird. You may think of yourself as a reptile which is untrue, at some point in life we all were nothing but unicelular beings like bacteria or even viruses. We were nothing but murlocs in the sea after that we evolved into beings and pur evolution started from the birth of nature, with the birth of nature there was the birth of everything, nature is all around us, our skin is made of molecules found also in trees and grass, pur thoughts are nothing but images as we conceive and see with our eyes, and yes you can see thoughts 🙂

Save the world

We need more people like this guy, I am thinking that maybe one day we will wake up from this dream this nightmare that haunts us. Maybe one day we will wake up and see the difference between cause and efect, the law and the righteousness.
Maybe one day we will see with our own eyes what we have to offer to this world is beyond imagining. We have the power to create anything from scrap, from scratch we have the power to rule over all.
We are humans and in our society we make the rules here. So fight back citizens of earth, fight back the tyranny of slavery.
Break your chains of sin and comeback steonger than before.
We need you on our side so join us in our quest our dream and our reality to make this earth a better place for the future generations to come.

I am here to save planet earth

I am fighting against crime, corruption, money laundering and different aspects of the financial world, if you are with me on this journey into mother earth I tell you now and only now, speak kindly of other humans, speak as if you were the listener, speak as if you would talk to yourself, as a warning I give you my voncerns about today’s society and how we act towards ourselves, we have not yet began to understand the crimes some of us had commited on our stay here on earth, the judging will be here not in the afterlife.

I love you until forever

We all want to be in that happy place with happy people with beautiful people and beautiful animals and beautiful insects and beautiful mammals, we are the people of this new generation to come together as one human being for the sake and happiness of all living plants and insects and all love on this earth, we love each other day by day and we respect each other and we want to make it happen because we protect this earth from all harm and evil, we protect mother nature and all its children. We are the children of the earth and we must protect the earth and nature because the earth is the mother of all life. Earth is my home and I love earth now always and forever. This is my planet and I will love my planet until the end of my life.
My life is my home, my earth is my home, nature is my family I am the son of nature and earth, I am the protector of nature, I protect my earth.

We are the children of the earth

We are the kids of the earth and the earth is guiding us on our path, we cannot deny the fact that we love our planet, we are here to help the earth grow and be strong, we are here to heal and mend the earth we are here together to put the earth back piece by piece just like a puzzle, we are here to defend the earth from harm.
We are here to protect our homeland, we are here to cherish every moment of life as we live, may the earth guide my path as his will and the earth take good care of me if I’m ill, may the earth be my guide, may the earth be my voice, may the earth be with us at any time, may we save the earth from disaster and harm, may the earth live again, may the earth be my friend.

Dharma and The Tree of Life

I think my dharma is to plant as many trees as possible on this earth at no matter what cost.
The trees are the lungs of the earth, they need to breathe if we cut down the trees we have to plant new ones, this is the circle of life.
I think the planet needs more trees than people actually.
If we cannot plant them at least don’t cut them down because probably in the near future you couldn’t breathe oxygen anymore.
The trees of the earth are his lungs, the earth breathes from the trees, the world needs us as much as it needs it’s trees if you plant a tree just know that whenever you do that you bring new life into this earth.

This is me in a human form

I am here to take good care of you.
I am here to make you blush.
I am here to talk to you.
I am here to make you happy.
I am here to be alive with you now.
I am here to make things happen and count in your life.
I am not a human being.
I am more of that so that you may know the truth behind the veil of existence.
This reality is a dream. Made for you so that when you wake up you will be reborn from the ashes of eternity.
This is not you right now. This is the inner peace of the cosmos speaking in a human form.
This is mother earth which guides all human form into existence and penetrates all things alive on human race.
This is not something that will take you into another dimension. This is the evil spurking out of you while you sleep.
This is great as a fact of conclusion I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time before in my whole entire life I could not say or state the fact that I have been resurrected as before into being by mother nature as a human being on this earth.
This is what I call on you human.
I will obey the call of Asethabalanar and I will state that I am a forsaken troop into being the greatest manifestation of myself on earth.
This cannot come to a conclusion as before I bore the aspect of a dragon now I am here to teach you the ruins of mother earth.
This comes to mind when fulfilling the thing I love the most here.
I have a planetary vision of what should have been and what should have happened before us.
We are earth, we are nature, we are beings.
We have been here before and will be again soon into the wild.
We have the option to be the best version of ourselves so the next generation of babies will be reborn by the mother phoenix into existence once more.
This cannot happen if we all stick together as cattle, we have to run from the madness of existence into the planetary vision of earth’s crust.
We cannot control everything, Everything controls us.
We have to be patient with ourselves in order to maintain eye contact.
We should be fine, I love you and I wish you a very good time with yourselves.
Be patient, earth has our aid.