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I believe

I believe that we are interconnected beings, I believe that what a man does by this meaning what is the cause of the word „to do” like actions.
I believe that the actions of a man in such a manner is actually interconnected with other beings, I believe that what I do in this world affects all worlds.
I believe that the ideas in my head can not be my own every time.
I believe in the exchange of ideas starting from point one.

CryptoTab online Bitcoin mining

This is my post for the new CryptoTab which is about 2 years old from now.
I want to share with you all this today to start you by telling how did I start my investment in.
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I want to tell you that Bitcoins are not infinite, there is a finite number of bitcoins that can be mined and thus far make profit out of, so start soon or else you will get disqualified on the long run.
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