Asethabalanar The Pharaoh

Dharma and The Tree of Life

I think my dharma is to plant as many trees as possible on this earth at no matter what cost.
The trees are the lungs of the earth, they need to breathe if we cut down the trees we have to plant new ones, this is the circle of life.
I think the planet needs more trees than people actually.
If we cannot plant them at least don’t cut them down because probably in the near future you couldn’t breathe oxygen anymore.
The trees of the earth are his lungs, the earth breathes from the trees, the world needs us as much as it needs it’s trees if you plant a tree just know that whenever you do that you bring new life into this earth.

No ordinary

I am not your ordinary friend, I am not your ordinary dude, I am great, I am the greatest, I am the best, I am the most beautiful person you will ever meet, I am the God of all men and women, no matter the race or skin color I am the God of all life and living beings cone to me for peace quiet and love to all mankind.
I am the King of all, I am the universe combo ed into one entity
I am the one.
I am visible public and sharing with you guys my own knowledge and experiences.
This is my life, I am the ruler of my own life, this is my path, I am the ruler of my own path and my own way, I am the ruler of my own destiny.
If I fail you all fail with me, so never give up on your dreams no matter how big they may be.

The Genesis of My Name

I am going to sum this up because I might think that you guys should know where did I get my name from (Asethabalanar).
This name came up to me in a dream and the day after I was asleep and I woke up it just popped into my head like from nowhere.
I managed to break it down into two major World of Warcraft Wrath of The Lich King characters.
While I was a kid and until now I have had many dreams concerning World of Warcraft, this being my favorite game of them all.
I managed to break down my name into “Asetha” and “Balanar”.
Asetha comes from the name of Arthas which I decomposed into being the initiative, and it went from Arthas to Asetha.
Balanar comes from the Night Stalker from Dota Allstars the first icefrog map of the Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne game.
Balanar is a little bit more complicated than Asetha because it sums up a devil.
Balanar is from dota but has meaning as Mal’Ganis from World of Warcraft.
If you have seen or played World of Warcraft you might have seen that the name Mal’Ganis was the name of the Dreadlord which Arthas followed to Northrend to destroy.
In his journey to Northrend Arthas found Frostmourne the sword of the Lich King and Arthas became the new Lich King after finding his armor also.
Asethabalanar is a combination of both Arthas and Mal’Ganis is of good and evil just like the ying and yang.
Now you have seen my genesis and where does this name come from, it is myself in the pure form of evolution of growing up and growing old.


I tend to preach in what I believe in, I do not want to lie, I want you all to know the truth of me and my genesis, I come from a poor family from the countryside, my parents fell in love and I was the first child of them, I have a brother named Andrei.
I and my brother get along very well.
I love him very much, he is just like me, instead, I was the firstborn.
I have to take care of my little brother because he is 18 right now and needs to go to college. I have to be his guide in life because my parents are old now.
I have to make my brother understand what freedom feels like, he is just a teenager now but I have known him since his birth.
I will always protect and love Nd cherish my brother because he is my family.

Bruce Lee is my inspiration and my mentor

It is very hard for me to spell it this way, but Bruce Lee was just like me.
He had the same will.
He had the same views on life.
He had everything he needed in order to perform well.
He had it all.
I am so sad that he died so suddenly and early in life.
I am so sad that he couldn’t even say goodbye to his loved ones.
I am so sad that he did not have the chance to kiss his children and wife goodbye.

Culture and Truth

I slowly begin to realize the fact that culture and truth are evenly combined into one thing, and that is patience.
If you are patient with yourself you will do great things in life.
If you do not follow the rules of by the book that you read or need you do not practice.
This practical illusion seems very hard to make a cooperation with but I say that even illusions are real.
If you feel the need to contradict me you shall do it.
But if you feel the need to please me please be gentle with my own soul.
Not ruthless.


When I find forgiveness I find my own soul.
I speak from my own soul, my own vibe, my own identity.
When I forgive I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders.
When I forgive I feel like the world turns around to me.
When I forgive I feel like this planet earth is my home and I want to save it and protect it from harm and evil.
When I forgive I think about my appearance and whether I am beautiful or not this is the way I am.
When I forgive you I will stay by your side forever.
When I forgive you I will help you forever.
When I forgive you I will cherish every moment with you by my side.
When I forgive you I will stop doing you wrong.
When I feel the need to forgive somebody I feel the need to respect other people’s opinions on how they act and the karma that they have.
Forgiveness means giving back to the people.
Not stealing their belongings.

Pharaoh’s Way

Pharaoh’s Way ideology is based on trust and truth.
We all want to speak our truth no matter how hard it would be.
We praise the truth of everything.
We are and stay true to ourselves.
We are and we must stay true to oneself.
We are and must go in a way where we can find the truth of everything.
I walk the path of forgiveness and truth.
These are the core principles of the pharaoh’s way.
Forgiveness and truth.
This is my path.
I use this truth as a baseline and a core foundation for my religion.
I am not a ruthless person, I have my flaws but somebody has to do this.
Because somebody needs a tribe of their own.
I am the leader and founder of the Pharaoh’s way.
I may find myself in difficult situations like adversity but life is always made of problems.
We must find a way to solve them.
We must find our path to forgiveness and truth.
We must find illumination.

The prophet

Before you diagnose yourself with cancer and dyslexia think about these three forms of forgiveness that you may require during your lifetime:
The first one is to take responsibility for your own actions.
The other one is to start removing bad habits from your life.
And the third one is always using your powers for the good of mankind and all living creatures.
These three characteristics will make your life better, will make your life more secure and expendable, and mostly, who does not like to live a good healthy life? 
I would like to live a life of prosperity and integration into society in such a form that is the concept of society as a whole as a country and as a religion based on moral standards rather than sacrificing other living beings for the love of God stop the killing sprees of the living ones.

It is my time

It is my time to shine now so shine on, wherever you are, use my system as a guide follow it trust it, implement it and always but always be yourself man be proud of you you are don’t let anybody say you ain’t beautiful, I forgive you and I will love you always, with love, Asethabalanar,
The Pharaoh

My own religion

My own religion is based on trust, compassion to other human beings, and love.
My own religion is called The Pharaoh’s Way, considering the fact that I admit that I am a Pharaoh reincarnated into a human being, I am the God of the sun alive.
I worship the sun as I worship other living beings.
The foundation of my religion is compatibility, trust, integration, reflexes, and a keen eye on progress.
My religion is a new and modern religion and it is based on compatibility, trust, foundation, the basics, and spiritual enlightenment.
When the time is right you will all follow me on my path to enlightenment as the way I see it.
Being a pharaoh is like being a king, I am the king of my own noble aspects and religious views, I believe in the afterlife, I believe in reincarnation of life, I believe and trust in nature to be my guide in this life and the others, I believe that I am here with a purpose to found the new religion called Pharaoh’s Way.
It is the way that makes all things possible it is the way that light forms from the dark it is the way that the sun shines through the day.
It is the way of the sun and the eclipse and the moon and the stars it is the way of the universe combined into human form.
I am here to present you my own religion into my own system and facts and the matrix we live in, this is the world as we see it today, this is the modern religion created by me for all modern people and for the people who follow me through success.

I believe

I believe that we are interconnected beings, I believe that what a man does by this meaning what is the cause of the word “to do” like actions.
I believe that the actions of a man in such a manner is actually interconnected with other beings, I believe that what I do in this world affects all worlds.
I believe that the ideas in my head can not be my own every time.
I believe in the exchange of ideas starting from point one.

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