I have been thinking lately…

I have been thinking lately… Should I get a new car? A new outfit? Should I get a new job? Maybe more money in the bank? Hmm?

What should I do?, What do you guys recommend me to do in order to better develop myself. Now you can say it out loud. I can hear you. Thank you for your support. I have appreciated every penny you have given me. I love you deeply. Asethabalanar.

This post is not for the faint-hearted people. I judge on appearances so if you are ugly you are ugly ok?
Please do not disturb me while I am meditating. I want to change my life completely and out of purpose right now. I have been writing this for so long I can’t even remember when it was the first time I started it.
Writing is my passion and if you don’t like it please do not say rude things to me because I hate them. OK.
Now that I have cought up your attention I need you to listen closely to me. I have a plan, and it’s a good one. We should all march to capital Washington DC and say Thank you Trump for being you.
How about that? We all love Trump right? He’s the president, don’t we? Ok now go and make it happen in real life. Just do it you won’t be dissapointed never.

Warlock class

What do I want to talk about today is warlocks man, I had so much fun playing it I mean WoW is really nice and funny sometimes I think the old specializations are better because that felguard was damn savage back the it was more powerful than this new things, sometimes when you play Warlock you got that feeling like somethings missing from you like you use to have more before but that’s ok, I guess we still have vanilla right? lol
The point why I’m making this post is that most people see warlocks as a class of evil but that’s not true those demons are powerful but they are under your control, they are like the undead from the death knight you know what I’m saying? You have to tame them and just like some sort of subjugation with a magic spell you control them but they have limited spells I think the demons from the warlock should focus more on melee attack damage rather than just some stuns and stuff like that, if you make your demon with a powerfull attack speed is way better than a demon casting spells if you ask me, honestly :D.

This is the update I think Blizzard Entertainment should implement, to try to focus more on demon attack speed mechanics rather than just casting spells or stuns. If you think about it it could be very nice right? You could have a warrior demon unlike just a freaking guardian haha

Warlocks are made to be broken, with all the dots and stuff like that this is meaningless if you don’t have enough gear on you.

Destiny 2

Hi guys, I wanna talk to you about Destiny 2 today and I want to tell you that at first glance Destiny 2 seems to me to be a real futuristic rpg-shooter.
I’ve played the prologue only, I’m not that much into shooting games so I would need more game xp for this in the near future, but I want to tell you that I simply loved it and the gameplay
I think it’s way better than Overwatch from Blizzard, In comparrison to be honest Overwatch is more like a team-battleground shooter rpg rather than much solo play as Destiny 2 is.
But the game story is interesting, is more like Diablo as you would call it Diablo 3, if you have the games you know what I’m talking about.
These kind of games focuses more on solo play rather than team play and if they might bring team play into this is to conquer some big objective or save some far away planet invented in the Destiny 2 universe.
I personally didn’t bought Destiny 2, I got it at a giveaway, I guess I was pretty lucky, but as I played it got me more like it was some kind of futuristic Half Life rather than monsters such as zerglings there were robots and things like that, but the story is cool , you can even think of it as some kind of Star Wars game.

You can play as a Warlock, Hunter, or Titan in Destiny 2, I personally played as a awoken hunter, the races are pretty wierd they are : awoken, human and exo. Each relating to some story, I’m not that into shooting games because I think they are pretty hard and you really need to focus on your target and stuff like that but, the story seems cool enough and it’s worthy to play it in my opinion the graphics are very cool I also think of myself while playing if this could even be real I mean those who made it got a really big imagination in my opinion but it still isn’t as big as World of Warcraft with the upcomming Vanilla update.

Yrel Gameplay

Hi guys, I played a match with Yrel today so I might thought I should share it with you guys, this time we won but not because of me I had a pretty good awesome team we just played our part and it was awesome and it wasn’t even hard. What do I love about Yrel is that she is a physically healing tank she’s just a bruiser that heals herself whenever in need and with her ultimate put in the first talent the above one just gets a shield that protects her and healrs her on the amount of damage inflicted to her
So it’s pretty cool to feel like an immortal tank now days, in games actually you feel undefeated and that’s a very cool feeling
I didn’t die much but my team played very good this time I usually go for solo lanes and soak on lanes but I come to the team when I’m in need
I think that in Heroes of the Storm teamplay is crucial to winning the game every team member has to do they’re part in winning like either sticking to the team or just soaking or like abathur sitting in base and shielding everyone and sending minions to the enemy camp
We had a good combo although they had murky and he is quite an annoying hero to play against actually because he can push lanes very fast and destroy towers before us noticing it and he can escape but he has a downfall he is very squishy and dies really quick but instead of that he has an egg wich makes him respawn faster than other heroes.
We had no problem winning this fight everyone doing they’re part it was just cool enough I had to film it and show it to you guys.
It wasn’t the best play but when you know how to play you’re hero you always do a good job, but if you play something new and start learning a new champion it get’s harder before you get the mechanics right.

So stick around and I’ll show you guys more videos and stuff on how do I play video games maby I will roll on league of legends further beyond and let’s see what happends.

Illidan Stormrage

Illidan Stormrage is an iconic figure in the World of Warcraft series, he appeared to be the boss in the Black Temple in the Burning Crusade expansion, he is one of my favorite bosses in the game, he looks awesome, he is awesome, the story if Illidan the Betrayer is one that fascinated me, imprisoned by Maiev and the Wardens for ten thousand years he was released to defeat the burning legion, a group of demons who seek to destroy all worlds in the World of Warcraft game.
He was released from his prison to defeat them and save Outland from their selfish acts, during the release he sought alliances with the leader of the broken Akama who at the end of the expansion betrayed him, collaborating with Maiev for Illidan’s demise.
He would have to fight many of the burning legion’s leaders for keeping his homeland, even tho he is called the betrayer he is fighting for a righteous cause, the protection of his homeland Outland who the burning legion seek to destroy, the burning legion actually wants to destroy all worlds they encounter and Illidan was the only one who could defeat them, that’s why he was released from Maiev’s prison.
But the old warden didn’t give up on her revenge so she was seeking to capture Illidan again or defeat him. She was further imprisoned by Illidan but Akama released her and she sought vengeance upon him.
Illidan was later caught in the black temple encountering many enemies and many betrayals. He is seen as the bad guy in the expansion but I know that even in the villans you can find something good.
Blizzard Entertainment later released the Legion expansion which brought into the game demon hunters which resemble as much as death knights for Arthas the Lich King, it is a pretty original idea and people like it, I loved it. But what I didn’t love was that demon hunters had only two specializations at class and I didn’t understand why it wasn’t a third as the other classes did, but when do I venture further in the game maybe I will understand why.

I don’t usually play demon hunter class because of the handicap it has with the two specializations, I can’t accommodate with having less than others so I prefer playing something that is more normalized than everything else. Some day I will try to play a demon hunter and maybe max level it so I can experience the full potential of the class.

Arthas Story

Arthas Menethil known as the lich king is a very iconic personage in the World of Warcraft MMORPG game, he’s one of the bosses with a very interesting storyline. He was a paladin and to cleanse his city from a disease that would transform humans into undead he decided to purge the city, he didn’t know back then that this would be a turn in his destiny. After that, he decided to trace the dreadlord Malganis to Northrend and there he would find immense power in the Lich King’s sword frostmourne and his armor he would then become Arthas the Lich King.
The story of Arthas is very interesting to me as the expansion pack Rise of the Lich King, besides the great dungeons and all the undead scourge that he possessed Arthas was a pretty cool boss he would seem that he had a connection to the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner which she commands the forsaken but the scourge didn’t belong to the horde, they were free. Arthas and his army of undead scourge wanted to hold dominion over the frozen wastes of Northrend where he would sit on the Frozen Throne.

There even is a statue of The Lich King in Taiwan
So the scourge commander had to get through some battles to become the Lich King, he even betrayed his father to take the remains of the Lich Kel’Thuzad as he will become an adept to his plans and an officer in his army.
What struck me the most is that when Arthas found his sword Frostmourne the sword guided him to the Frozen throne which I think is very awesome because I think the sword wanted Arthas to be whole not just to have a weapon but a full armored body, so he could lead with all the necessary equipment.
Arthas is my favorite boss in the whole video game and I think he is the coolest because he invented the death knights wich they are now playable in the game, and whenever you play a death knight you kinda feel like playing Arthas.
Whenever I see the Banshee Queen or Arthas I see undead forces and scourge forces and I think if they would unite in the game which would mean that Arthas would join the Horde would be pretty awesome, how’s that about new content.
Enemy bosses playing Alliance and Horde factions for the future of Azeroth.

Now with the new allied races the horde an the alliance may have new content but what about they’re history, what about they’re plans they seem to seek alliance but they don’t come with a story full background I think blizzard should work on that more.