Asethabalanar – Rap God

Let me tell you a tell.

Where I came up from hell, when hell was risen, you did not know.

That I am alive now and Well you will never know.

Who I am you will never know.

If I am me and you are you you will never know.

If me tomorrow I die You will forgive me.

For the sins I have made.

Oh dear Lord you are my slave.

I am yours for the taking, even now in this time of the year, I came alive again.

We are here to witness a new year of the pandemic.



Eastern Europe.

The Romanian people

The romanian government sucks so I won’t be talking about that no more I don’t watch TV so I must be crazy right? Wrong I am not crazy you are crazy for believing me, I lie so much you can’t even control it so stop it, shut upand move on this is crazy I am insane so go on move on and be at peace.

God bless you.

Count Dracula/.

The Right Brain Hemisphere

Brainless, jobless, and heartless this is what I am and the police will bother me for this one get the cops you get the law get the law you get the police get the police you get Iohannis you get them all I am God, Romanian blood will be pursued after this one died in your arms tonight I am crazy fuck the senate hohoho merry christmas.

This is me now.

I got a laptop in my back pocket

I am back pocket rap god and I rule Romania from the back behind of the backness of the backlash backstash backstabbers and fucsia.

Romanian parliament is so useless the government does not know anything about this these are all just my mischelivous schemes of mine to curse the parliament into my bidding as soon as i get them no one could stop me from that now stop rewind and repeat what I just said.

Good luck

The Romanian Parliament

It’s a trap most people fell into parlamentals and such as them, the government ISU ASIU ASIC ASIGUS. These people from the government Iohannis and stuff like that the romanian president and so on fell into my trap once more they are here they are with us they are cursed they are mine all the government is mine i control romania from the back i am the master mind behind basescu, i am me and me and you i am me and you are you.

Romanians are sick of you Iohannis I control the senate now.


The Fall of the Lich King

Is it a book? Is it a Game? Is it reality? Who knows? I don’t , the fall of the lich king is one of the mystycal prayers I have been put out there to save humanity from the curse of habitation in which it lives, we as humans just like bees have an affiliate attraction over the network of the passcode of the internet, and as the internet grows so as we humans grow over the internet, robots and humans begin to habitate normally and naturally together as one. we will become part human part machines in the near future so stay tuned for more articles made by me your host, asethabalanar

The Fall of the Romanian People

We as Romanians living in Romania and I do not speak on behalf of all citizens of Romania but some have this wired feeling I’ve got like something is about to happen but I don’t know what.

Most of Romanians sleep with doors open at night so the demons came rushing in, but not me I close the door and lock it with 3-D secure keys. Romanians have no idea that the banks control the state and the state religion the have no clue who is on the upper pyramid scheme but no matter.

We will find out.

To be continued… etc. etc. etc.

The Romanian Matrix

Romanian matrix what is it that we so special human beings co-exist in a vast country that is on the verge or extincsion and on the verge of collapse

What is it about the Romanian Matrix that makes it so huge and big to co-exist in? The existentialism of crysis impact over the world has brought romania to its knees in the mind of romanians there is only habit never the less could be the mass extiction of the romanian people and the collapse of the romanian government, in romania the government keeps losing power.

In romania the people if the do not wake up from this the government will continue to lose power until it is overthrown by the citizens and the army along with police forces. No outside can comprehend romanian history as we romanians do and if romania does not wake up the government will soon fall under the people’s knees.

This is Romania.

This is the Government.

This is the fall of the Romanian Government.