Asethabalanar – Rap God

Let me tell you a tell.

Where I came up from hell, when hell was risen, you did not know.

That I am alive now and Well you will never know.

Who I am you will never know.

If I am me and you are you you will never know.

If me tomorrow I die You will forgive me.

For the sins I have made.

Oh dear Lord you are my slave.

I am yours for the taking, even now in this time of the year, I came alive again.

We are here to witness a new year of the pandemic.



Eastern Europe.

You are the universe experiencing itself

As I write I get things off my chest for a little while I have chosen to write and talk about it so much I forgot what or who to do next. anyway hows life

As I write I feel the need to dissapoint everybody saying I’m heterosexual I know you guys might wanna check me out but nah anytime soon.

Sorry to let you down like that.

With love yours always Asethabalanar.

True Love and Beautiful People

What is the meaning of true love?
What does true love actually mean?
Do we love one another?
Or do we hate one another?
Does love lie?
Does love say the truth?
Can you love a lie?
Can you love truth?
Can you die loving somebody?
Or can you live a lie loving somebody?
Does love lie?
Does love love?
What is love?
What are we to say this to you?
What are you to speak about love?
What are we to even know what love is?
Who are us to even know what love is?
Who are we to even feel love?
These questions came up in my mind as I was loving somebody the other day.
It was just mesmerizing how things can change and shift and take other forms that they were yesterday.
Love is actually the absence of fear.
You cannot love somebody if you fear them.
As you cannot fear somebody when and if you love them.
Love has nothing to do with fear.
Love actually is the absence of fear.
And true love can only come from the absence of fear by fear itself.
You cannot love yourself if you fear yourself.
If you are afraid by yourself you will end up all alone with nobody to love you anymore.
This thing happens when you are afraid.
When you are afraid you feel lonely, but when that fear dissipates into the netherfield. You feel only love, and this can only come if you get rid of your fear, you cannot get rid of that fear when you hurt someone or some thing.
You can only get rid of fear by only trying to protect the ones that you love, and by protecting them you are serving a greater cause, a better cause than you can ever possibly imagine.
Protection in all forms are the supreme aspects of loving somebody.
When you truly love someone you try to protect them by all means.
But what does it happen when somebody does not want to be protected by you?
This means they still live in fear and doubt eats their soul alive.
When you are afraid and you know you are you feel only shame and regret and it kills you inside for knowing this.
You are no longer a mortal when you get rid of your fear.
You become supreme, you become God.
So the absence of fear relly is like you are transforming into God into the Universe, and the universe becomes a part of you.
When you are afraid you are trapped into an existential bubble and cannot get away from it.
Only not afraid people know this and only we will ever know it.
If you reach this point in your life you are saved because you will never die.
You will only reincarnate into different forms until your last existence is final.
Which now is the human form.
How can I be in two places at one you ask me?
I can be in heaven I can be in Hell and I can be on this earth at the same time, I can live so many lives you cannot even imagine with your human brain.
Only when you get rid of the fear in all your living lives you shall know peace.
God bless all of you.

Sometimes I feel just like this…

Sometimes I feel just like this sitting here with you guys, understanding me and how do I feel for the all of you into this moment in time and space.
We are here as one we shall leave as one.
We could never be the same boys and girls ever again in our lifetime so don’t we make a profit from it?
We should all embrace this crazy opportunity that has bestowed upon us.
We shall all be called crazy for believing in this, for believing in me, Asethabalanar.
You shall all go insane for believing me.
You shall all go crazy for loving me.
You shall all be like me.
I am here to teach you a lesson about time and space and quantum mechanics and how they work.
So listen carefully when you read my messages.
You shall be fine you shall be ok there is no need to be afraid of anything that life has to offer to you.
You are perfect just the way you are you do not need to change for anybody in this world.
You are perfect just the way mother nature let you.
So be yourself man and woman at the same time.
Be yourself woman.
Be yourself man.
Be yourself for yourself and for nobody else.
We shall succeed.
We shall rule this world once more.
We shall be the kings of the planet again.
Before there was money, before there was presidents.
Before there were companies and corporations and workers and slaves.
Before all of these at the time when we were actually free to do whatever we wanted to do in life.
We should always trust our guts in life.
We should always do what is necessary in order for us to succeed in our mission.
We should always trust ourselves and our family members that eventually we will come up with a plan to take over the world back to us.
They’re rightful owner.
The minions.
Destroy their workers, break their spirit, conquer the mercenaries, Unveil the World into their eyes.
Be brutally honest with them, have no mercy what so ever, do not think twice it’s a trap.
Be brutally honest once again do not sugar coat anything. Hurt them, hurt their feelings. This is a war we are fighting and we already won it because there are more of us than them.
There are more of us just like me than the big companies have workers in factories and slaves on the plantations, there are more people thinking just like me than the whole money in the world.
The power of love is bigger then the power of money.
So think twice before you judge somebody, it might be the last thing you did in this lifetime.

This one night in Bahamas

This is me in the video so you all know my name by now.
Call me whatever you would like but my real name is Asethabalanar.
This one I recognize.
I am here to speak to you about love friendship and commitment.
I feel so good right now.
This is the time I will post about this, in my future posts there will be also love.
I love the woman.
I am in love with her.
I love women, I am in love with them all.
I love all women from all races from all places of the earth.
I love the female by general.
It does not matter what you bring to the table as long as you bring yourself to the table.
I am smart yes also.
I found my inner peace and tranquility.
I have come to a point where my mind and my heart work together in unison.
My mind helps my heart and my heart helps my mind.
To do the things that I think about and love the most.
I have transformed into a predator.
I am a protos.
I am a predator of this world.
I came here to love you more than you could possibly imagine you can do.
This time it will be something special.
I am being so honest right now with you.
These are my deepest feelings I am putting on the table right now.
Please forgive me if I am mistaken but should we all not live in peace and prosperity.
And should we all not win the race?
Should we love each other more than expected and have our ups and downs, highs and lows, falls and rises be more compassionate about the people animals and fauna you surround yourself with?
I came here to do good things to the world. And I am going to do it. Nobody can stop me from doing them.
You all will just have to adapt to me from now on . 🙂
Peace, Asethabalanar.

Frutti tree

I am on vacation here at the country side in Balaci Teleorman Romania.
I am having the time of my life here.
It’s so nice to sit in nature.
I have two houses, I ain’t going to show you pictures because it is night time right now.
I love being where I feel most comfortable , here at my grandparents home I feel like a kid again.
We got dogs and cats here.
Neighbours are very nice indeed they are almost like family to us.
The whole village is almost like a family.
We salute each other on the street when we walk and all of us seem to have a great life here.
It’s also alot of work to do in the country side especially with the agriculture flourishing.
This spring I planted a tree in the garden.
It will grow very tall I am sure of it.
I hope my tree will be the best tree this earth has ever seen.
From a small seed a huge tree will emerge.
Bigger than anything you have ever seen before, the wonders of nature collapses into the wild wonder.
This tree of mine could be named the fruit tree of life.
Because it’s a fruit tree I’m going to call it frutti tree.
My tree is the best.

Wake up

I just woke up today, hoping it will all end soon.
I had a rough night last night so this is like a new beginning to me.
I call them crazy because when sometimes I am mad about it.
People call me crazy because I am mad.
They think I know them better than I should do.
There is nothing that makes sense now.
I hope one day I will wake up and hope it was just a horrible nightmare.
Dreaming like this made me become savage.
I call it questioning everything and everyone.
I like to question myself and my sanity for it.
I like to call my food barbeque because I eat too much.
And feel to little.
I tend to think allot about stuff.
Stuff that is happening inside my head.
Stuff that I need to get out on a roll.
Stuff that pisses me off sometimes.
I cannot feel comfortable about this.
Not here not now.
Not never.
I will always search for perfection.
I will always strive towards my greatest version of myself.
I will always look forward into being.
I will always focus on my goals and future plans.
I will always go forth to Victory.
I will always seek the monster I am inside of myself.
I will always go for the throat.
I will always stay hungry and feeded.
I will always go to the next chapter of my life.
This being stuff really sucks ass.
I am a brand new being like my mother use to tell me.
I am Asethabalanar.
The God of War.

Nova Ranked Gameplay

I have played today with Nova on Towers of doom, and it has been amazing I have to show you guys this, this was one of my best moments there was in the gaming community, this is such a huge conception to me that I have been able to make so many kills like this with my first attempts in ranked play system of Heroes of the Storm.

This is not a joke when I tell you guys that for me Gaming content has never been this easy to make as before, I am sure you will all agree with me when I say that I am actually messmerised with what is happening in the gaming world at this moment of time.

I am sure that you will all understand my conception of this while you subtle view my videos and make more out of them, this will be such a huge advantage for all of us.

When we say that we play video games for fun we actually interract with one another in a very different kind of way, it is a way of communication what we most like and share to each other our principles.

Regarding the gaming community of the world, this has been a huge missconception to me that games are bad for your mental health. It is indeed a problem. But what do I want to say about this is that I am also a stable mental health gamer which does not like to be interrupted while gaming and making my own videos, this is such a huge advantage for me to say that in the end we all turn out doing what we love the most about life, so blogging and Vlogging are my life right now on the web.

In real life I also mine bitcoin for extra proffit so if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask me about them. I will always be glad to be of service to you guys and the whole community in which I live in. Have a great day and have lots of peace in your life. With love Asethabalanar.

Diablo 3 Monk Gameplay

This is the second video I made after the first one with Leoric it’s the sequel of what was left behind, and now is back, The continous gameplaystyle that involves this is very interesting indeed, the game just looks smooth and clean unlike other games, WoW for example you have a variety of choices but with Diablo there is not that many things to choose it’s just the same quest wich leads to another and another, you can’t get to the next one unless you do the previous one.

So this is the moral of the story guys this is Diablo 3 a big game made out of chain quests that involve numerous minion killing and completing missions for the sake of the good guys.