Asethabalanar The Pharaoh

As I have learned from past experiences is that a relationship can change you, either you change the girl or the girl changes you there is no in-between. In my past relationships, I have been changed but in the future ones, I plan to change myself. Why? Would you ask me?

Well to sum it up really quick my ex-girlfriends wanted me to be a certain way, they wanted me to act accordingly to their fantasies, they didn’t love me for who I was, they loved me for who I pretended to be when I was with them.

I had to go through a difficult process to get back to who I was after I broke up with them.

The past tense is not real I want to tell you this, past relationships are not there anymore even if you still love them or not.

The girl you used to love probably isn’t the same anymore and neither you are.

You both changed according to your previous experiences or your own human nature.

We all change eventually all we have to do is to accept the fact that we are easily replaceable this is it.

We can always be replaced and that hurts us the most.

Every relationship I had was very bad, it felt just worse and worse as I got to know them better.

Every relationship is unique in their own way I just happened to meet some dumb ass girls along the way.

Every little girl I meet has a story to tell and this is my story to you guys. We all have our flaws and our misconceptions about life, but my point is that you should not try to change your real partner into the partner you wish you had, just change the person, not the man you are in a relationship with.

Get another boyfriend or get another girlfriend, don’t try to change your love life just be cool with it.

We all write in the book of Life, some of us write better while some of us write worse.

But the main thing is that we write, each and every day we do so, we turn up the page and write a new chapter in our lives.

Some of us write better while some of us not, we decide how we write each and every day the book of our life should be our masterpiece.

The Book of Life is for everybody to share and understand.

E all want to share and write in the book of life. We may never see the next page again, but the last page we have written should be today’s page. We should think about progress when we write we should think of ourselves.

We should think about progression and we should also think about how hard is it today to find new people and new friends.

We can all be friends what we all have in common is our lives. We all share the same planet, we all share the same home we are all part of the human race so you do you put me on hold?

I am not your friend or your God I am just me writing my pages of life.

I am the supreme leader of my kind and my people I am like the president of my country I am like the leader of my people and we should all take a stand in giving back to the community for all our efforts combined.

His is for you my reader which I must confess to you that you are not alone somebody cares for you and wants to see you home.

We live by choice and command by nature, we live as one God together in a group of people that come together for the good of mankind, we are the people who should start making some changes in this world.

We all should change at least how do we view our lives. But not many people should understand this that only with change can we move forward.

Change is a necessity, not a choice, so when you face adversity you face it without having the choice of not facing it or vice versa.

The bringer of chaos has yet to become alive yet so we shall live in harmony and with peace to our homeland and may the earth guide our paths to live our best lives we have yet to dream about.

Aren’t you afraid of doing the same stuff over and over again?

Walking the same path to work…

Doing on the same job you’ve been doing the last few years…

Eating the same old stuff you’ve been eating…

Drinking the same old beverages you’ve been drinking…

I just thought about something this afternoon while I was out.

Why do we stick up and are stuck up on the same old road to the neverland?

Why are we in the same place we used to be 5 years ago?

Why don’t we learn anything new each day.

Why don’t we experience something new each day.

They say true love is a blessing but I’m thinking more like of a marriage kind of love to be real now.

I’m thinking more like “Will you marry me?” Sounds like ” I need someone to get old with”

So when you marry I am just suggesting that you know and are responsible enough for your actions sort of speak.

Marriage is not a loss in fact it is a gift not all of us may share with each other.

Marriage is just like eating a pie. You eat a bit see how it taste if you like it you eat a lot more but if you don’t then it’s garbage can.

What am I saying here? The reason I am writing to you all of this is because my personal and first of all marriage proposal went terribly wrong I mean from fighting to calling on the police and pressing charges against one another is another way of viewing it.

This is what happened to me I don’t know for all of you how it went but me, in this position as I am today? I would be very careful and calculated before I marry I mean listen, there are two things you should be afraid of, the first one is not getting into shape I mean not doing enough exercise or sports, and the second is not training your mind quite as much as you want to.

This brings me to the next chapter of my life which is :

  1. Sport.
  2. Reading.

One of these two I do a lot less than the other but I need to focus now on building and a lot less at destroying stuff around me, so here it goes.

Living in Romania seems hard at first sight but eventually, you will get over it.

This is a beautiful country full of forest mountains and seaside.

You can come and move to my country with no problems. We have a lot in common we are the unique pieces of a whole puzzle put together by God almighty. We are unique and different from one another, we keep the species alive.

We Romanians are pure-hearted, loyal, and friendly. We keep nature intact here we move with nature pray to nature and cherish nature, we are a natural country that praises God the Creator of Worlds.

Me a Romanian man I cherish God and nature and I pray to the universe to take care of my country and be free.

I wish we all could get along and live our lives in peace and prosperity into this world I bring the love!

I bring love into this world as a father I am as a man and as a child.

Wish mother nature could see me now how I do my best to protect her.

Am a guardian of the flowers and trees and plants, I am a guardian of the earth and the sun and the moon and the whole universe is my witness.

I am a guardian of them all as a whole.

Those who pray to me to bring them mercy shall have a good and long life filled with prosperity good deeds, happiness, and joy.

We as Romanians take into consideration the possibility to bring beauty into this world. We shall unite and stand as one as the future unveils to us, into the capsule of time.

We as Romanians shall defend the gates between these Worlds that happen to be outside and inside of us all. We as Romanians have a duty to respect, we as Romanians shall defend the innocent and the weak and shall move into the future to make a whole new brother day for all mankind.

We as Romanians take into custody and responsibility to us that the fact that we are born in Romania makes us powerful beyond measure.

On these grounds, powerful leaders were born, we shall unite and take care of the whole world because Romania is unique, Romania is different, and Romania is beautiful. 🇷🇴

We are as one.

We came into this world all alone.

We are unique, we are diverse, we are women, we are men, we are children.

We should defy the laws of gravity and start living our lives in peace and prosperity. We should go and caress one another, love more, feel more, be in control more.

We should start to feel love and compassion towards one another not guilt and shame.

We should be unique in our own way.

We should separate ourselves from negative emotions and start living simply, modestly, and richer.

We should go out to take life from the neck and tell him or her we want to live too.

Take on life head-on, head on the direction of your dreams, dream more, feel more, love more.

As we continue through our journey through time and space I see a light at the end of the tunnel I see hope, I see flowers, I see them rising I see them as pure as they can be. In our worlds, this kind of things is outrageous not to mention the difficulty by them which stand.

I see myself rising from the ashes of the Phoenix, I see myself being reborn into a world of misery and regret.

This place was not meant for me.

The only thing that keeps me alive right now are the only things that keep me disabled.

I fear there will come a day when all of this will be over and we could rest in peace all together.

I finally made it through I am like on the verge of extinction with my posts lol.
I want to double-check my spellings so I can write high-end content to you guys that is why I use some kind of addons to check my spellings so I don’t confuse you guys.
My website just moved on this domain right now and I’m very happy with it.
Seeing so many people visit my website is such a huge relief I thought I might never get here but here I am.
On the verge of extinction, we press on.
The thing about blogging is the fact that no matter what you write you will always find critics this is why I am here to tell you guys that this works out for me and my family.
We get a job at blogging and start making money from nothing.
This is my asset sent to you guys on why I am writing and fulfilling my dream job as a writer.
This may sound a little weird to you guys but when I first started my job as a writer I was a beginner and now I’m almost there.
Almost got the futuristic thing going on.
Almost at the top.
Almost on the verge.
Almost there.
Almost, always looking, searching for new methods to earn funds.
To try to stay alive, to support my family and her needs.
To try to make it through the weekend.

New People

This is the new year new me bullshit.
I came here on Blogger to get my shit together.
And eventually, I will get my shit together.
This is me, in the purest of forms, continuing graduating and smiling to you guys.
This is the new me new fresh born me.
Reborn that is.
I believe in Karma and I believe that eventually, we all will get what we deserve in life, some of us get more of that some of us get less.
But society today does not work that way anymore.
Society today has it all backward.
Society today does not know or has forgotten the word respect.
We don’t teach for the respect we preach respect.
We preach and teach the respect we want to receive in life.
We have goals, desires, plans, wives, kids, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers we all have this.
We all are somebody’s, somebody.
So when I say new people I mean man we really need to look out for each other you know what I’m saying because this thing called life, you only get it now but when it is all over what are you going to do?
What are you going to do when you know there will come a time when it will end?
Life is limited. Time is limited.
The universe is infinite.
Time is not infinite, our time.
We got a choice: to live free from poverty fear and regret.
Or to live a lie consuming eating and destroying each other.
The choice is yours, but I dare you, choose wisely because the road you might take will be so hard that you will sometimes want to quit it but you can’t.
You cannot quit your job, your family, and your wife.
You just can’t do that anymore.


This is the new year new me shit.
I want to tell you guys a little story of mine.
I was captured by pirates and I cannot escape from them.
Some of you might think I am crazy, but I am not crazy I am just me, just like a Shaolin monk.
I am the Black God.
Asian and black.
Black bears, black wildlife.
Everything and everyone are welcomed.
I am me I cannot change that, I can only change my attitude about it.
It sucks but that’s just the way it is.
I am more than meets the eye, I am a Shaolin.
Hehe, he.
This is Asethabalanar speaking my new name.
Take care and spread peace, plant newborn trees, and life.
Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

We are the children of the earth

We are the kids of the earth and the earth is guiding us on our path, we cannot deny the fact that we love our planet, we are here to help the earth grow and be strong, we are here to heal and mend the earth we are here together to put the earth back piece by piece just like a puzzle, we are here to defend the earth from harm.
We are here to protect our homeland, we are here to cherish every moment of life as we live, may the earth guide my path as his will and the earth take good care of me if I’m ill, may the earth be my guide, may the earth be my voice, may the earth be with us at any time, may we save the earth from disaster and harm, may the earth live again, may the earth be my friend.

Healthy thinking

To live to think and to act healthy and to live a healthy lifestyle in order for you to do that you have to go out and enjoy the ride because health is more important than the pleasure I can suggest the fact that I can walk and talk like a monk and be the same as Buddha as he was when he was living.
Buddha made me healthy and made me understand my pain
Buddha is the reason I am telling you this, deep meditation and focus can come after this, think straight with no mistakes it can be hard first but after some time it will be better than before.
The thing with relationships is that when you meet somebody is that the one you want?
I am thinking well maybe but is that the one I deserve, I will say maybe again, you cannot be even sure of a person before you meet her and that is the fact that I don’t judge, none, and no one.


I feel myself changing all the time, adapting to the environment in which I am.
No matter where you are you can adapt to change, it is futile to deny the fact that we all need this, in fact, it is in the human nature to change and adapt to his environment wherever you are, to live not to die.
Considering the fact that maybe we are unique in our own way I would like to call myself a Prophet of my time.
I would like to say that I am blessed with a voice not many of you have.
In fact, my voice sounds just like an echo.
In which voice do you trust? The good or the bad, the ups or the downs, the heaven or the hell?
You can tell someone to leave you alone but you cannot force somebody to listen to you.
This is my teaching to be a voice, not an echo in life.
We all have our own voices, we can say the truth or we can say nothing, this is the real truth in life.
If you cannot say the truth you should shut up until the truth is revealed to you in so many ways and forms.
I can congratulate so many of you for succeeding but I need to congratulate myself first in order for me to do my own work.
I have an ethical mind you know.
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