Why do I love the Truth and being Real?

Why would I love the truth of being real and honest with you guys? Why would I love any truth? Why would I love and choose to always say the truth and speak my mind from my inner voice? From God’s voice, this is God’s voice my friends, I am representing God, I am representingContinuă lectura „Why do I love the Truth and being Real?”

Death Knight Blood taking

I have failed you so many times in my life I cannot express my gratitude towards you this time before, this is a video of me playing World of Warcraft and it shows how much I care for you guys and how much I adore you for every living being on this earth to growContinuă lectura „Death Knight Blood taking”

Horde Classes

Which class do you like to play the most? I play at the horde, that’s where the title comes from. I also have characters in the alliance but the only races I like from the alliance are Draenei and night elves, excluding the new factions.I asked this question because my answer is that I wantContinuă lectura „Horde Classes”

WoW and Death Knights

This video I made about starting zone quests for death knights is about the beginning of the death knight campaign untill the final battle, I haven’t been done the final battle because it would have taken me too long to record it so It’s until the battle for Light of Dawn.This video sums up almostContinuă lectura „WoW and Death Knights”

Arthas Story

Arthas Menethil known as the lich king is a very iconic personage in the World of Warcraft MMORPG game, he’s one of the bosses with a very interesting storyline. He was a paladin and to cleanse his city from a disease that would transform humans into undead he decided to purge the city, he didn’tContinuă lectura „Arthas Story”