Atal’Dazar Dungeon

As I leveled through Battle for Azeroth content doing dungeons I’ve encountered this specific dungeon many times. The dungeon has 4 bosses: Rezan, Vol’kaal, Priestess Alun’za and the final boss Yazma. My opinion on this dungeon is that it’s a very easy one if you manage around it, first, you have to drop down toContinuă lectura „Atal’Dazar Dungeon”

Stockade Gameplay

Hello friends and loved ones, these are just a few of my adventures throughout Azeroth this being in the stockade in Stormwind city as a warrior, I like warriors as tanks but not that much I also prefer paladins also, I prefer meelee combat instead of ranged because I think meelee is more interesting andContinuă lectura „Stockade Gameplay”

Warrior Fury

I loved the warrior class in WoW it was one of the easiest and most fulfilling classes I’ve played but something happened in the meantime, after I dinged level 120 I would remain behind in the damage meeter list, I had good items, for some reason the character checklist doesn’t show me right now theContinuă lectura „Warrior Fury”