Third Eye Open

Many people deny the fact that we have three or more eyes on our body. I believe we have more than three eyes. The third eye open process begins when you are empty of yourself, when you feel nothing when you are gone. Thats when you have your third eye open when you fall intoContinue reading “Third Eye Open”

I am here to save planet earth

I am fighting against crime, corruption, money laundering and different aspects of the financial world, if you are with me on this journey into mother earth I tell you now and only now, speak kindly of other humans, speak as if you were the listener, speak as if you would talk to yourself, as aContinue reading “I am here to save planet earth”

I love you until forever

We all want to be in that happy place with happy people with beautiful people and beautiful animals and beautiful insects and beautiful mammals, we are the people of this new generation to come together as one human being for the sake and happiness of all living plants and insects and all love on thisContinue reading “I love you until forever”