Asethabalanar The Pharaoh

A happy hordie

As I have played allot of horde characters in my day, there is one thing I have missed, and it is the blue essence of everything, I mean the alliance, the human form of the all.
This is the end as we speak of the horde and the alliance, world of warcraft game is going down, into the subterranean.
They go underground with this shit. It’s obvious isn’t it?
I mean look at them as they try to eliberate everything and everyone from the purpose of the law.
We ain’t got time to explain so I will be very brief to it.
The horde is way more powerful than the alliance and they know it, they want it not to be but they cannot do anything about it.
It is raw force, they do the impossible each living day.
The horde defeats all.
We are the horde, we are not alliance scum.
We protect and defend Azeroth from all.
I am indigenous I am free, I am karma and kama sutra.
I am a book. I have a book.
I have everything I need in this lifetime.
I am enough I have all domains.
I have enough to live a happy fulfilled life with my brothers.

Frutti tree

I am on vacation here at the country side in Balaci Teleorman Romania.
I am having the time of my life here.
It’s so nice to sit in nature.
I have two houses, I ain’t going to show you pictures because it is night time right now.
I love being where I feel most comfortable , here at my grandparents home I feel like a kid again.
We got dogs and cats here.
Neighbours are very nice indeed they are almost like family to us.
The whole village is almost like a family.
We salute each other on the street when we walk and all of us seem to have a great life here.
It’s also alot of work to do in the country side especially with the agriculture flourishing.
This spring I planted a tree in the garden.
It will grow very tall I am sure of it.
I hope my tree will be the best tree this earth has ever seen.
From a small seed a huge tree will emerge.
Bigger than anything you have ever seen before, the wonders of nature collapses into the wild wonder.
This tree of mine could be named the fruit tree of life.
Because it’s a fruit tree I’m going to call it frutti tree.
My tree is the best.

When I grow up!

When I grow up.
When I grow up I want to be famous for the work of art I have put my sweat and blood into.
When I grow up I want to be a big billionaire.
A human with purpose and big dreams.
I already have a big head so, I think it is in my advantage also.
I think about problems this way.
If you encounter a problem you will definitely find a solution to it.
I mean if you have a problem you actually need to find a solution to it eventually.
You cannot have a problem without a solution.
A solution comes quick and vast to mind as it forms an idea in your brain.
That idea is yours and yours only, please be peaceful with it and do not let it squander aimlessly to the netherlands.
This is what I am asking for in return to your service, I put my work in your service to solve your immediate problems in order for this check up to come close to what I was thinking back then.
If you encounter similar problems to mine, I mean if you do not see the big picture as it is and you try to aimlessly forgive everybody for what they have done to you you have a serious misbelief of solving your own problems.
The problem is not the problem, the fact is that the problem is quite easily solvable, if you need money you work, if you need cash you beg, if you need money for investment you cherish your own soul.
Everything comes at a rhythm and a faced pace to everybody who tries to solve their problems using their minds instead of their own bodies.
We gather wisdom from various places, this is the thing.
We need to go under our skin in order to find the solution.
The solution is in ourselves everytime we think about it we tend to over react a bit.
but the question is. Are we ready to solve our own problems or do we need help with them?
I cannot conquer this question yet but I am aiming at it.
This is my goal, to solve any problem any where any time I need it solved.
I am a problem solver.
I am a mathematician.
I am an economist.
I am alive.
I am life.
I am karma.

When I came to earth for the first time.

When I cam to earth for the first time it was in the pre-historic age of human beings.
I am a human, right? Well yeah I still am this way right now.
This is my form here.
I have many forms everywhere.
I am all knowing all powerful but don’t have enough money to feed my family yet.
I need for you to understand that every kind of act of kindness you do to me it will be yours forever and it cannot be taken away from you never ever in a million trillion cazillion years far way in the galaxies.
I have to offer a deal.
I am the boss here on earth this is my planet and you all are in my debt forever.
This is why you have to tell me that every time you see me this is where the fun starts.
I am the boss of earth now.
I come in peace for all races and all creatures of the earth.
I am powerful beyond measure.
I am good and kind and respectful.
I am here to teach you being the best of this conception I have made between the years of time that passed ago.
I am a pharaoh I am egypt.
I am kama sutra. I am evil, I am good, I am good, I am you.
This is no joke when I tell you that everything connects eventually.
So if you see this make sure you know this is me at the table sitting around and doing nothing.
I am not on drugs I am on medication, and a little drunk from wine.
I drink because it makes me a better person.
Medication sucks beer is better than pills, beer is better than anything.
Beer makes me want to kill myself now.
This is the end.

This is me in a human form

I am here to take good care of you.
I am here to make you blush.
I am here to talk to you.
I am here to make you happy.
I am here to be alive with you now.
I am here to make things happen and count in your life.
I am not a human being.
I am more of that so that you may know the truth behind the veil of existence.
This reality is a dream. Made for you so that when you wake up you will be reborn from the ashes of eternity.
This is not you right now. This is the inner peace of the cosmos speaking in a human form.
This is mother earth which guides all human form into existence and penetrates all things alive on human race.
This is not something that will take you into another dimension. This is the evil spurking out of you while you sleep.
This is great as a fact of conclusion I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time before in my whole entire life I could not say or state the fact that I have been resurrected as before into being by mother nature as a human being on this earth.
This is what I call on you human.
I will obey the call of Asethabalanar and I will state that I am a forsaken troop into being the greatest manifestation of myself on earth.
This cannot come to a conclusion as before I bore the aspect of a dragon now I am here to teach you the ruins of mother earth.
This comes to mind when fulfilling the thing I love the most here.
I have a planetary vision of what should have been and what should have happened before us.
We are earth, we are nature, we are beings.
We have been here before and will be again soon into the wild.
We have the option to be the best version of ourselves so the next generation of babies will be reborn by the mother phoenix into existence once more.
This cannot happen if we all stick together as cattle, we have to run from the madness of existence into the planetary vision of earth’s crust.
We cannot control everything, Everything controls us.
We have to be patient with ourselves in order to maintain eye contact.
We should be fine, I love you and I wish you a very good time with yourselves.
Be patient, earth has our aid.

We are here as one

I am here, you are here. We are here.
Until this point in my life I have been the subject of testing.
Testing of chemicals, that hurt my brain.
Testing of various methods to increase my brain capacity.
Testing to be alive.
This has not yet come until I have been spoken the truth.
I will set myself free from this object of thinking unless my brain cooperates with me and not against me.
This has never been too far before.
I am on medication.
Psychiatric medication, this is the sad truth.
Doctors have been abusing my mental health everywhere I went.
From mental institutes to various locations on the earth.
This is not an abuse they tried to make me healthy again, but I will not comply to their procedures anymore no longer.
I am here to speak the truth, my truth so listen up.
I am on Solian and Depakine pills. One Solian and one depakine in the moning and one solian and one depakine at night.
Doctors have given me psychiatric pills because they say I am bipolar of grade 1.
They made me take them or risk hospitalization if I don’t.
If I do not take my medicine in the morning and at night my father will call the ambulance and take me there.
I have also been on anti-depressants for a while about two years with no effect what so ever.
I will tolerate this abuse no longer, for me and my family.
I will not tolerate the fact that some crazy people will tell me what to do with my life.
I will not tolerate to be manipulated and used in order to feed the needs of the pharmaceutical institutions .
I am here to publish this so you know.
This is a public abuse to all man kind wherever you go.
You cannot escape the doctors, they are evil monsters and need to be punished by law and order.
This is an abuse to all patients who have been brutalized to shut their mouth and swallow the pills of the doctors.
I need you all to know that you do not need psychiatric pills in order to live your best life.
I am not crazy I tell you this.
This is an abuse made by the government in order for use to be manipulated by people that have higher IQ-s than us.
They are manipulating masses in order to use and consume drugs to make them feel better for themselves.
I shout out to all of them who have been abused by medicine and all people who have been manipulated into thinking they are sick and need to be medicinised
We do not need your psychiatric pills doctors, all we need is our freedom of speech and our rights to be loved and cared for.
We do not need your medicine. We need our freedom.

Wake up

I just woke up today, hoping it will all end soon.
I had a rough night last night so this is like a new beginning to me.
I call them crazy because when sometimes I am mad about it.
People call me crazy because I am mad.
They think I know them better than I should do.
There is nothing that makes sense now.
I hope one day I will wake up and hope it was just a horrible nightmare.
Dreaming like this made me become savage.
I call it questioning everything and everyone.
I like to question myself and my sanity for it.
I like to call my food barbeque because I eat too much.
And feel to little.
I tend to think allot about stuff.
Stuff that is happening inside my head.
Stuff that I need to get out on a roll.
Stuff that pisses me off sometimes.
I cannot feel comfortable about this.
Not here not now.
Not never.
I will always search for perfection.
I will always strive towards my greatest version of myself.
I will always look forward into being.
I will always focus on my goals and future plans.
I will always go forth to Victory.
I will always seek the monster I am inside of myself.
I will always go for the throat.
I will always stay hungry and feeded.
I will always go to the next chapter of my life.
This being stuff really sucks ass.
I am a brand new being like my mother use to tell me.
I am Asethabalanar.
The God of War.

A healthy lifestyle

As I grow older. A New way of thinking pops into my mind.

A healthy lifestyle.
Why is this so important to me personally?
I like jogging and working out, I love sports, I love eating healthy food like pizza.
I love playing soccer and football.
I love running around pointlessly from a room to another.
I like being myself. As usual.
So this means that I have been sent here to teach you my opinion on how to live your best life possible.
My best life would be thinking at what do I do for sports is, the fact that I like to do sport.
I like to run I like to go to the gym, I like to eat food that is good for me.
I like to enjoy the water and cool air as much as I like to enjoy a sunny day at the beach.
Most of us do not treasure these moments with nature, nature gives us all we need in order to survive we just have to take it from nature.
This is all I have to say to you, yet there is something missing to the big picture.
I am a smoker, I tend to smoke allot, and I would love to quit smoking and not.
I like to smoke, even in my worst days smoking helped me relieve some of the pain inflicted to me by people.
So smoking is my friend but I’m not sure quit what to smoke, I like to smoke but I don’t know what.
This brings me to the next conclusion, what are your favorite cigarettes? Mine are Sobranie I think.
So if I have the money I will definitely buy some soon enough.
This is all I have to offer for now.
You will get plenty more after this chapter of my life.
Wait for it.


Working is for me one way to put it in a sense of mischief.
I work for myself by myself and when no one is around me.
I tent to work allot from home in my apartment or condom.
I like to be left alone when I work, I like being myself when I work.
I like doing work that is in my own personal benefit.
I like working for myself and only for me in my career to succeed in what I want.
I want to work somewhere where I enjoy being and be treated as an adult not a kid with problems.
I love working where I can be myself.
I love working from where I can see the view of the territory which I live in.
I like working in a environment where I can put sticks where leaves are.
I like planting trees and other miscellaneous where I can gather work experience.
I love being me all the time because this fucks up with peoples mental.
I love the fact that I have to work to sustain my family.
I love to work from home.
I love to be in a working environment where people gather and support each other.
This pleases me so I will continue.
Working with me is like digging for a fried pan.
I like to be where the action is not the crowd.
This takes me to a far place around the globe where I first seen where my future holds to be.
In a distant place over the globe I will be there some day.
In the future.
If all works well.
Making money for me has never been this simple before in my whole entire life.
I can sit back and watch all the cash flow I have given to other people but not me anymore.
This has been very intriguing to me lately.
I don’t talk too much I like to listen more than I talk so this makes me a good listener.
You can speak to me while we play and we should have a chat someday soon.
This is great for me because I have been able to manifest something in my life I never thought I had before again.
Because something is bothering me at this point in time.
Why do we as humans have to hurt in order to be the best?
Is there anyone greater than me?
Is there anyone better than me?
Is there anyone bigger than me?
And the answer is , I don’t think so.
Ok so we settled this up a bit. And now for the grand finally.
I will show you some tips and tricks on how to manifest growth in your life through work.
You work as you grow is not the same as you grow as you work.
You grow through work.
You don’t grow to go to work.
You grow as you work.
Do you understand?
It is very simple.
As I go to work I have seen many people as me do the same, but the actual question is, do you love your job?
I didn’t I hated it, I was poor and reckless.
This I have to as you guys. Do you love your job?
If you dont, you might as well quit it, because if it does not do you good, and you hate it you should quit.
Working in unsuitfull places makes the heart ache.
So if you like suffering go to work and if you don’t then don’t do it. It’s simple and very fair indeed.
I just absolutely hated my job so bad I wanted to kill myself If I still went to it.
I didn’t like anything of it. My job was horrible I had to type million, and billion words for months.
This is a great relief, to say this, working is hard but it is bad for your health if you do not like what you do for a living, especially if you lie to yourself and say that you like it for no reason at all.
If you say you like what you do then prove it.
Sleep at work, eat at work, make sex at work, do everything at work, and if you can’t do this then it’s not your dream job my friend.
You should reconsider for applying to another job soon enough if you like the money.
This as an ending I will talk about future plans furthemore.

Orphea Video Gameplay

I came here to write this to you and I know it may sound a little bit strange but.
When I first made a blog it was about music, and it didn’t work out so I invested 100$ and deleted it afterward, my second blog was about gaming but it was on
Now that blog is about how to make money you can find it at this is the link to it.
This is my third blog I am writing to you about and this made me really think that, I have been before incarcerated to a mental hospital but I am very well right now.
It feels great just being me today here in the country side writing this so you can see it.
It feels amazing for just being here today at this hour of the night writing my heart out to you.
This is a great experience for me to meet new people across the web.
I have been fooled before by scammers who took me for granted in mining my bitcoin pools especially the cloud mining ones.
Cloud mining is not for all people you know?
So this I call upon you today.
Help me build a community of investors in bitcoin and tell me how it went.
If you may think that you are better than me well think again.
I don’t write to fool people you know?
I write because I like to write end of story.
About the game all I can say is that it is a great experience for me to be able to play it for so long.
I have been playing HOTS since 2018 the game popped up in 2015 but no problems so far.
I have been very accustomed to it’s principles and ideology.
The gaming industry is on a rise today.
I am the God of video games too.
Just like Mario.
This is what I have to call upon you today. If you be my guest in knowing what is happening to the economy today I will show you.
This is the problem in the game industry that is flat almost, and not the earth is flat the games are flat because all of you see them on your screen.
Tablet, phone or whatever. And usually the screens are flat. So there you have it the flat earth society. You are a screen.
The main objective of what I planned for tonight was to make a post so interesting you absorb it with your eyes and take it in your heart and soul.
Because this is what fans are all about, supporting the main streamer right?
Wrong, fans are about progression and interacting with each other.
Nevertheless fans are appropriate for being there for you when you need them the most.
Just like a lover.
You climb up the ladder of success with them and there they are waiting for you at the bottom to climb up with you, not the other way around.
This is my main principle for today, I guess I have been writing allot about my problems and stuff.
I have no problems, I am clean as a bird.
This is ok with me.
If you like it you do if you don’t I’m sorry I couldn’t exceed your expectations.
Have a great day.

Tyrande Gameplay Video Quick Match Healer

I have been thinking allot lately about the dream chamber and it’s all living secrets you guys don’t know much about.

The dream chamber is where we keep our dreams, it’s like a dark void place with no sunlight but only with eyes.
It has only one purpose in life, to direct us towards our best life and our dreams to make them into the reality we live in.
It’s like a purpose but much more than that it is the life essence of all beings on earth.
The dream chamber it’s like the chamber of secrets from the Harry Potter book.
If you use dark magic you should know about this one.
So the dream chamber and what it actually is is a place in our minds that controls what we do in everyday life.
It is our purpose for being and living our true life essence comes from that place.
We can never run from it or be neglected about it because it is in our minds and hearts and souls.
This dream chamber that I am speaking about is like a puzzle or a riddle and when you solve it all things that you want can manifest into your subconscious life.
The main fact about the riddle of life is that it is a permanent evolving being in your head that always tries to push you forwards instead of backwards.
So the being living in your head is your actual brain , can you see it now?
Can you see your own brain?
Of course you cannot see it because it is trapped in your skull.
That is why it is called the Skull cracker because we need to see your skulls to see if you are eligible for the fight.
We cannot do this in our heads but the perception of reality itself is the distortion of our own minds at night.
When we focus on being we manifest into reality what we think, and when we focus on living we just sit in a chair and relax and take everything in slow motion.
This is the true reflexion of life in time and puzzles , the next big step is to accomodate to what you have just learned to bigger your own purpose and raise your standards much higher than expected as before.
Now all you have to do is take a chill break and let this information sink intro your unconscious mind.
This will be the next big thing soon enough in our world so please be patient with yourself and take good care of your own self.
Happy holidays everybody!

Varian Gameplay Video

I am back to you my babies with the new off set of my newest conception.
Varian the winner.
I have won so many games with him I can hardly remember what it was anymore.
This thing is called Winblades.
And it works like this:
You select the level 4 talent to twinblades.
Put talents in lifesteal and damage burst.
Select as many damage talents as you can, chase enemy hero or mob team.
And crash them with your blades in the head.
Skullcrasher thy is the name. of the Winblades.
Or just Skull crusher anyway.
The important thing is to never stop questioning why you do it.
Why you always play this game, why you always win at this game?
Why is this so satisfying to watch?
Anyway this is my satisfaction right now.
To win.
At life.
In general.
You know what I am saying?
I can express myself in many different ways.
But this is one of the best one I could hardly find nowdays.
So please be patient with us.
We are doing what we can when we can and how we can.
So God blesses us all.
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