The journey of a reformed man 🙂

I have been cheated, I have cheated on I was with many girls until now, I was with alot of girls… Girls and women to me are like flowers, some bloom some remain small and some die young. Women for me are like the wind, sometimes its fast, sometimes its steady and sometimes we missContinuă lectura „The journey of a reformed man 🙂”

Heaven is here on earth

Heaven is a place here on earth, we have to work together to make this world a better place, lets heal the world lets heal the planet lets mend nature. Lets mend nature lets heal it, lets make peace on earth, lets live kindly lets live a life worth living, lets mend the universe. HelpContinuă lectura „Heaven is here on earth”

I will be back soon

I have been thinking, which is the best, blog platform to write on if you guys know please tell me in the comments below. I have been using blogger and WordPress now, my original website can be found at Asethabalanar this link. I don’t know why, and I don’t know which is better but I have toContinuă lectura „I will be back soon”