God is or was blind

I knew this all along, God was blind and is now, all we have to do is feel his love we don’t have to judge him just feel his love that is all he is there somewhere I know it.

God was blind.

Lightning strike

You know the electricity cost when you mine cryptocurrency is also pretty darn big, I want to talk about crypto in this post so let’s go.

Crypto for me is a huge thing for me is my main source of income and if they tax it at least to be little for me.

We also got taxes to pay like electricity cost and network fee plus coinbase fee and so on. so if you are into crypto don’t hesitate to call me out on my mobile phone +40770501307

Choose me death because life does not suit me

I have began to wonder how am I going to make it happen for me and my family it will be hard it is a long road ahead of us it just started we as the people need to reconcile into being the best versions of ourselves before it is too late, personal development and growth rules the world.

Who is with me?

Nicehash the best mining experience

They say money is a way of survival, I say money is a tool in the concept of survival, you need money to survive only if you can’t afford food to eat but if you can afford food then money is just a tool to satisfy your needs, money for me always has been like some sort of energy or something like that but I don’t know if this is true but it is.

Money is energy and if you want money click on the link to get started.

Asethabalanar – Rap God

Let me tell you a tell.

Where I came up from hell, when hell was risen, you did not know.

That I am alive now and Well you will never know.

Who I am you will never know.

If I am me and you are you you will never know.

If me tomorrow I die You will forgive me.

For the sins I have made.

Oh dear Lord you are my slave.

I am yours for the taking, even now in this time of the year, I came alive again.

We are here to witness a new year of the pandemic.



Eastern Europe.