I have not forgotten you


Even tho it was a while for me to get past this trauma that I had in the past years, it was a long heavy road ahead of me, the road of silence, just like the silence of the lambs, it was something, and it was something there anyway, even tho I donțt have money to pay my subscription to wordpress, yet.

I will pay them I will give them the money, they deserve it, everybody deserves a second chance not just me, I am a good guy I do not judge, there is a God out there which is beyond more powerful than our imagining, there is a God there is a Jesus Christ, he was one of my favorite men, until I discovered that I am like him, I could be him, and I could follow him, not on the cross but generally speaking like Jesus and stuff like that.

He was a guy which many of us think was pre-historical, well much of it is not actually true, in my imagination the figure of Jesus Christ is quite deformed.

He was indeed crucified but I don’t think he deserved all the fuss about him, he was indeed somebody.

I cannot deny that Jesus was somebody but I also cannot deny the fact that I write this with capital letters ” WAS” he „WAS” somebody now I don’t know who is he but anyway we will find out in the future, the God above us will show us all in good time, until then I want to thank Jesus for the inspiration he gave me and the ideas which helped me grow.

For this I thank you Jesus Christ for sacrificing yourself for us. May God rest your soul in peace.

Who are you to judge? (Can I tell you how to live your life?)

I have been prominent with this fact lately that many people walk around mindlessly going all over the place where they shouldn’t actually be, like myself, for instance, I was down I was breaking, I was on the deepest pothole on the verge of a mental collapse I was everything you shouldn’t be, but I survive right? I survived what was and I will survive what is coming, therefore, I’m still here, I want to ask you some questions alright?

What if your life started from old age and continued to birth?

What if your mother does not love you?

What if your life was meant to please others?

What if I told you that you actually have 0 power of will?

What if I said some nasty things about you behind your back?

What if we will not ever find true love in this world?

What if we are actually aliens who have been born to earth to populate it to give this planet a meaning?

What if we have never experienced this before? What if I am Don Juan?

What if women like and want me for being tall and handsome and big and juicy?

What if I told you that this was a joke and you shouldn’t have read this at all?

What if this world in its chaos will sometimes deliver the most beautiful flowers to us at the best unexpected time and in the most unexpected place?

What if this world was made to create other worlds, what if I am beautiful?

Why do I have so many questions you should ask? Well I am here, breathing, alive, and I’m not rude to anybody so it’s true chaos out there there is nothing under control, nothing at all, we just fly like mosquitoes on our nearest target or victim, we just fly aimlessly into nothing, we will collapse from nothingness if we continue this way, but it’s all about cause and effect, isn’t it? Right, we cause something, therefore, we suffer the consequences of our own actions, this should be repeatable enough.

Have a great day ladies and gentlemen!


Many people ask me why do I do this and why do I do that, and most people do not understand the concept of being a God, I was born yes, I have a mother and a father and a big united family, we all respect each other and try to do our best to make progress in this world.
The questions that bother me are like the ones you see on TV they are largely well misunderstood as the concept of watching TV does not comply with me.
I will not sit on my back and watch a show I do not even like even if many people think that this is entertaining.
The concept is that the TV is not a source of education but a source of entertainment.
And this is the 21st century, and we need to take care of our bodies and even our minds, we cannot see or behave as we see in others and their actions on a screen that we cannot even control.