Played Games

I could make a list of the games I’ve played until now but that would be just a long and irrelevant list. What matters now is the game we play in the present.
The games I play now are: World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, Destiny 2, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, and I could play Hearthstone but I don’t like it that much and it’s not that hard to play, when I don’t have anything to play or I’m not in the mood I just enter Diablo 3 and farm some minions, sounds like I’m angry or some sort but Diablo 3 could be a very good stress reliever If you’re angry just farm some demons for gold and experience and you will feel better in no time.
Diablo 3 is just another game that is kind of like when you want to spam something spells or whatever randomly at minions and there is a bunch of minions in Diablo 3 and ghosts too not to mention zombies. It’s the kind of game that when I come home from work instead of talking to someone how was my day was I just go kill some NPCs in Diablo and I finish the day with ease
Heroes of the Storm to is like whatever let’s do this I know I’m going to win the match if I play this or this or this champion, I have some champions I’m very good at with them in Heroes of the Storm, I just lose in Hots because of the map I bet 70% of the players are casuals they all want to play for fun.
League of Legends is very hard to me I have a hard time adapting to it because I got used to Blizzard games and I tend to not focus on other type of games like riot’s LoL or Valve’s Dota 2 although I play a match of Dota from time to time with my friends.
In the future I’m aiming at Assasins Creed I want to get that game, I have the novels so first I’m going to read the books and after that probably I will make a review about it and eventually get the game and start trying it.

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