What is in your head it is more important than what is in your wallet


I got you guys, today I am talking about the importance of believing in yourself, I just started a youtube channel with my friends and I am anxious to tell you that this is the best job I ever had please believe me when I say this I would not trade this job at youtube as a video streamer for video games to nothing in this world, this is the best job I had this is my dream job, I have a lot to tell you guys about my passions and this is one of them, we live in a world full of people that have no future, we are the ones who make the future, the past is long gone we cannot make anything of it even if we learn from it this would be necessary.
To love to live for the game makes me want to deal more damage to the enemies, we love to watch your videos, we love to watch you play the games you love, this is what people tell me all the time, please take your time and watch all my videos if you want we really need your help on this matter.

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I want to work for Blizzard

I want to work for blizzard because I feel like Heroes of the Storm is my game, I feel the gains I feel the game it’s running through my veins now.
I need more Blizzard Entertainment games to play I need to buy them I need to use them.
I have paid Blizzard hundreds of dollars to play WoW and now is my time to get them back.
Thank you Blizzard for always being there for me when I needed the most.

Orphea Video Gameplay

I came here to write this to you and I know it may sound a little bit strange but.
When I first made a blog it was about music, and it didn’t work out so I invested 100$ and deleted it afterward, my second blog was about gaming but it was on wordpress.com.
Now that blog is about how to make money you can find it at https://www.gamersrepublic.art this is the link to it.
This is my third blog I am writing to you about and this made me really think that, I have been before incarcerated to a mental hospital but I am very well right now.
It feels great just being me today here in the country side writing this so you can see it.
It feels amazing for just being here today at this hour of the night writing my heart out to you.
This is a great experience for me to meet new people across the web.
I have been fooled before by scammers who took me for granted in mining my bitcoin pools especially the cloud mining ones.
Cloud mining is not for all people you know?
So this I call upon you today.
Help me build a community of investors in bitcoin and tell me how it went.
If you may think that you are better than me well think again.
I don’t write to fool people you know?
I write because I like to write end of story.
About the game all I can say is that it is a great experience for me to be able to play it for so long.
I have been playing HOTS since 2018 the game popped up in 2015 but no problems so far.
I have been very accustomed to it’s principles and ideology.
The gaming industry is on a rise today.
I am the God of video games too.
Just like Mario.
This is what I have to call upon you today. If you be my guest in knowing what is happening to the economy today I will show you.
This is the problem in the game industry that is flat almost, and not the earth is flat the games are flat because all of you see them on your screen.
Tablet, phone or whatever. And usually the screens are flat. So there you have it the flat earth society. You are a screen.
The main objective of what I planned for tonight was to make a post so interesting you absorb it with your eyes and take it in your heart and soul.
Because this is what fans are all about, supporting the main streamer right?
Wrong, fans are about progression and interacting with each other.
Nevertheless fans are appropriate for being there for you when you need them the most.
Just like a lover.
You climb up the ladder of success with them and there they are waiting for you at the bottom to climb up with you, not the other way around.
This is my main principle for today, I guess I have been writing allot about my problems and stuff.
I have no problems, I am clean as a bird.
This is ok with me.
If you like it you do if you don’t I’m sorry I couldn’t exceed your expectations.
Have a great day.

Tyrande Gameplay Video Quick Match Healer

I have been thinking allot lately about the dream chamber and it’s all living secrets you guys don’t know much about.

The dream chamber is where we keep our dreams, it’s like a dark void place with no sunlight but only with eyes.
It has only one purpose in life, to direct us towards our best life and our dreams to make them into the reality we live in.
It’s like a purpose but much more than that it is the life essence of all beings on earth.
The dream chamber it’s like the chamber of secrets from the Harry Potter book.
If you use dark magic you should know about this one.
So the dream chamber and what it actually is is a place in our minds that controls what we do in everyday life.
It is our purpose for being and living our true life essence comes from that place.
We can never run from it or be neglected about it because it is in our minds and hearts and souls.
This dream chamber that I am speaking about is like a puzzle or a riddle and when you solve it all things that you want can manifest into your subconscious life.
The main fact about the riddle of life is that it is a permanent evolving being in your head that always tries to push you forwards instead of backwards.
So the being living in your head is your actual brain , can you see it now?
Can you see your own brain?
Of course you cannot see it because it is trapped in your skull.
That is why it is called the Skull cracker because we need to see your skulls to see if you are eligible for the fight.
We cannot do this in our heads but the perception of reality itself is the distortion of our own minds at night.
When we focus on being we manifest into reality what we think, and when we focus on living we just sit in a chair and relax and take everything in slow motion.
This is the true reflexion of life in time and puzzles , the next big step is to accomodate to what you have just learned to bigger your own purpose and raise your standards much higher than expected as before.
Now all you have to do is take a chill break and let this information sink intro your unconscious mind.
This will be the next big thing soon enough in our world so please be patient with yourself and take good care of your own self.
Happy holidays everybody!

Varian Gameplay Video

I am back to you my babies with the new off set of my newest conception.
Varian the winner.
I have won so many games with him I can hardly remember what it was anymore.
This thing is called Winblades.
And it works like this:
You select the level 4 talent to twinblades.
Put talents in lifesteal and damage burst.
Select as many damage talents as you can, chase enemy hero or mob team.
And crash them with your blades in the head.
Skullcrasher thy is the name. of the Winblades.
Or just Skull crusher anyway.
The important thing is to never stop questioning why you do it.
Why you always play this game, why you always win at this game?
Why is this so satisfying to watch?
Anyway this is my satisfaction right now.
To win.
At life.
In general.
You know what I am saying?
I can express myself in many different ways.
But this is one of the best one I could hardly find nowdays.
So please be patient with us.
We are doing what we can when we can and how we can.
So God blesses us all.

Varian Gameplay Video

I have been playing allot lately with Varian and I must admit that there is no other thing that I have in mind while I play with him that does not put me in a defensive position at all.
The thing that I absolutely love the most about Varian is that he can dual-wield many weaponry.
I love the fact that you can solo bosses with him and, solo mercenary camps.
I still love the way he chases heroes on the map trying to kill them.
I absolutely love the fact that he can charge at long distances on the map.
I still love the fact that he has a banner.
I love that he can swing with a two handed weapon and deal high amounts of damage to enemies in sight.
I still love the fact that he is beautiful.
I love that there is no one absolutely no hero in the game that can compare to him.
This is unique, this is one of a kind, this is a marvelous hero.
This is the best thing that actually can happen to a human being by night or dawn.
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Wrath of the Lich King

My opinion on the expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King is one that is very relevant to what is happening in the game. Blizzard Entertainment has a solid story-based expansion pack in which Arthas becomes the Lich King through Frostmourne and his armor. The armor is imbued with the spirits of the dead and the Lich King, Although Arthas is not the Lich King the armor has the Spirit of the Lich King which somehow symbiotes with Arthas or with anyone who wears it.
I think this story is very similar to Peter Parker and Spider-Man when he is bitten by a radioactive spider and has superpowers, this also happens to Arthas when he grabs Frostmourne or with anyone who wears this armor. The power of the armor is associated with the person who wears it, this means that when one Lich King dies another can take its place. So the storyline literally never ends until the armor is destroyed after that the Lich King cannot survive without a host and literally disappears and the undead become out of control because the only one who could dominate the undead was him, whoever was the Lich King, they say there must always be a Lich King to keep them under control, but I think Sylvanas actually wants to control the Lich King’s army instead being separate she would want to convert them into the forsaken, because she says the Forsaken cannot procreate because they are undead so instead of procreating she actually wants to expand her army and use the powers of the Lich King to make more forsaken troops.
The powers The Lich King has is to raise dead humans into undeath being living zombies under the control of the King or Banshee whoever they serve. I think that Sylvanas can raise her own forsaken but these powers belonged to the scourge so therefore she is a thief. The scourge losing ground before the horde which is particularly interested in the scourge’s schemes. Sylvanas is plotting this as we can see from the Shadowlands trailer she destroys The Lich King’s armor, I think she does this to also control the scourge stealing his power she is power-driven and wants to control all undead.

We may have yet to see if this power-driving machinations are successfully fulfilled in the game. In my opinion, Sylvanas is the most dangerous Horde leader for the Alliance in the story-line, and I think she is the most powerful of the Horde leaders. We may have yet to see how does the story-line continues in future expansions, and what does Sylvanas plans to do with the undead.
World of Warcraft 60 Day Pre-Paid Time Card – PC/Mac

Blizzard Entertainment

What do I like most about Blizzard is the story behind the games, each game has different stories and different game styles, they somehow represent each other by some of the stories because they might be interconnected for example Look at Heroes of the Storm this game has all its heroes from other games, and each hero has it’s story they are very special to me, especially Varian, Tyrael and Sylvanas. The story from Blizzard Entertainment content for me it’s a feeling, I just get goosebumps whenever I see a World of Warcraft cinematic. It’s just so well made that I think even the haters like it. For me having a subscription is no problem at all, for the enjoyment and relaxation World of Warcraft gives me I think it’s worth it, and for new players, you have to take your time to learn the game and just be patient about it because nothing is done overnight. Learning different classes is WoW is not hard, you may think it’s boring but if you read each spell and know how everything works you will do just fine. WoW is very special for the fact that it gives you the freedom to do anything you want in the game. And even if you mess up, it’s ok because you can resurrect from the Spirit Healer. I know WoW can be pretty harsh sometimes but if you try to understand the play style better you can find all sorts of constructive things to do like professions, farming gold, making level, or just defending your base in a PvP arena. I don’t think WoW is a dangerous game at all, some people may take it seriously some not, I sometimes get bored myself but I always get back up and play. I just set this objective of mine that I want to experience all the classes at full content and not miss anything because every class is different and special :).
There is also Diablo this is a more darkish game experience like you are in hell or some sort but you can rise through that and get to some heavens zone or something like that I don’t know for sure because I’m not a very big Diablo fan and I haven’t experienced it all in the game but they had better zones than just being in a grave or something I can give you the Leoric King example in the catacombs, it’s just a zone, you can get out of there and go to a place where there are better things going on like Heaven’s place or something like that, I think there is a heaven even in Diablo but I’m not sure about it but it could be possible, not a huge Diablo fan I bought it because I wanted to try it and experience all blizzard games I can or afford lol.
Starcraft 2 is pretty neat it’s just about Star Wars when I play Starcraft 2 it just feels like Star Wars to me personally because it’s some intergalactic fight in a futuristic distant world anyway Starcraft is a good strategy game making you more capable of realizing different strategy mechanisms the principle of the game is to focus on building a healthy strategy for your team and to be capable of a good defense and a victorious attack can make the game a good game, I play Starcraft 2 with the computer because I think humans might beat me I’m not that well experienced I just enjoy playing with AI they are softer than humans, I think human players play better sometimes but I have to mention that the AI difficulty is not hard so it just takes time to learn it and it’s easy.
Overwatch can be a good practice I’m more focused on WoW at this moment Overwatch is very interactive and fun the have cool animations and gadgets just like virtual toys, I like playing games, and I’ve fallen in love with my first PC and my first games because it just relaxes me it makes me keep calm and make me want to not take life so seriously. Life can be fun if you try to enjoy it better when I focus on the game all my problems disappear and I feel like I’m free again. Free to do anything in the game because in real life you have to be a good example for other people.
They had Destiny 2 but now I don’t see it in the battle.net app I guess they took it off I don’t know what happened to the game, but it was more awesome than Overwatch from my point of view.
Hearthstone is the most complex card games I’ve ever seen this game is just like playing poker in my opinion, you never know what card you will get, I’m not a big fan of it and I mostly lose it and that’s why I don’t play it, of course you would want to play a game you are good at and enjoy it for fun. I think what games teach us is that you don’t have to do what you see in the game in real life, I mean you can do in the game what you can’t do in real life and I think it makes things more complete this way.

When you feel like fighting go play Mortal Combat or Guilty Gear X and just enjoy if you win or lose, this way nobody gets really hurt and there will be no more pain for actually doing something you will regret, it’s just the frustration that you have or complex that makes you think way and I think video-games understand this very well. They are made for you to do the things you would normally not do in everyday life. So basically games are made for you to chill out and relax and enjoy your time and be competitive where nobody is having anything to lose. It’s a win-win. Good time, good feel, no losing everybody is happy and the rewards are just virtual ones.

Blizzard will never forget the ones that made them rich so I’m guessing this is a valid post after all 🙂

Warcraft 3

We use to play Dota Allstars on it on Garena if you remember it, it was a platform for warcraft maps and not only it was good at many games, but we played dota and tried to get up the ladder it was some sort of ranked system they called back in 2000 the ladder, now it’s called ranked. When I discovered World of Warcraft I got hooked instantly on it it was amazing such a game could be made so I couldn’t quit it, with one exception, either I played Dota and get rid of WoW or I stuck with wow, in that time the only way I could escape WoW was to play dota Allstars that map to me was like getting clean of any addiction I think I could even stop smoking cigarettes if I play dota I could quit anything by playing the original Warcraft 3 maps or dota it was just a game made to me for being an addiction removal hobby. But I didn’t quit WoW I quit Dota instead because things evolved, games evolved and now it’s dota 2 better than the original one in Warcraft 3 maps. I could use Warcraft 3 now to quit my addiction to other games but it wouldn’t be necessary because now I need them for fun. Whenever I played Warcraft 3 I had that feeling that you can be the best in the game, I’m talking about dota here, you could defeat anything and any player if you have the necessary items and a good hero. They had overpowered items in the game, and they still do they have items like Mask of Madness or Divine Rapier and things like that, Black King Bar which gave you avatar to be immune to spells for a while. they had great items, and the original maps the usual ones were a bit boring but would require some strategy to play them and you could learn something from that, it is war strategy in a virtual world as a simulator for the real thing you can make a virtual world where you can battle therefore in actual reality you can maintain the peace while simulating your warlike features where no harm is done. This is the perfect thing, in an ideal world you could maintain the peace forever like this, releasing all your anger on like a target dummy means no human is harmed, which will benefit to all. So basically what your doing in the game is a simulation of what you can do in reality but instead of doing the real thing you just simulate it, it’s like training to be a pilot, you can do the actual thing before you train for it, but there is no need for wars I think it’s just the domination process that kicks in we all want to win right? That’s true

And again I’m posting a post about WC3, who cares anyway, it’s the most nerfed game ever, with all the handicap options you might never know who might just ditch you.

Warlock class

What do I want to talk about today is warlocks man, I had so much fun playing it I mean WoW is really nice and funny sometimes I think the old specializations are better because that felguard was damn savage back the it was more powerful than this new things, sometimes when you play Warlock you got that feeling like somethings missing from you like you use to have more before but that’s ok, I guess we still have vanilla right? lol
The point why I’m making this post is that most people see warlocks as a class of evil but that’s not true those demons are powerful but they are under your control, they are like the undead from the death knight you know what I’m saying? You have to tame them and just like some sort of subjugation with a magic spell you control them but they have limited spells I think the demons from the warlock should focus more on melee attack damage rather than just some stuns and stuff like that, if you make your demon with a powerfull attack speed is way better than a demon casting spells if you ask me, honestly :D.

This is the update I think Blizzard Entertainment should implement, to try to focus more on demon attack speed mechanics rather than just casting spells or stuns. If you think about it it could be very nice right? You could have a warrior demon unlike just a freaking guardian haha

Warlocks are made to be broken, with all the dots and stuff like that this is meaningless if you don’t have enough gear on you.